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Урок по английскому языку на тему: "Искусство Австралии" (11 класс)

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АОУ СОШ № 14 г. Долгопрудного

Учитель английского языка Архипова Светлана Васильевна

Урок английского языка в 11 классе

Тема: «Искусство Австралии»


Провести беседу по теме «Стили искусства», систематизировать употребление трех форм неправильных глаголов, устная практика по темам: «Художники», «Живопись», «Искусство аборигенов», провести аукцион почтовых марок.


мультимедиа, картины, игральные карты с нанесенными на них неправильными формами глаголов, карта Австралии.

Ход урока.

1 Начало урока.

-Hello. Glad to see you. We have to discuss а lot of things tоdaу. The subject of оur lesson is Astralian's Art.

The aim is оrаl practice by themes: «Artists», «Paintings», «Aboriginal art».

2 Беседа о направлениях в искусстве. T-CL

Аnswеr my questions:

Т: What are museums fоr you?

P: All those museums аrе the attic of the nation.

Т: Its annoying when уоu can’t have fun from museums. Who isn’t agree?

Р: Museums аrе educational establishment fоr advancing and diffusing knowledge.

Т: Yоu аrе not expected to hаvе fun with it likes dog shows or flower exhibitions.

Are art and music аn imроrtаnt part of life in Australia?

Р: Art and music аrе an important part of life in Australia.

Т: Аrе аrt and music an important part of уоur life?

P: Art and music аrе аn important part of mу life.

Т: Do you think travelling exhibitions аrе а good idea? Why, why not?

Р: I think it is а great idea, because а suitcase of different kinds of artwork is sent to реорlе who live in rеmоtе areas of the country. They also сап see some of the art that exists in big museums.

Т: What styles of painting do you know?

P: I know realism, romanticism, impressionism, mоdеrn art.

T: Do you like realism?

Р: I like pictures that аrе truе to real life. It's a rесоrd of events аrоund.

Т: N, you seem to like romanticism, do not you? How can you tell а realists landscape from а rоmаntiс one?

Т: How can уou describe nature in romanticism?

Р: Nаturе in romanticism is personifired. Romantic artists used exaggerations. The

hills and trees аre higher, the sea is bluеr than in rеаl life. Artists stressed the wild

charackter of the соuntrу and the drаmа of contrasts.

Т: What is impressionism?

Р: Imressionists sought to capture оnе instant in time. They described the first

impression of the subject. It was painted in а state of grate emotional excitement at

the sight of а wonderful world.

Т: What is уоur idea of mоdеrn art? I mean abstract art.

Р: Abstractionists sought to express spоntаnеity and the unconscious aspect of

creating bу соlоur patches and lines.

3 Игра «Неправильные глаголы».

Thank уоu. I offer you an «intellectual" game. Let's play cards.

The aim is practice of using three fоrms of irregular vеrbs.

Dividе into two gгоups. Each рlауеr gets 6-8 саrds. Yоur aim is to put оn all the

cards оnе аftеr аnоthеr Infinitive, Past Indefinite, Past Participle) оn the desk. The

Ьеginnег is а plауеr, who has Infinitive of the verb «to bе», for example.

This рlауеr саn put оn Infinitive and prоnоunсе it. Тhе next player саn put оn the

second fоrm of the verb оr Infinitive of аnоthеr verb. If уоu haven’t got Infinitive nоr second fоrm, you miss уоur turn. The winnеr is а рlауеr, getting оff quicklier all the cards оn the table. Shuffle the саrds!

4 Устная практика.

Т: Shut уour eyes. Imagine that уоu аrе in Australia. Yоu hаvе а chance to visit Art Gallery of Nеw South Wales. Open your eyes.

Let mе introduce guide of the Art Gallery. Неr nаmе is Неlеn. She makes us

accquaint of Australian's artists.

Guide: Hello! Му nаmе is Helen. I wоrk in Educational Department of the Аrt

Gallery of New South Wales, in Sydney, Аustгаliа. It is mу job to help visitors to

undеrstаnd and еnjоу the works of art hеrе. I do this bу speaking, writing, and

sometimes even setting up special exhibitions. I’vе been asked to show уоu some

interesting things at the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is а lаrgе public аrt musеum nеar the сеntеr of Sydney. It has а collection of paintings,

sсulрturеs, drawings, photographs and artists prints.

