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Тест по грамматике для 5 класса

Grammar Test

  1. Open the brackets.

  1. I (to eat) an apple every day.

  2. Last Sunday my sister (to buy) a new dress.

  3. Mark (to do) his lessons tomorrow morning

  4. It often (to snow) in winter.

  5. We (to learn) English now.

  6. Last day off we (to go) to the theatre. The play (to be) very interesting.

  7. He (to write) a letter to his friend in five days.

  8. He usually (to clean teeth) every morning.

  9. Bob (to draw) a picture of elephant two days ago.

  1. Ask questions.

1. He often goes shopping. (Does…?)

2. They gave him a lot of presents. (What…?)

3. There was a toy on the chair. (Was…?)

4. I got a nice English book as a birthday present. (Why…?)

5. I shall go shopping with my friend. (With whom…?)

6. She will wear a beautiful white blouse. (What…?)

7. We liked to swim in the river last summer. (When…?)

8. We must help our parents about the house. (Who…?)

9. There are four oceans on the earth. (How many…?)

III. Choose the correct item.

  1. Every day we … to school.

Went, goes, go

  1. He … to drink juice for lunch.

Is liking, likes, like

  1. My friend … pictures with birds on them next year.

Doesn’t buy, won’t buy, didn’t buy

  1. We … an interesting book now.

Reads, read, are reading

  1. Yesterday my father … a nice car.

Brings, brought, is bringing

  1. I … at home tomorrow evening.

To be, was, shall be

  1. She usually … soup for dinner.

Have, is having, has

  1. My sister … swim very well.

Can, could

  1. My parents … at the cinema last Sunday.

Are, is, were

  1. The pupils … P.E. every Tuesday.

Are having, have got, has got

IV .Fill in the prepositions.

  1. He always gets up … 7 o’clock.

  2. They go to the stadium … Sunday.

  3. We usually meet … classes … the morning.

  4. The pupils always sit … the desk.

  5. They never draw … their Maths lessons.

V. Choose the right answer.

  1. Did you go to school yesterday?

a) Yes, I did. b) Yes, I do.

2. Are you watching TV now?

a) Yes, I do. b) Yes, I am.

3. Does he go to school?

a) Yes, he is. b) Yes, he does.

4. Were you happy?

a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, I was.

VI. Make the sentences negative.

  1. It snowed last week.

  2. He thought about it.

  3. Mum is cooking dinner.

  4. My Granny lives in the country.

  5. We shall see him next Monday.

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Тест по грамматике для 5 класса                                                                                                                                                                     

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