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Урок в 6 классе УМК К.И.Кауфман "Мой питомец"

Тема урока: «My pet».

Aims of the lesson: 1) To train pupils in grammar exercises.

2)to practice them in listening.

3)To see pupils presentations about their pets.

Equipment: a tape-recorder, a computer, a smartboard, CDs with presentations.

Ход урока:

1.Good morning boys and girls! Nice to see you!

The topic of our lesson is “My pet”. Some of you had to prepare presentations

about your pets. To the end of the lesson we are going to see them. But first we

are beginning fromyour grammar. For several lessons we have been learning

modal verbs “must” and its equivalent “to have”. I would like you to do some

exercises with them.

Task1. Fill in the gaps with modal verbs in the right form.

1.I…get up earlier today. I want to finish a very interesting book.

2.They do not like potatoes but sometimes they… to eat them.

3.You…cross the road. It is dangerous.

4.He …go out. It is very cold.

5.We…speak French to our guests from France. They do not understand Russian.

Task2. Translate the sentences into English.

1.Завтра мне придется пойти в магазин.

2.Тебе часто приходится мыть пол?

3.Вам не надо открывать дверь. Я сделаю это.

4.Когда ему придется вставать? В 7 утра.

5.Они не должны сидеть на полу.

Task3. Ask tag questions .

1.He does not have to do his homework today,…?

2.My mother has to go to work by bus,…?

3.You will have to wait for me near the bus stop,…?

4.The children cannot watch TV now,…?

5.Our classroom is the best,…?

2.-All right.You have done these exercises well. Now let us pass to our topic.

First we are listening to the tape recorder. Look at the table,there is a table which

You must fill in.

Cat/ dog





10 years old

Type of a cat/dog


Is he/she good with dogs


Is he/she good with cats



He is a member of the family.

4. Let us play a little. Look at the blackboard. There are five lines with the words meaning “animals”. You must find the odd word in each line.

1.A horse, a lion, a tiger, a giraffe, an elephant.

2.A whale, a shark, a dolphin, a fish, a penguin.

3. A sparrow, a parrot, an eagle, a dog.

4.A cat, a dog, a cow, a pig, a crocodile.

5.A hen, a cockerel, a rabbit, a duck, a goose.

-The second task is to put letters in the correct order to make up words concerning our topic.

  • n,a,l,l,a,m.

  • s,a,n,p,l,e,i.

  • s,u,e,l,u,f.

  • h,m,o,l,e,s,s,e.

  • u,p,p,y,p.

5- let us see your presentations.( Приложения)

6. Our lesson is over. To sum up it I want you to know that our pets, especially dogs and cats help us when we are sad, they feel our mood and try to encourage it, to make us happy, merry. They are always there for us. And we must take care of our animals, love them, do not hurt them.



  • Иностранные языки

Итоговый урок по теме "Мой питомец".Этот урок нацелен на то,чтобы ученики сумели сами подготовить свои проекты в виде презентаций о своих любимых животных. Основная цель урока направлена на проявление любви к животным,заботе о них.

Цели урока: активизация грамматического материала ( Модальные глаголы), лексического ("Животные").                                                                                          

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