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Упражнения на модальные глаголы must и have to

  1. Поставьте must или mustn’t.

1.You look pale. I think you … see the doctor.

2.It’s very slippery outside. You … run there.

3.You … throw litter on the pavement.

4.Children … look neat and clean at school.

5.You … make noise in the library.

6.You … brush your teeth before going to bed.

7.You … fasten your seatbelt in a car.

8.Children … watch TV a lot.

9.You … light a fire in the forest.

10.You … be friendly to other people.

2. Поставьте mustn’t или don’t have to.

1.You … leave your kids unattended at the airport.

2.You … be late for the interview.

3.You … eat the soup if you don’t want to.

4.You … shout at us.

5.We … run. We have plenty of time before the concert.

6.You … pay now. You can pay online later.

7.This museum is free. We … buy any tickets.

8.This is my dad’s pen. You … lose it.

9.You … make much noise. Little Tim is sleeping.

10.It’s Sunday tomorrow. I … get up early.

3. Измените предложения в настоящем времени на будущее или прошедшее, используя модальный глагол have to.

1.I must fly to India now. (next month)

2.We must go and buy some painkillers. (last night)

3.Drake must sign the contract today. (tomorrow)

4.I must water the plants now. (yesterday)

5.He must mend a broken window. (tomorrow morning)

6.You must pay the rent today. (last Friday)

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