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Главная / Иностранные языки / "The Earth Accuses" - внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку (5 - 10 классы)

"The Earth Accuses" - внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку (5 - 10 классы)

Внеклассное мероприятие на тему: «Земля обвиняет», проведено в СОШ №20 г. Уральска ЗКО, учитель английского языка Медзыховская М.Г. (Сценарий мероприятия ко Дню Земли).


Plan of the After – School Activity

Author: Medzyhovskaya M.G. teacher of English, school №20, Uralsk, Western Kazakhstan.


To educate students in the sense of respect for nature. To teach them to be able to defend their point of view. To develop their creative abilities. To teach them to work in teams, to listen to their teammates. To develop a sense of responsibility for their work.

Participants: pupils of III – X Forms.

SPEAKER №1: Good morning, friends!! Today we want to speak about the problem which is very… awfully important!! It’s a problem of our planet. The situation is quite difficult.

We live on a very beautiful planet – on the Earth. Our planet has very rich resources: the bright blue of the sky, fresh, crystal – clear mountain lake water, the rich green of the mountains slopes, wild flowers, picturesque views – all these sceneries of nature fill us with admiration.

But… People can’t value all these riches.

(Poems in Kazakh about nature) children of the III Form

SPEAKER №2: What can common people do to protect our nature? First of all they must change their attitude to it. Man should stop taking from it everything he needs and give it his love instead.

Otherwise the payoff will be too high!!!

It’s time to switch on the TV and watch the last news.

Here you are…

(Switches on the “TV-program”)

TV presenter I: Nature is in Danger! Our planet is the home of enormous number of living creatures. The development of different  sectors of economics and industries is characterized by the growth of global problems influencing the whole mankind.

TV presenter II: The first place among these problems belongs to the irrational use of natural resources. Technological process equipped mankind with previously unheard means of using the riches of nature. TV presenter I: The increasing scale of society's invasion into the environment has created a danger of polluting and destroying our planet; its depths, water bodies, atmosphere.

TV presenter II: The present ecological situation threatens to exhaust the non-renewable resources of nature and to damage the biosphere.

«Pollution threatens to kill the Dead Sea. Fertilizers factories may destroy the local ecosystem»

«Pollutants harm the environment — the soil and plants, and ruin animal life»

TV presenter I: Excessive litter is a global problem. Just imagine how long litter lasts: tin cans — for about a hundred years; plastic containers — much longer.

TV presenter II: There's a solution to global pollution! It's the policy of 3 R's: reusing, reducing and recycling.

TV presenter I: In touch with us is our own correspondent Max Cameron. He will make his report from the hall of Intergalaxi Court.The outcome of the process is important to all mankind. Max, we are listening to you… Max…, do you hear us?

Max: (pause) …. Good morning, friends! I am in the hall of the Intergalaxi Court, where the Earth will witness against the humanity. The judicial proceedings will begin in 2 minutes. Let’s take our places and watch everything with our own eyes.


The 1 judge: (звучит «Реквием» Р. Рождественского (минусовка))

(loudly and strictly) People of the planet! Will you stand up?

(All the participants stood up)

Listen to....! Listen to…! Tears everywhere! Planet is in danger, she is crying. We must help her now! We must help her now! Do you want to…? Do you want to…? We must help her now! I hope that all are present. Let’s start…

The Earth: I came here to be a Plaintiff. I want you to stop people. As for me, I lost my temper… I’m dying!!

The Senior judge: We gathered here to listen to you. Attention, please, the Earth lodged a complaint to the Humanity! But, first of all, I want to introduce the members of our process. They are: 3 judges from The Intergalaxi Assembly; The Lawyer – the member of The Intergalaxi Bar. Witnesses: The Earth, Children from the Earth, the Ecologist. Defendants: Mankind, which is presented by: A Military Man; A Plant’s Owner; An Oil Magnate; A Housewife.

You see, we have a lot of work! It’s high time for you, Earth, to tell us about the subject of your complaint.

