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Главная / Иностранные языки / Устная часть экзамена по английскому языку на промежуточной аттестации для учащихся 6 класса

Устная часть экзамена по английскому языку на промежуточной аттестации для учащихся 6 класса

Вопросы для собеседования по темам


  1. What do people like to speak about?

  2. What does the weather bring?

  3. Is the weather fine in summer?

  4. What is the usual summer temperature?

  5. When can people see stars and the moon?

  6. Are the weather forecasts important for people?

  7. How often can people listen to weather forecasts? Where can weathermen get this information?

  8. When do weathermen usually collect information?

  9. What is the usual weather if a barometer shows high pressure in winter?

  10. What does spring bring?


  1. What is climate?

  2. Has climate a very important influence?

  3. Is the climate always the same in this or that part of the world?

  4. Does the climate change?

  5. What can you say about the climate in Russia?

  6. What is the coldest place on the planet?

  7. What do you know about the greenhouse effect?

  8. Саn all the heat go back into space?

  9. How can the greenhouse effect influence the climate on the planet in future? 10. Do you think our planet needs protection?


  1. Is natural world in danger?

  2. Are many animals and plants dying?

  3. What do you know about the forests?

  4. Where will we able to see rare animals?

  5. Can you name a lot more endangered species?

  6. Why does Man kill animals?

  7. Why are forests on the planet disappearing fast?

  8. What do forests control?

  9. How does this fact influence the life of people?

  10. What should we remember if we want to have a healthy life in the future?


  1. Does Man need protection?

  2. What must be kept ecologically clean?

  3. Why do people suffer from serious diseases and die early?

  4. Are their children born weak?

  5. Why does this problem become more serous?

  6. What are the most serious environmental problems?

  7. Which parts of the human body can suffer most of all from bad ecology?

  8. What things can help us to keep fit?

  9. What are important physical activities for people?

  10. Can you name healthy food?


  1. What is the official name of the country?

  2. What are the main parts of the UK?

  3. What are their capitals and symbols?

  4. Where is the UK situated?

  5. Why do you think the UK is called “an island state”?

  6. What other country is situated in the British Isles?

  7. What languages are spoken there?

  8. How many people live in Britain?

  9. What is the Union Jack? What do you know about it?

  10. Who rules the country?


1. Is England the main part of Great Britain?

2. Do you know the capital and the symbol of England?

3. How many principal parts are there in England?

4. What is the Southeast famous for?

5. Why do people find the Southeast attractive?

6. Why do you think tourist come to East Anglia?

7. Why are the Midlands the heart of England?

8. What are the most important industrial cities in the Midlands?

9. What is Stratford-upon-Avon famous for?

10. What are the main attractions of the North of England?


1. Where is Scotland situated?

2. What is its capital?

3. Is country divided into parts?

4. What big cities in Scotland can you name?

5. What is the national symbol of the country?

6. Who is its patron saint?

7. What is Scotland washed by?

8. What rivers in Scotland do you know?

9. What is Scotland famous for?

10. What places are connected with crown?


  1. Wales is the part of Great Britain, isn’t it?

  2. What is the capital of Wales?

  3. What languages do the Welsh speak?

  4. Do the Welsh need a passport to travel from Wales to England?

  5. What language cannot the English understand in Wales?

  6. Is Cardiff an agricultural city?

  7. What scenery is in Wales?

  8. What mountains are there?

  9. What is the highest mountain?

  10. Is Wales a land of waterfalls?


  1. Is the USA one of the largest countries in the world?

  2. What is the capital of the USA?

  3. Who is the head of the state?

  4. How many states are there in the USA?

  5. Where is the USA situated?

  6. What is the country washed by?

  7. What is the typical weather of the country?

  8. What is the population of the country?

  9. What are the most famous places in America?

  10. What mighty rivers of the USA do you know?


  1. Where is Australia situated?

  2. What is the country washed by?

  3. What are the three Australian deserts?

  4. What places are least populated and least developed?

  5. In what way is Australia divided?

  6. What is the capital of Australia?

  7. Which of the states is the leading industrial state?

  8. In what places of Australia are fruits, wheat grown?

  9. Why do people from the south spend holidays in the northeast of Australia?

  10. Is English the official language?

Заключение: Предлагаемый устный экзамен подготовит учащихся к ОГЭ-9 по английскому языку за курс основной общеобразовательной школы.

  • Иностранные языки

 Устная часть экзамена по английскому языку  на промежуточной аттестации для учащихся 6 класса


Учебник «Английский язык  VI класс», ориентирован на работу в российских общеобразовательных учреждениях и школах с углубленным изучением английского языка

Авторы: О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева.


      Автор работы: Кабанова Ольга Ивановна, учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №  91, г. Нижний Новгород

      Описание материала.  Представляю Вашему вниманию устную часть экзамена по английскому языку, которая  состоит из двух заданий: монологическое высказывание по заданной в карточке теме и собеседования по теме. Данная работа направлена на обобщение материала и контроль знаний, полученных учащимися в 6 классе.

      Цель: обучающий и итоговый контроль.

      Задачи: - контроль говорения по темам;

- контроль способности  логически построить высказывание;

- контроль умения правильно вести беседу и отвечать на  вопросы;

- контроль по формированию соответствующего речевого мышления. 

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