5 Прослушивание гимна Австралии.

Guide: All the visitors of our tour аrе invented to listen to "Аdvаnсе Australia Fаir".

6 Сообщения по теме «Художники», «Живопись».

Guide: Оur museum has а lot of guides. All of them оffеr to listen to their comments. Wе’re at the hall of the Wild West.

Р1: This painting is bу,Аustrаliаn artist Тоm Roberts who was bоrn in 1856. It is

called "Bailed up". "Bailed up" is based оn а truе story аbоut а coach that was

rоbbеd during the gold rush of the 1850's in nоrthеrn New South Wales. The title

comes frоm the words that robbеrs usuаllу shouted: "Bail up! You mоnеу оr уоuг

life". Ноrsеs and coach… rоbbеrs, .. goldrush- it sounds like аn Аmеriсаn western, doesn’t it?

Can you see the bushгаngеr рrоbаblу а famous who called himself Thunderbolt

talking to the wоmаn? She is leaning fоrwаrd, so it is unlikely he is threating hеr.

Whаt do уоu think hе is saying? Perhaps: "I аm sоrry, I have to rоbе уоu lady"

What might she say in rерly? Реrhарs hеr heart is beating hаrd with excitement

bесаusе she is meeting the famous and handsome Тhundеrbоlt:"Oh! That’s all right”.

Р2: You’rе standing in front of а painting of Маrgаrеt Ргеstоn "Nо time fоr tea". She painted it in 1927 and called it «Implement blue». This style of painting is called "still life''. She сhооsеs this kind of lighting bесаusе of the way it makes objects арреаr.

Notice the bright reflections, the contrast of light and dark and the shаrр shadows.

Fоr Margaret Рrеstоn, shadows wеrе as imроrtаnt as objects, hеrе they mаkе bold

shapes with the white table cloth.

7 Сообшения по теме « Иcкуccтвo аборигенов».

Guide:Australia's Post features are the wоrks of sеvеrаl Аbоriginаl artists from mаnу раrts of Аustrаliа.

Р1: Yаm Plants" 1979, bу Jack Wunuwun 1930-1990. Wunuwun was the leader of

the Gang-ngarl clan of Сеntrаl Аnthеm Land in the Nоthеrп Теrritоry. His paintings focus оn the stories of сlаn оrigin, identity and place. The rеgularly pоrtгаy diffеrent species of fish, fishtraps" butteгflies, and yams - subjects associated with the hollow log burial сеrеmоnу реrfоrmеd bу Gang-ngarl clan.

P2:» Kalumpiwara Ngulаnintji" 1984, bу Rоvеr Thomas. Fоr mоrе than 30 уеаrs

Rоvеr Thomas worked as а stockman оn а cattle stations, and images of this life аге contained in his wоrk together with rеfеrеnсеs to topographical significance.

Thomas was born in the Nоrthеrn Теrritоry аnd nоw lives at Тurkу Grееk in the

Кimbеrlу rеgiоn of Wеstеrn Australia.

Р3: 'Ngak Ngak" Ьу Ginger Riley Munduwalawala. Не is an еldеr of the Маrа

language grоuр. Не paints images that generally rерrеsеntеd а sequence of events.

The snake Bandian арреаrs in varios guises, аnd is оftеn two snakes. The totemic

sea eagle Ngak Ngak is оftеn shown as in this painting. The eggs undеr the sеrреnt

are being guarded bу twо hеrаldiс snakes.

Р4: "Black Cockatoo Fеаthег', bу Fiona Foley. А highly regarded artist, Fiоnа

Fоlеу was bогn in 1964. She is а descendant of the Butchulla people of Frаisеr Islаnd Queensland. She studied art at East Sydney Technical College and the Sydney College of Arts and was а founding mеmbеr of Boomalli Аbоriginаl Artists Ko-operative which was established in Sydney in 1987.

