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Урок английского языка в 11 классе

Методическая разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе

Тема: «По англоговорящим странам за 40 минут!»

Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенции и целостного представления учащихся об основных англоговорящих странах через подготовку и защиту проектных заданий.


Образовательная — обобщить знания учащихся о геополитических реалиях, достопримечательностях и традициях Британии, США и Австралии;

Воспитательная — воспитывать толерантное отношение к реалиям и культуре стран изучаемого языка;

Развивающая — способствовать расширению общего кругозора школьников и совершенствованию навыков работы с информационно-коммуникативными технологиями;

Практические — совершенствовать навыки самостоятельной поисковой деятельности учащихся через работу с дополнительными источниками информации;

- активизировать коммуникативные умения и актуализировать знания школьников по теме в ситуации реального общения.

Тип урока: урок обобщения ЗУНов по теме в форме защиты проектов.

Оборудование и материалы: мультимедийная поддержка, слайды, карточки с ребусом, текст песни «What a Wonderful World!”

Ход урока.

I. Организационный момент.

1) приветствие:

Teacher: Good morning everyone! I am a very glad to see you today! Have a look: there are a lot of guests on our lesson. Please, meet and say “Good morning!” Take your seats.

T: (общаться к кому-либо из ребят) How are you Natasha?

N: Fine, thanks, and you?

T: I am happy!

2) Сообщение темы, цели, задач урока:

Teacher: I offer you to find some words in this “Magic Square” Слайд 1.










New Zealand





















Teacher:What language is mostly spoken in these countries? Yes, English.

Our topic today is “Through English-speaking countries in 40 minutes!” Do you believe that is possible? Why not? Слайд 2.

Students: …

Teacher: We have to find this out during our lesson. Today we'll talk about English about English-speaking countries. The goal of the lesson is to summarize all the material and present your information, your projects. Thanks that we'll make unforgettable excursion. During our trip be brave, be polite, and be creative! Good luck to you!

II. Основная часть урока.

1) презентация проектных заданий:


Hello, Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Ann, I'm stewardess. Fasten your seat belts, please! The pilot is preparing to take off. Once we are in the air, we will be serving a light snack and something to drink. Thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen! These is the pilot speaking. I would to welcome you abroad British Airways Flight 54, non-stop to Heathrow Airport in London. We are currently flying at an altitude of 11, 000 meters. Our flight will be 2 hours and 45 minutes.


Слайд 3

Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention, please? I offer you to watch TV a short film. (слайды о Британии)

The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is situated on the British Isles. The British Isles are a group of islands lying off the north-west coast of Europe. The Largest islands are Great Britain and Ireland.

As you know there are no high mountains and forests on these islands, but there are a lot of rivers and beautiful lakes.

The climate of the British Isles is not very cold in winter and never very hot in summer. But all territory gets a lot of rain in all seasons. And the weather is very changeable.

The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The capital is London. The population of the country is almost 56 million people.

The United Kingdom is a parliamentary monarchy with the Queen Elizabeth II as the official head of state. The government is headed by the Prime Minister, but all the laws are made by the members of the Parliament. The British Parliament consists of two parts: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Ladies and gentlemen! Fasten your seatbelts, please! The pilot is preparing for landing. When we are in London a group of British students will meet you.


Ladies and gentlemen! This is the pilot speaking. We are about to touch down in London, at the international airport of Heathrow. The temperature outside is 18 degrees centigrade. Thank you for flying British airways. Buy!


At last we are in London! A group of British students will be your guides during sightseeing tour. There is a bus waiting for you. Have a nice time in London! Buy!

Student 1:


Слайд 4-6

How do you do? My name is Jane Brown; I welcome you to our capital and to one of the largest and oldest cities in the words. London is more than 2, 000 years old. Modern London was founded of two ancient cities, London and Westminster. The population is about 8 million people. London is divided into 4 parts: the City, Westminster, the East and the West End. London is a very beautiful city, all its famous sights you'll see from our red double-decker. The first bus service in London started in 1829.

One of the most interesting places in the City is the Tower of London. It was built in 11th century. Over the time the Tower of London has been a fortress, a royal palace, an observatory, a prison and even the King's Zoo. Now it is a museum. Not far from the Tower of London is the Tower Bridge. It was built in 1894 across the River Thames. Its two parts can be lifted for ships going up the river. All in all there are about 30 bridges across the Thames.

Student 2:


Слайд 6

Hi, I'm Ben! On the right side of the Thames we can see Saint Paul’s Cathedral. It is the greatest monument and of the most beautiful English churches. The famous English architect Sir Christopher Wren Built it in !7th century (1675-1710); it took Christopher Wren 35 years to build it. This magnificent building is a unique example of the English Baroque and the most powerful architectural statement ever made in London.

Student 3:


Слайд 6

Hello, my name is Kate. Now we are going to the West End. This is the fashionable place for shopping, entertainment and arts. But there are a lot of Beautiful historical sights.

