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Входной тест для учащихся 8 класса

The Entry test.

Task 1. Read the passage and put your questions on the selected words and phrases.

A” Level ambitions.

Ann goes to a state secondary school in Oxford. She lives with her parents in a village called Witney near Oxford. Her father drives her to school every morning on his way to work.

In England both primary and secondary schools start at nine o’clock in the morning and continue until half past three in the afternoon. Julia doesn’t go home for lunch because the school has its own dining-room and so she can buy food and drinks at school.

At the moment Ann is studying for her “A” level examinations. She has three “A” levels in History, Biology and Chemistry at the end of the year. She is interested in horse riding and on Saturday mornings she usually finds time to ride her horse. But Julia doesn’t have much time for her favourite activity during the week because she is under pressure to study at school.

Ann hopes to get good grades in her “A” levels so that when she leaves school she can go to university. Julia is very ambitious. She wants to be a doctor. She knows that it isn’t easy to study Medicine but she is a good student and works hard.

Task 2. Run the test.

  1. Fred … English.

  1. speak

  2. speaks

  3. is speaking

  1. My brother … in Greece now.

  1. stays

  2. staying

  3. is staying

  1. it … in autumn?

  1. Do … rain

  2. is … raining

  3. does … rain

  1. I … from London to Brighton at least three times a week.

  1. drive

  2. drives

  3. am driving

  1. When the phone rang he … the dishes.

  1. washes

  2. was washing

  3. has washing

  1. We … in a hotel in Vienna last summer.

  1. stayed

  2. were staying

  3. have been staying

  1. I … out of car when the accident happened.

  1. is

  2. were

  3. was

  1. John … to the radio, when the batteries ran out.

  1. was listened

  2. was listening

  3. were listening

  1. When I … down, the chair broke.

  1. sit

  2. was sitting

  3. were sitting

  1. When I was a child I …. in the country.

  1. have lived

  2. was lived

  3. lived

  1. The Mayflower” … at Plymouth Rock in December 1620.

  1. has landed

  2. had landed

  3. landed

  1. We know that he … to most parts of the world.

  1. has travelled

  2. travels

  3. travelled

  1. I … to the cinema last night.

  1. went

  2. have been

  3. has gone

  1. In August he … his driving lessons.

  1. has taken

  2. did take

  3. took

  1. When the police … the car … .

  1. arrived; has gone

  2. arrived; had gone

  3. had arrived; went

  1. They ran to meet me shouting that the long expected telegram … .

  1. came

  2. had been coming

  3. had come

  1. One look at his face was enough – he … the job.

  1. had got

  2. had gotten

  3. had been getting

  1. I couldn’t wear my raincoat. The children … it as a tent.

  1. have been using

  2. had been using

  3. had been used

  1. I want to be the first to tell them the news, but I was too late. Someone … them.

  1. has already told

  2. had already told

  3. already told

  1. you pass me the salt, please?

  1. could

  2. might

  3. must

  1. you help me with my luggage,please?

  1. will

  2. do

  3. have

  • Иностранные языки

Входной тест ориентирован на учащихся 8 класса со средним уровнем обученности. Данный тест можно давать учащимся в начале года, когда необходимо проверить языковые данные, грамматические навыки. Тест состоит из двух частей:

1) текст с выделенными словами или фразами к которым нужно задать вопросы.

2) грамматический тест состоящий из 21 вопроса. Задания включают в себя настоящее простое, настоящее длительное настоящее завершенное время, а также несколько прошедших времен.Вопросы построены по принципу нарастания.

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