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Тест 8 класс


1. Match the two columns:

  1. The USA

  2. Alaska

  3. Havaii

  4. The Pacific

  5. The Atlantic

  6. Death Valley

  7. The Grand Canyon

  8. The Missisipi

  9. The Rocky Mountains

  10. The Appalachian Mountain

  11. Canada

  12. Mexico

a) The America state situated on the islands.

b) The chain of mountains in the east of the USA.

c) The ocean that washes the USA in the east.

d) A very deep cut in the ground.

e) The country that borders on the USA in the North.

f) The fourth largest country in the world.

g) A mighty river that flows through the Great Plains.

h) The lowers place in north America.

i) The American state situated in the far north.

j) The ocean than washes the USA in the west.

k) The chain of mountains in the west in the USA.

l) The country that borders on the US in the South.


2. Put the article «the» where necessary:

  1. _____New world 6) _____ Appalachians

  2. _____ Hawaii 7) _____ Ontario

  3. _____ Grand Canyon 8) _____ Huron

  4. _____ Death Valley 9) _____ Big Apple

  5. _____ Great Plains 10) _____ Colorado

3. Complete the sentences. Use another, other , others:

  1. Some people travel by train , _______________like travelling by car

  2. We are late. Where are the_______________?

  3. I don`t like such cold coffee. I`d like ______________ cup of hot coffee.

  4. My pencil has broken. Give me ________________ one, please?

  5. I have been to England. I`d like to visit some______________ countries.

4. Complete the sentences:

  1. Why are you crying? I ________________( to hurt) my leg.

  2. We _________________ ( to see) this play this month.

  3. She _________________ ( to meet) him since her childhood.

  4. They ________________ ( to finish) dinner yet.

5. Here are some answers. Write the questions:

  1. ________________________________________________

Yes , I have . I was in the Kremlin last year.

  1. ________________________________________________

Yes, he has . He visited Suzdal some times ago.

  1. ________________________________________________

Yes, they have . They bought a new TV set last month.

  1. ________________________________________________

Yes, we have . We visited the British Museum when we were in London.

  1. ________________________________________________

Yes, she has . She has become a teacher long ago.

  • Иностранные языки

Данный тест предназначен для учеников, обучающихся по УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеевой "Новый курс английского языка для российских школ", 8 класс.

Тест проверяет, как учащиеся усвоили темы "USA", "Present Perfect Tense".

Тест состоит из пяти заданий.

Первое задание - закрепление знаний о географических названий США.

Второе задание - закрепление знаний употребления артикля "the" с географическими названиями.

Третье задание - закрепление знаний another, other, others.

Четвертое задание - закрепление знаний временной формы глаголов.

Пятое задания - закрепление знаний построения вопросов в Present Perfect tens.

Задание рассчитано на ~30 минут.

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