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Урок-проект по английскому языку на тему "Сохранение окружающей среды" (10 класс)

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The topic of the lesson: Environmental Protection

Objectives: to facilitate free speaking by eliciting personal experience and knowledge; practice in expressing and exchanging opinions on the subject; to develop listening and speaking skills; to get pupils to realize the necessity of environmental protection;

Equipment: The textbook “English” 10th form by V. Plakhotnyk, English Learner’s Digest” Articles for reading, project “Think globally, act globally”, tape -recorder, cassette, pictures, placards with quotations.

Type of the lesson: A Round Table Discussion

Aim: T. The topic we are going to discuss is one of the most actual problems of the world -it’s the protection of nature, keeping our environment clear and safe. It’s important to increase our knowledge of environmental needs. If we can be active participants in the protection and rebuilding of our environment we can help our planet to survive and keep it healthy for future generations. Everybody on the Earth must think of saving our planet before it’s too late. The pupils of the 10th form understand the problem of environmental protection and they work on project “Think globally, act globally” and today they present their project.

Warming –up. Now, read out loud the following quotations, translate them and say if you agree with these words.

Forests precede civilizations, desert follow them.

Francois-Auguste Rene

Earth and water can produce again and again for the benefit of all

Stewart L. Udall

WE are in somewhat the same position in regard to polluted air as the fish are to polluted water

Allan V. Knees

Look after your planet, it’s the only we have

Prince Philip of Britain, President of the WWF


T.: The UN has received a letter. It is from nature. Listen to it, please.

1. Pre-listening activities.

a/ What do you think what this text is about?

b/ Presenting new vocabulary

a plea, garbage, beg, fur, tunks, .

2. While - Listening activities.

While listening try to take notes and find out the answers to the following questions:

1. What ecological problems are discussed in this letter?

2. Who destroys the nature?

3. Will people be able to sell “air”?

  1. Post-listening activities.

Answer the questions:

  1. Why is our land dying?

  2. Why do people kill the animals?

  3. What is the main component of our life?

  4. D people realize the danger of pollution?

  5. Will they be able to change the situation?

  6. What should you do to save our planet?

Project Presentation.

1. Role- play. “At Round Table”

T.: We meet at United Nation round table discussion. Now the group of experts presents their work. Let me introduce them: the experts, delegates from Ukraine and Great Britain.

P.: studied the problem of environmental pollution.

Our land is very polluted. In big cities cars and buses have polluted the air. Many people in cities now have very bad health problems. Factories have also polluted the land and the water. As a result many rivers and lakes are now dead. People all over the world are worried about what is happening to the environment. The Earth is our home and all people must take care of it. We must do everything possible to save the nature, to make our rivers and air clean.

T.: The next expert researched the problem of deforestination.

P. : People destroy more and more forests. We say that trees are in serious danger now. All over the world people have cut down millions and millions of trees. As a result, many types of animals and plants are now disappearing. Trees are also important because they help to produce oxygen and control the climate. What is killing the trees? It is probably air pollution or acid rains. In some places great forests are being destroyed for firewood and building material. Something must be done. Why the trees are very important?

The trees are important because they provide a home for many other plants and animals too. They protect the flowers which grow on the forest floor. They provide food for insects, reptiles, birds and animals. They protect the soil from the wind and the rain. The forests are the lungs of our planet. Trees produce oxygen which we breathe. If the trees die, we will too.

( The pupil demonstrates the tables )

T.: You see many scientists show their anxiety about the depletion of the ozone layer.

P.: Around the Earth, there is a special type of oxygen called “ozone”. Ozone is important because it stops ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Many aerosol sprays and factories destroy ozone and they have made a very big hole in the ozone layer. This means that too much ultraviolet radiation now enters the Earth. This is very dangerous because it can cause cancer.

T.: Speaking about trees you have mentioned acid rains. Look at this picture and comment on it.

P.: Acid rain is a kind of air pollution. The factories send smoke high into the air. This smoke mixes with water vapour in the atmosphere and falls in rain. The rain in many places isn’t natural any more. It is full acid chemicals.

