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входной срез по английскому языку 6 класс

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Входной тест 6 класс

Read the text

People who come to Britain for the first time find some of the customs new and interesting. The English do not shake hands each time when they meet. When you go to a friend’s house for a meal, it is not the custom to say “Thank you” at the end of the meal as in most European countries. Here you wait until you are leaving to go home and then you thank your friends for their invitation. Very few people, even people with quite a lot of money, have servants in their homes. It’s very difficult to find a servant and to find a good servant is even more difficult. They also want too much money for their job. So families do most of the housework themselves, and husbands usually work as much as wives. Most of the housework is done on Saturday mornings or afternoons when nobody works.

Choose: True or False(1-4)

  1. The English shake hands each time when they meet.

  2. You have to wait until you are leaving to go home and then you thank your friends for their invitation.

  3. All people have servants in their homes.

  4. Most of the housework is done on Monday mornings or afternoons when nobody works.

Put in the words: play, speak, exchange, taught, take, hobbies, an interview, stay.(5-12)

Denis Korolev is a ten-year old student. His 5)_______ are sport and music. He can 6)______ the guitar well. He likes to 7)______ pictures of his friends. Denis can 8)_______ and read English. Last year Barbara Grey from Great Britain 9)______ him and his friends. She is going to arrange a students' 10)_______ . Yesterday Denis gave 11)________ to a youth magazine about the Russian-English student exchange. Denis is going to 12)_______ with his pen-friend's family.

13. Make up the dialogue. Put the phrases in the correct order.

A. – You are welcome. Have a nice day.

B. – Excuse me, am I far from Trafalgar Square?

С. – How can I get there?

D. - I'm afraid you are.

E. - It's very easy. Take bus No.64 and you'll be there in ten minutes.

F. – Thank you very much.

Choose the correct translation.(14-18)

14. Сейчас ему необходим только горячий чай.

a) He is needing only a cup of hot tea at the moment.

b) He needs only a cup of hot tea at the moment.

15. Что Вы хотите?

a) What do you want?

b) What are you wanting?

16. Тише! Он пишет статью о Москве.

a) Keep silence! He is writing an article about Moscow.

b) Silence! He writes an article about Moscow.

17. Have you ever been to an ancient castle?

a) Вы бывали когда-нибудь в старинном замке?

b) Вы собираетесь побывать когда-нибудь в старинном замке?

18. This book is worth reading.

а) Эту книгу следует прочитать.

b) Эту книгу стоит прочитать.

Present Simple or Present Continuous? (19-30)

19. What the children now (do) ?

20. The shops( open) at 9 o`clock and ( close) at 5.30.

21. Julia (speak) 4 languages.

22. They (not listen) to music now.

23. Your brother often (go) cycling?

24. She usually (not go) to the park.

25. Where your parents (live)?

26. Listen ! The phone ( ring).

27. I (not play) tennis.

28. Look! It (snow).

29. It (snow) every year in this country.

30. We often (not go ) on picnics.

Choose the right answer.( 31-40)

31. Every person has thirty two…a) tooths b) teeth c) teeths

32. Monkeys are … animals in the world/a) funny b) funnier c) the funniest

33. I need … money.a) some b) any c) no

34. What marks did you … yesterday&a) get b) getted c) got

35. All pupils will have summer holidays …a) last week b) today c) in some days

36. There… fifteens desks in our classrooma) have b) are c) is

37. I think it… cold tomorrow.a) be b) was c) will be

38. The weather in summer is …than in spring.a) warm b) warmer c) the warmest

39. My father … at school № 13.a) study b) studied c) studyed

40. Malvina is … than Fox Alice.a) beautiful b) beautifuler c) more beautiful

Write your answers









































Ответы к заданиям:

  1. F

  2. T

  3. F

  4. F

  5. Hobbies

  6. Play

  7. Taught

  8. Speak

  9. Take

  10. Exchange

  11. An interview

  12. Stay

  13. B, D, C, E, F, A

  14. B

  15. A

  16. a

  17. a

  18. b

  19. are doing

  20. opens, closes

  21. speaks

  22. aren’t listening

  23. goes 6-doesn’t go

  24. do live

  25. is ringing

  26. don’t play

  27. is snowing

  28. snows

  29. don’t go

  30. watches

  31. b

  32. c

  33. a

  34. a

  35. c

  36. b

  37. c

  38. b

  39. b

  40. c

входной срез по английскому языку 6 класс Скачать материал
  • Иностранные языки

Данная разработка входного среза по английскому языку полностью соответствует стандартам ФГОС. Включает в себя задания за курс 2,3,4 и 5 классов по английскому языку различного типа: чтение с выбором правильного варианта ответа, задания на знание пройденной лексики, а также ряд грамматических заданий, таких как составление различных типов вопросов, составление предложений, выбор ответа на вопрос. Также в данную разработку входит бланк ответов и, собственно, сами ответы для данного теста. Данная разработка удобна для определения уровня знаний обучающихся и главное преимущество данной разработки заключается в том, что в ней представлен широкий спектр заданий, а не только однотипные тестовые задания, что позволяет в полной мере судить о качестве полученных знаний.

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