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work and money /10grade/

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  • Иностранные языки

 The plan of the lesson       10 th  form



The theme of the lesson:

Work and money


The Aim of the lesson:

To  enrich students knowledge about the material. To know more information  work and money


The results:

The students know more  information about Work and money in the UK and Kazakhstan


The main ideas:

The students take  information  about    Work and money


Used materials:

Book, work book, CD



І  part «The bridge»the pupils did the tasks at home, will be ready for the home tasks  (you have to check in 5 minutes)



«The bridge»

The tasks which was taken at previous lesson & which will help to learn the new lesson. Tasks for revision.

1.      Work with  materials which was taken at previous lesson.

   2 .    Checking up home tasks :

        If they have mistakes correct it.



Warm up :  1.  Attack on a brain  answer only with                    Yes or no

1.      It’s impossible to have too much money ?

2.      Where you given  or did you earn pocket money as a child?

3.      Money can buy  everything but it can’t buy health, can it?

4.      Money is an important factor when people choose a job ?



Тheory: «Knowledge»

(according to the grammar materials  meaning who? what?

what kind of? how? when? What have done?these kind of questions which can  give full answers.

1.      Vocabularies : salary, bonus, fee, income, scholarship, wage

2.      Practice saying them

3.       Fill in the blanks  in each sentences exercise 1 c. p 195 Slade 3

1. ------------------ is a sum of money paid above the regular pay.

2. ------------------ is a payment received for work or services.

3. ------------------ is amount of money earned from work.

4. ------------------ is a fixed regular monthly payment.

5. ------------------ is a payment for professional services.

6. ------------------ is a sum of money awarded to a clever student





(why? for what? The reason? questions will help pupils to make their answers  full & important



How do you think of these types of professions  ?  slide 4


1.Man plus man

2.Man plus machinery

3.Man plus nature

4.Man plus sing system

5.Man plus artistic imagers






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