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Ingilis dili fenninden boyuk summativ qiymetlendirme

Böyük Summativ Qiymətləndirmə IV sinif



1. Can I have a kilo ___ triangle and star cookies?

a) in b) of c) at d) on

2. There ___ four books on the desk.

a) have b) are c) is d) has

3. Make up the dialogue.

1. I am fine, thanks 2. Hello 3.Where are you from?

4. Hi 5. How are you? 6. I am from Azerbaijan.

a) 4,3,2,6,1,5 b) 2,4, 5, 1, 3,6 c) 2,5,4,1,3,6 d) 4,2,5,6,3,1

4. How many countries ________ in the United Kingdom?

a) there are b) is there c) are there d) have

5. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

a) London b) Cardiff c) Belfast d) Baku

6. Choose the variant with the food.

a) fruit, chicken, cheese, egg, river, potato

b) cheese, bread, egg, potato, fruit, plate

c) egg, potato, fruit, cheese, chicken, bread

7. We have got a good canteen ___ school.

a) of b) in c) at d) on

8. Choose the right variant.

a) There is many students in the class

b) There are a student in the class

c) There are many students in the class

9. Make a question: Amil swims in the sea.

a) Do Amil live in the sea? b) Does Amil swims in the sea? c) Does Amil swim in the sea?

10. Make a question: What / do / your sister / after school

a) What your sister do after school? b) What do your sister do after school? c) What does your sister do after school?

11. Where do most English people live?

a) England b) Scotland c) Wales

12. Healthy food:

a) milk, banana, chips b) banana, milk, apple c) banana, chips, coffee

13. We say “delicious”

a) When we like food. b) When we don’t like food. c) When we are hungry.

14. Translate into English.

London Ingiltərənin paytaxtidir.


Anar harada yasayir?

15. Translate into Azerbaijan.

We like hot weather


My uncle and his children drink tea under the umbrella.


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