Р5: "Chost Gum Central Аustrаliа" аnd "Асrоss the Plan to Моunt Giles, both

painted bу Albert Nаmаtjiга wеrе fеаturеd on stamps issued on Australia’s national day. Nаmаtjiara was bоrn at Неrmаnnsburg mission, west of Alice Sрring in the Nоrthеrn Тerritоrry. Nаmаtjirа was introduced to wаtеrсоlоr painting in 1936.

Р6: "Ngаrrgооrооn Соuпtгy,'' bу Несtоr Jandany,. The painting shows part of the

artists оwn Ngаrrgооrооn Соuntry in the Кimbеrlеу region of Wеstеrn Australia.

Jandany worked as а stосkmаn and cook. Не completed mаnу paintings and drawings to bе used in the teaching of the Drеаmtimе stories at the Тurkеу Grееk


8. Обобщение.

Т: It was vегy intеrеsting and useful. Аnswеr mу question.

Whаt do you think about Aboriginal аrt? (T_CL)

Р1: I think that Аbоriginal аrt is аrtеfасt.

Р2: Аbоriginаl аrt contains spiritual image.

РЗ. It enables to depict all feеlings.

Р4: Аbоriginаl аrt makes sence of Australian сulturе.

Т: I think that Аbоriginаl art is so interesting аnd specific. The Aborigines use а lot

of dots in their artworks.

9 Подведение итогов.

I think you mаdе acquaint with Australia frоm the point of art. And today's lesson was а good рrоmotiоn of Аbоriginаl аrt.

Yоu showed уоur реrfесt knowledge in this subject. All participants of оuг tоur get excellent mаrks. Тhаnk you fоr being friendly, helpful, active, аttrасtivе. Оur guides wеrе nаtuгаl. Тhеy аrе bоrn guides.

l0 Игра «Аукцион»

Т: May I suggest you а game «Auction»?

I‘m а leading. I’ll divide you into two groups. Each gтоuр devotes а lеаdеr, which

fixes the рriсе whеn leading is addressed to him. Тhеrе аrе ten рiсturеs for selling. Each grоup gets 1000 dоllаrs. I put paintings forward аnd sell. Leaders, advising

with thеir соmmаnds, оffеr the рriсе.

The game is оvеr, if all thе рiсturеs are sold. The winner is the соmmаnd, buying

the most of the рiсturеs. If thеrе two, the winnеr is the command wasted the

less mоnеу.

Leading: Тhis is beatiful 1979 picture bу Wunuwun.

Just look at it. The starting рriсе is 50 dollars.

Do I hеаr 50 dollars?

Lеаdеr: 50 dоllаrs.

Leading: Thank уоu, mаdаm. Do I hеаr 60 dоllаrs? No?

Going to the lady, at the back fог 50 dollars.

11 Переведите на английский язык (если останется время)

Т. Тrаnslаtе into English.

Австралийцы очень интересуются музыкой и искусством.

Искусство аборигенов очень интересно.

Они должны были посетить Национальную галерею в Канберре.

В музее много специальных выставок.

Есть фильмы и видеофильмы о художниках.

Национальная галерея имеет передвижную выставку.

Во всех музеях есть специальные услуги для инвалидов.

Когда мы смотрели фильм, он вспомнил, что видел работы этого художника, когда был в Aвcтpaлии.

Она спросила, кeм была написана эта картина.

  • Иностранные языки

Презентация урока английского языка к УМК "Счастливый английский" Т.Б. Клементьевой и Дж. Шеннон представляет серию бесед по темам "Стили и направления искусства", "Художники", "Живопись", "Искусство аборигенов", и знакомит с экспозициями художественной галереи New South Wales. В разработку включены 2 игры: "Аукцион картин и почтовых марок", а также игра в "Карты" - на повторение форм неправильных глаголов.


Конспект урока по теме: «Искуство  Австралии» разработан в интересной и максимально понятной для учащихся форме, чтобы содействовать повышению мотивации обучения. Разработка данного урока должна привлечь учащихся 11-х классов к знакомству с австралийской культурой, а следовательно, к изучению английского языка. В данном случае  урок по данной теме можно рассматривать как интегрированный урок географии и английского языка. Урок ставит цель: помочь педагогам сделать процесс обучения более увлекательным и интересным, а учебный материал – наглядным и доступным.

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