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Главная / Иностранные языки / Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для обучающихся 11класса "Экскурс по англо-язычным странам"

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для обучающихся 11класса "Экскурс по англо-язычным странам"

Брейн- ринг «Экскурс по англо- язычным странам»

Карагызова Люция Камаргалиевна

МКОУ «Лиманская средняя общеобразовательная школа №2»

Brain ring is «Around English –speaking countries».

Good afternoon, dear pupils! Good afternoon, dear guests!We are glad to see you. Now we are going to see a competition called Brain ring. The theme of the Brain ring is «Around English –speaking countries».

We`ll travel over English –speaking countries, remember interesting facts, speak about customs, traditions and culture of these countries.

First of all, I`d like you to name English –speaking countries.

Look at this map and flag. What English –speaking country is it? And what about it? Ten pupils will take part in Brain ring. Now you`ll be divided into two teams. Soon you will learn the names of these teams.

But I`d like to introduce you the captains of two teams: Belyaeva R. and Chen E. You are welcome. Go out! Dear pupils! Come here and take these cards. You`ll sea a letter on your card. Now try to make up words with these letters. The pupils with red letters go to the right side to your captain Chen E. and with blue letters – to the left side.

Now we see the names of the teams. This team is called Maple. The name of this team is Eagle. Take you places, please.

Dear pupils! You`ll work in a team. You`ll take part in many competitions, you`ll have to do a lot of tasks. I`d like you to be very active, attentive, responsible and clever. Now I want to introduce you the jury: This is an English teacher Ulanova I.S. and this is an English teacher Sungruyeva V.I. This competent jury will tell you the results of every task. Now let`s start our Brain ring. I wish you success! I wish you victory! I`d like to remember that the winner will be the team that will have the most of the goals.

  1. The first task for you.

Questionnaire You should answer my questions. Listen to me! I`ll ask the questions to the team «Maple». And now I`ll ask the questions to the team « Eagle». Let`s begin! Now I am giving the word to the jury.What is the score of the first task.

2.The second task is match national emblems to the English –speaking countries. (We`ll give you national emblems of English –speaking countries. You should match them to the countries. Begin, please! And now name national emblems and its English –speaking countries.

(The word is given to the jury)

3.The next task will be devoted to the well-known writers of English –speaking countries. Your task is to look at these pictures and match them to the writers and their books.

Let`s start!

Now name the writers and their books. (Who is ready?) Go to the blackboard and name. The word is given to the team « »)All right. (I am giving the word to the jury. Tell us the score for this task!)

4.The fourth task is «Quick answers»

We are going to speak, remember about customs and traditions of Britain. You should answer the questions, choose the right variant as quickly as you can. You can see a lamp on the table. When you are ready, press the button, please.

Listen to me! Be very attentive!

5.And now the presentation of projects.

The captains of both teams will take part in this task. I`d like to remind the captains of the teams. The captain of the team «Maple» is Chen E. and the captain of the team « Eagle» is Belyaeva Rita .They have made presentations about of English –speaking countries. Let`s listen to them and see their projects.You`re welcome! The word is given to Belyaeva Rita. The word is given to Chen Lena.

6. And now the role-play Let`s act out the situations. Come here and choose them(выбирают). We`ll give you the key-words for the making up the dialogues

A)Imagine that you are «At a cafe». Act out the conversation (You need 3 pupils for this situation:a waiter and 2 friends)

B)Imagine that you are an English family and you are having breakfast. You need

3 pupils (Dad, Mum, daughter).Be ready! Your time is 1 minute! The rest of the pupils help to lay the table.

Now let`s listen to the conversation «At a cafe». Now act out the role-play «Breakfast at an English family» (Well done. Good for you!) Now our Brain ring is coming to the end. Let`s sum up the results of our competition. While the jury is counting the results we`d like you to sing an English songs .English is a beautiful language. Let`s sing a lovely song «You `re my heart,you`re my soul»

You`ve worked hard. You were very intelligent, brilliant .You`ve learned a lot of information about of English –speaking countries, its traditions, customs, culture.Thank you very much. Now the word is given to the jury. And now we`ll give you sweet presents for being industrious intelligent. Good luck! Thank you very much!

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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для обучающихся 11класса"Экскурс по англо-язычным странам"

Учитель:Карагызова Люция Камаргалиевна

МКОУ "Лиманская средняя общеобразовательная школа№2"

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