T.: Now we are going to listen to the experts from Ukraine.

P.: Look at the map, please. You see that Ukraine has the most polluted landscapes in Eastern Europe. The most polluted air is in industrialized cities of Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhia. OtherUkrainian cities with major chronic air pollution problems include Kyiv, Komunarsk, Makiivka and Odessa. The water is polluted with chronic. The Dnister and the Danube are the most polluted bodies of water. Hundreds of small rivers supply water for villages and cities of Ukraine. Those water arteries are so polluted as to pose fatal health risk to the people who depend on them. The Sea of Azov is polluted. The sea’s salinity has increased by 40 percent. The radioactive isotopes after the accident at the Chornobyl’s accident has affected the air, land and water of Ukraine.

T: You know, the delegation of Great Britain is also present at our round table. Let’s interview them to be aware of the ecological situation on the islands.

P1: Are the ecological problems of great importance for British Government?

  • Yes, of course. British Government pays great attention to the ecological problems.

P2: What pollution is critical? Why?

- I think that air pollution is critical because of the burning oil, coal, gases and cars smoke the people has problems with their health.

P3: What are the consequences of the acid rains?

  • The consequences of acid rains are great. They polluted the water in the rivers and lakes, they damaged agricultural fields and their products.

P4: What do the common English people do to lessen the pollution?

  • First of all, they try to keep their street clean, they use public transport instead of their own cars, save water, gas, electricity. Sometimes people say that they are greedy, but that’s not right, they are economical.

P5: What measures are your government going to do in order to prevent the pollution?

  • They are going to use the material saving technologies.

  • They will close ecologically harmful industries.

  • They will increase the number of preserve territories.

  • The most important action is to educate people on ecological problems.

T: Now, let’s listen to our designer.

P9: Look at the placards.

They are painted for ecological advertisement. We want to send them for newspapers, magazines, ecological organization. I think they cover the main ecological problems.

Writing. T: Today we have received a plea from nature, we have found out the causes of pollution and were given some advices. Now as real experts we shall write to Green Peace.

Dear Sir

Our research group came to the following conclusions:

  • You should take under control the extincting animals.

  • You should reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

  • You should control smoke from the cars in great cities.

  • You should provide monitoring of air pollution.

  • You should bring drinking and bathing waters up to standard.

  • You should hang the photo of the Earth, taken from the space, in every classroom in the world. Our planet will remind about the relationship between the individual and the home planet.

Yours faithfully,

10th form of Grigorovka

3. The end of the lesson:

Summarizing: Did you like the lesson?

Have you widen your outlook?

Have you enlarged your vocabulary?

Do you think it’s possible to change the situation?

What do you suppose it depends on ?

T: I think it depends on us. You must take care of our planet, you must protect our environment, keep water, air, land clean. You are young and you will live in our planet and it’s your moral duty to save our planet for the future generation. Our Earth is so beautiful. Nature gives people its riches to live and enjoy. That’s why we must take care of it. Then we’ll be happy to live on the most beautiful planet in the Universe. Nature has its rights, and it is the duty of a man to respect and defend these rights.

Homework: Write a letter to your American or English pen-friend about your project devoted to the ecological problems. Ask him or her to write about

the ecological problems in his native place.

Урок-проект по английскому языку на тему "Сохранение окружающей среды" (10 класс)
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Даный конспект урока представляет собой урок -проект по защите окружающей среды. Учащиеся представляют изучение проблем, которые наносят вред окружающей среде:загрязнение воздуха,воды, земли, кислотные дожди, парниковый еффект.

Урок проходит в форме ролевой игры - заседания круглого стола  представителей Украины и Великобритании.

На уроке используются активные формы роботы. Урок способствует расширению активного словарного запаса учащихся по даной теме.

Урок может быть рекомендован для учащихся 9- 10 классов.Материалы урока можна использовать как в учебной, так и во внеклассной работе с учащимися.

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Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок", но в дипломе форма обучения не указывается.

Начало обучения ближайшей группы: 25 октября. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (10% в начале обучения и 90% в конце обучения)!

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