Westminster Abby is one of the most remarkable examples of the early English Gothic style. It is very impressive and appearance. The abbey is used for the coronations, royal weddings, funerals and memorial services of national figures of England. There is a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Poet's Corner the tombs and memorials of many British Poets as Shakespeare, Byron, Kipling and others.

Student 4:


Слайд 6

Hi, my name is Nick. Next to the Abbey we see the Houses of Parliament in Parliament Square. It was constructed in 1850; this is the seat of the British government. The Clock Tower, a famous Big Ban is well known for its finest time-keeper clock. Big Ben is named after its creator Sir Benjamin Hall. It is really big. You can imagine what size it is! Big Ben is symbol of London and also of whole Great Britain.

Student 5:


Слайд 6

Hello, I'm Jane. Let's go and see Buckingham Palace. It is the official home of the British royal family in London. There are about 600 rooms in the Palace. When the flag is on the top of the Palace, it means that the Queen is at home. Every day at 11.30 a.m. We can see the beautiful ceremony of the changing the Guards. On the official Queen's birthday in June thousands of Londoners and tourists can see Queen's troops in full dress. The royal family steps onto the balcony and greets the public on the this day.

Not far from Buckingham Palace there is Trafalgar Square. The highest point here is the column with the 5 meter high statue of the Admiral Nelson. The square is decorated with beautiful fountains.

Student 1:


Слайд 6-7

If you are interested in arts then visiting of the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery and Tate Gallery is just what you need! Don't forget about famous Madame Tussaud’s Museum of wax figures. But if visiting of the theater is your passion come and see worlds famous Shakespeare's plays on the Globe stage.


Thank you very much for you sightseeing tour. Of course, this only a little piece of all wonders which are worth seeing. I hope we can see them somebody and try to guess the secret of the Stonehenge or look at the Loch Ness monster ourselves.


Слайд 8

2) гимнастика для глаз:

After long watching I want you to make some exercises for you eyes to relax.

Please, close your eyes, count to 10 and open them.

Move them to the lift, move them to the right,

Make the circle with your eyes.

Make a square and triangle,

for some seconds but not longer.


Слайд 9

Ladies and gentlemen! We continue our traveling. Now we are going to the North America where two English-speaking countries are located – the USA and Canada.

The United States of America is situated in the central part of the continent. It is washed by the Pacific in the West by the Atlantic Ocean in the East. The continental part of the USA consists of two highland regions and two lowlands regions.

The five Great lakes are joined together and flow into the Atlantic Ocean. The Great Salt Lake is the of the country. The main rivers are the Mississippi, the Colorado, the Columbia, Saint Lawrence River and Hudson River.

The USA is a very large country, so it has several different climatic regions.

The population of the is more than 236 million people. In the USA live many nationalities, among them Afro-Americans and Indians – native Americans.

The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and headed by the President. The USA government is divided into three parts: the President, the Supreme Court and Congress, which consists of the houses – the House of Representatives and the Senate. The capital of the USA is Washington, in the District of the District of Columbia.
A group of our students visited the USA last year. They took a lot of photos and now they invite us to the photo exhibition named “America – far or near?”.

Student 1:


Слайд 10

Like any other capital, Washington has a lo of visitors every day. It was chosen by first president George Washington as the permanent site for national capital and was named after him. George Washington led the America army the War for Independence. Washington Monument commemorating the first president looks like a tall column, also called “the pencil”.

The of Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson – the third president. This is Jefferson Memorial.

This is the Lincoln Memorial, built in honor of Abraham Lincoln – the 16th president. He wrote the Emancipation Proclamation and freed the black from slavery.

Student 2:


Слайд 10

Now have a look on another magnificent memorial. This is granite mountain. Faces of four Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are carved in Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota. The sculptor of this memorial was Godson Borglum. Many people come to see this monument every year.

Student 3:


Слайд 10

The beautiful home and the residence of every President is the white House. This is the oldest public building in the Washington, D.C., it consists of 132 rooms.

The tallest building is the Capital; this also the most famous building the USA, because all the laws are made there.

Besides the Smithsonian Castle, Supreme Court and the National Air and Space Museum are worth visiting.

Washington is not a typical American city. There are no skyscrapers, because nobody will build a house higher then the Capital. But there are a lot of public gardens, parks where you can rest and sit in the sun.

Student 4:


Слайд 11

To contrast different American life-styles I want to tell you about New York, the biggest city in the word. There you can see all the worlds’ races and nationalities. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of New York. It welcome millions of tourists and emigrants to the United States. It was presented by people of France in 1884. It is the Largest statue ever made.
This is the New York sky – line, which conn4cts different parts of the city. A lot of buses, cars, electric and other trains cross it every day.

Visiting New York for the first time you will be deeply impressed by the modern architecture. Everywhere you can see skyscrapers. The biggest of all is the Empire State Building. But the tallest skyscraper in the world is in Chicago, Illinois. It is called Sears Tower. There are the fist skyscrapers called Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower.

