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Урок английского языка на тему "When is your birthday?" (5 класс)


Theme: “When is your birthday?”

Class 5

Date 28.11.14. 

Цель урока:

  • Активизация и закрепление в устной и письменной речи учащихся лексики по теме “Birthday”.

  • Закрепление грамматического материала по теме “Порядковые числительные”.

Задачи урока:

  • Oбогащение словарного запаса учащихся.

  • Развитие навыков диалогической речи.

  • Употребление порядковых числительных в устной и письменной речи.

Lesson procedure

I. Greeting. Good afternoon! How are you, pupils? I am very glad to see you? 

-Look at the screen! Can you guess what it is. (slide1)


-Yes, that’s it. Today we’ll speak about birthday. We shall speak, read and write.

II. Phonetic exercises.

Before we start discussing let’s trains your tongues. (slide2)

[ʌ] puzzle, bus, duck, summer

[ə:] first, third, birthday, thirty

[θ] thank , sixth, birthday, third

My birthday is on the sixth of May.

Rivise the vocabulary. (slide3)

Active Vocabulary: 
What? -
қай, қандай 
туған күн 
season -
жыл мезгілі 
week –
day –
күн (аптада
date –
year –
now –

III. Your home task was to repeat months, days of weeks, ordinal and cardinal numerals. 


Do you know days of the week?

Let’s sing a song.

T: What day is it today?

S: Today is Friday.

IV. Find the odd word (slide5)

V. (slide 6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

-When is your birthday? Look at the screen. These are seasons. What seasons do you know?

T: What season is it?

S: It is spring.

T: What season is it now?

S: It is winter.

VI. (slide 12)

The months of the year.

When is your birthday? It is in April.

Work in pairs. Ask each other “When is your birthday?”

VII. Ordinal numerals.


When is your birthday? It’s on the 7th of April.

VIII. Do exercises.

Open your exercise-books write down the date.

Look at the screen. There are ordinal numerals. Let’s read them all.

Now do exercise.

My birthday is … June.

His birthday is … the twenty- 2 …………. of January.

Her birthday is on the 15 ……………. of February.

My birthday is on the 3 ………….. of May.

Tommy’s birthday is ….. the 10 ………….. of August.

Their birthdays are …… December.


T: Look at the picture of a man. Do you know him?

S: He is our President.

T: What is his name?

S: His name is Nursultan Nazarbaev.

T: When is our President’s birthday?

S: It’s in summer. On the 6th of July.

X. Let’s read the text and answer the questions.

Tommy’s Birthday

 Today is Tommy’s birthday. He is ten years old today. He has got many presents from his mother, father and sister. He has got a big electric train, a computer game, a ball and a book . There are flowers on the table. His mother, father and his sister Dolly kiss him and say “Happy Birthday, Tommy”. Tommy is very happy. He says, “Thank you very much, I like all these presents”.

In the afternoon Tommy’s friends come to his birthday party. They say:

Happy Birthday to you!”

Tommy and his friends have a very good time. They eat the cake, drink tea, dance and sing

Answer the questions:

  1. How old is Tommy ?

  2. What presents has he got?

  3. Is Tommy happy?

  4. Does Tommy like his presents?

2. Say True (верно) or False(неверно)

1. Tommy and his friend have a very bad time.

2. Tommy is eight years old.

3. He has got a big electric train, a computer game, a new ball, a book with pictures.

4. There are seven candles on the birthday cake.

 Fill in the words has or is.

  1. He …ten years old.

  2. He ….many presents from his parents.

  3. Tommy…happy.

  4. There …a big white birthday cake.

XI. Reflection

When is Tommy’s birthday?

Tommy’s birthday is in autumn. It is in November.

Zhanar, when is your birthday?

My birthday is in summer. It is in April.

When is Zhanara’s birthday?

It’s in winter. In April.

XII. Your marks for today.

XIII. The lesson is over, you may be free and happy! God-bye!

  • Иностранные языки

Данный урок составлен для учащихся 5 класса общеобразовательной  школы. По учебнику Т. Аяпова, Д. Укбаева. Издательство "Атамұра", 2011 год.

Содержит лексический, грамматический материал, фонетическую зарядку, упражнения для закрепления материала. Цель урока: 1. Активизация и закрепление в устной и письменной речи учащихся лексики по теме "Birthday". 2. Закрепление грамматического материала по теме "Пордковые числительные".

Задачи урока: 1. Обогащение словарного запаса учащихся. 2. Развитие навыков диалогической речи. 3. Употребление порядковых числительных в устной и письменной речи.

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