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Урок по чтению: The Tower of London

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       It’s no secret that nowadays schools face problems of the shortage of good textbooks. Some of them are out-of-date; others are too expensive for our schools to buy. I have some positive experience meeting this chal­lenge and I want to share it with my colleagues.


       It’s a pity, but we do not read and speak very often about science, education and arts. If, how­ever, such a discussion begins, it ends very quickly. Very few of my pupils are interested in it. But when we begin to read and discuss thrillers, or horror, detective, historical and adventure sto­ries, everybody becomes interested. Many of my pupils enjoy such lessons greatly, though, frankly speaking, we have some difficulties with the vo­cabulary. Preparing the material for such lessons I usually look through many English textbooks, and heaps of magazines, books and newspapers. As a result of such “research” work, I’ve put together quite an interesting textbook which I assembled myself. Reading such stories is an exciting pro­cess and every teacher can have such a book for themselves. The texts and stories may be photo­copied and used for retelling, but if the teacher has limited printing opportunities she/he may read these stories for listening practice.  Here is one of the stories provided with lesson notes.

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Автор Евдокимова Наталья Григорьевна
Дата добавления 08.01.2015
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