Student 1:


Слайд 12

There are a lot of sightseeing in the USA, not only memorials, skyscrapers and high-speed roads. There are also a lot of museums, especially on Broadway, cinemas, music halls and picture galleries.


3) динамическая пауза:

Thanks a lot for your photo exhibition. Now take a rest and do some easy exercises.

My heads upon my head I place,

On my shoulders, on my face.

Then I raise them up and high-speed

And make my fingers quickly fly

Then I put them in front of me

And gently clap: one, two, and three.


Слайд 13

There are also two countries where people mostly speak English – Australia and New Zealand. We are planning our trio to Australia next summer. Before traveling we looked for information in the Internet and we've made our own Internet site including most interesting facts about Australia. It was named “Unknown Australia”.

Student 1:


Слайд 13

Do you know that Captain James Cook discovered Australia in 1770? Не claimed this part the land of England. In 1901 Australia bесаmе а nation within the British Empire; in 1931 it gained independence from Great Britain.

Student 2:


Слайд 13

As for geographical position Australia is situated south of Asia, between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. It is located in the southern hemisphere that is why it has summer when we have winter, and has winter when we have Summer. In fact Australia is а continent, а country and an island at the same time. It is the smallest continent in the world.

Student 3:


Слайд 13

The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia. It is а federal state and а member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The head of state is the British Queen represented by the governor - General. The Commonwealth of Australia consists оf 6 states and 2 territories.

Australia has а parliament in each state and the Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth.

Student 4:


Слайд 14

It is surprising that big cities of Australia аrе Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Реrth and Brisbane. But the capital is Canberra - the home of gоvеrnmеnt and embassies. The centerpiece of the city is the Раrliament House; there are also many fine museums, the National Gallery, the National Science and Technology сеntеr and the High Соurt. Canberra is also the "natural capital" rich оf spectacular countryside.

Student 1:


Слайд 14

The largest and the oldest city in Australia is Sidney. About 4 million on реоple live there. Surrounded by ocean and national parks Sydney with the warm, sunny climate attracts tourists from all over the world. Its natural beauty, impressive galleries, museums and architecture makes уоur tour unforgettable. The rеа1 masterpiece is the Ореrа House. It is а symbol of Australia's Cultural life.

Student 2:


Слайд 15

The acknowledged culture capital of the country is Melbourne with world-class music, dance, opera, comedy and theatre. Nowadays Melbourne has also оnе of the most fanatical sporting public. Playing tennis, golf, baseball and football, surfing, water-skiing, boating, yachting, cycling are very popular in Меlbоurnе.

Student 3:


Слайд 16

Can you believe that Australia has the greatest varieties of plants and animals? Some of them саn not be seen anywhere else. For eхаmрlе, kangaroo, platypus and echidna, koala, wild dog dingo, Some species of parrots and fish. You can see kangaroo and emu on the Australian coat of arms.

Student 4:


Слайд 17

It is interesting that native Australian are the Aborigines. They have their own culture, arts, believes and lifestyle. For а long time they have been а dying nation but now their living conditions аrе improving. The aborigines love music; they sing and рlау their instruments. When they dance they put colors on their faces and bodies.


Well, our journey throw English – speaking countries is over. Now take part in the “Country – Quiz”. There are three teams “Britain”, “America” and “Australia”. Answer the questions. For every correct answer you’ll become a bonus. Let’s start!

4) Контроль усвоения материала: Слайд 18

What is the largest

and the oldest city

in Australia?




What is the name of the famous tower clock?

Who is the head of the government in the united Kingdom?

Which animal is the symbol of Australia?

Where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

How many states does the USA consist of?

Which is the largest one of the British Isles?

Who are native Australian people?

III. Домашнее задание. Слайд 19

Teacher: Your homework is to get rеаdу to the test about English speaking countries

for the next lesson.

IV. Подведение итогов урока.

1) объявление отметок с комментарием;

2) рефлексия содержания учебного материала:

Teacher: Well, now choose the best рrоverb which can reflect the main idea of our lesson. Слайд 20

East or west – home is best.

Travel broadens the mind.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Better to see than to hear.

3) рефлексия эмоционального состояния:

Исполняют песню Л. Армстронга "Whаt а Wonderful World''

  • Иностранные языки

Методическая разработка урока английского языка в 11 классе

Тема:  «По англоговорящим странам за 40 минут!»


 Разработка урока по теме "По англоговорящим странам за 40 минут!". Цель: обобщение страноведческих знаний учащихся и развитие их творческих способностей в форме подготовки и защиты проектов. На данном уроке учащиеся 11 класса получают возможность сформировать целостное представление об англоговорящих странах. Весь материал урока носит информативный характер и онован на устных выступлениях учащихся и презентации. Данный материал можно сипользовать как основу для работы на уроках страноведческого характера.


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