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  • Иностранные языки

The theme: The Tractors

The plan of the lesson

1. Educational tasks:- to improve speaking abilities of pupils through discussing the grammar;- to improve their knowledge in grammar;

2. Developing tasks: - to develop in outlook of the pupils;- to train their memory;- the interest to the language by means of expressing the opinion based on the vocabulary learned;

3. Bringing-up tasks:- to bring-up the skill of communication;- to bring-up the pupils’ respect to their individuality;- to teach pupils to love the foreign languages;

The organizational moment

I. Greeting

II. New lessons

Read the text and translate

Types of tractors

The agricultural industry can not do without a tractor. Tracker simplifies the process of working the land, sowing, harvesting and transporting crops, eliminating the need to perform a man all this hard work by hand. In view of such a wide functionality and the huge benefits of tractors, it is not surprising that the demand for them is increasing every year. The purchase of this vehicle are interested in both large companies and individuals working in the field of agriculture.

Preparing to buy a tractor, it is important to remember that different models of equipment have different performance characteristics. At the moment are two types of tractors - wheeled and tracked. Each of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages, and is suitable for use in certain circumstances.

Wheeled tractor is surprisingly soft stroke. He is able to move freely on the pavement without causing any damage to the roadway. This tractor can develop a sufficiently high speed, and is very ergonomic for the driver. However, in the loose soil moist and the work of this kind of equipment is poor. The lack of a firm grip with the ground significantly limits the cross-wheel tractors, and therefore, these trucks can slip, creating additional difficulties in movement.

Unlike the wheel, crawler tractors suitable for operation even on soft soils. They have excellent traction and excellent flotation. Buy caterpillar T-35.01 here. More pressure on the soil, producing this type of tractors, makes them very stable, providing high levels of traction. Unfortunately, due to a very hard course, in the absence of amortization, crawler tractors can not move on asphalt roads. They distort the pavement, causing him serious damage.



  • 1.An interrupted action –
  • While the children were watching TV, their mother was cooking. I was watching the Olympics on TV, when he walked in.

2. A repeated or continuous state in the past

At three o‟clock yesterday afternoon they were sitting at a café. I was making many new friends at the Olympic Village.

Past Progressive Tense

. Past Progressive Tense to be + was/were + -ing

► : while, all day long, all the time, the whole evening


  • 1.Use the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous@ instead of the infinitives in brackets:

Mark: …… Are you looking …. (you/look) for someone? Alan: Yes, …. I need …… (I need) to speak to Neil. he isn‟t in his office. Mark:

(1) ……… (he / talk) to the boos at the moment.

(2) ………… (I / think)

(3) ……………. (they / discuss) money. Alan: Oh, right. And what about you?

(4) ……….. (you / look) for someone too? Mark: Yes, Linda

. (5)……… (you / know) where she is? Alan: Oh, she isn‟t here today. She only

(6) ……….. work four days a week.

(7) ……….. (she / not / work) on Fridays. She‟ll be here on Monday

- Dear boys our lesson is over. I hope you satisfied with our lesson. Dear boys and girls thank you for your work and remember: you are brilliant, talented boys

- Do you have any questions?

- So, your marks for today…

- The lesson is over, good bye

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