The Earth: For millions years I multiplied the treasures in my bowels, I kept fresh water, air, soil, maintained the balance of the nature. One day, not happy for me a Man, appeared, he called himself A Sensible Human-being. He began to use my treasures. But he didn’t think about future generations. Your Lordship, I have a lot of evidence for my words, may I demonstrate them to the Court? (slides. The Earth describes them)

Once, he turned the rivers. Here it is the result!!! (slides)

He became very clever and built a lot of plants and factories, but he wasn’t so clever to think of the ways of utilization of their wastes. (slides)

He throws litter on the ground. (slides)

He starts wars, kills all living-beings, destroys natural and historic monuments. (slides)

Tell me, please, Your Lordship, can a sensible man do such things?

The 2 judge:

It’s really terrible! Now, we shall listen to the arguments of the Defendants… A Military Man is invited to the tribune… What will you tell us in your justification? Please, comment the shown slides.

A Military Man: People fight from their appearing on the planet. So, I’m not guilty.

The 3 judge: But what are you lack of? You have everything in excess! Why are you so greedy? There is a very old Indian proverb: “Only when the last tree has died and the last river, been poisoned and the last fish, been caught will you realize that we can’t eat money?”

A Military Man: People need new territories, need more money than they have. It’s the people’s nature.

The Senior judge: But you kill people similar to you…! Even animals never do such things! You kill children, you leave them without parents, they die of cold and hunger! (slides)

A Military Man: The war is the war…

The 2 judge: It’s the turn of the Oil Magnate, come here to the tribune! Tell us, how do you allow oil to the seas and oceans? You poison also the soil. Petroleum wells burn like torches, black smoke goes into the atmosphere. Plants and animals are dying.

The Oil Magnate: We can’t take into account every moment of the production. To safe animals and plants is not my problem. Ecologists must think about this. They earn money for this. My business is oil and the income which oil gives me. And…. Try to imagine your life without oil! What will you do if I stop its production?!! People can’t live without oil.

Ecologist: Your Lordship, may I ask him a question?

The Senior judge: You are welcome!

Ecologist: And what will you do if all fauna and flora dies? What will you do if all oil ends?

The Oil Magnate: There is too much oil on the planet. While there is oil, there is my profit, money, my comfortable life. So, don’t dramatize the situation!

Ecologist: You think only about yourself and about money! Try to think about the future generations!

The Oil Magnate: And you will never have a lot of money! May be you will change your profession?

Ecologist: Look at what you have done… (film “The most sad video in the world”)

(after the film) The Oil Magnate: And what of it? I’ve told you already that we can’t take into account every moment. Ecologist, why are you so angry to rich people? What is significant for you?

Ecologist: It's significant for me

To live in peace and harmony.

Minding further generation,

We must stop deforestation.

To prevent the global warming,

Heating must be economic.

What to do to save the Earth?

To be rescued it is worth!

Waste debris is extremely large.

Who is to blame? Who is in charge?

I'm sure, all of us

Must reduce it. It’s a must!

The 3 judge: Stop, quarreling! The position of the Oil Magnate is clear for us. Let’s listen to the Plants’ Owner. You have already heard all accusations, tell us please, what do you usually do with the wastes of your industries?

Plants’ Owner: We utilize them, of course! We built a lot of waste treatment plants.

The Earth: Your Lordship, it’s not the truth! There is much evidence for my words…! (slides)

Plants’ Owner: You are right, there is much more wastes than plants for recycling it. We shall build more. We’ll try to do something else for not to pollute the environment. I promise you, the Earth!

The Earth: It may be late!!

The Senior judge: Order, please!

We see many children here, let’s give them the word.

Children: Poem “A CHILD’S WISH” (В приложении)

The 2 judge: Thank you, children, the Court has heard you! The next defendant is the Housewife. It’s really strange to see you in such a company! You are a woman, mother, how did you manage to become a defendant? Who on Earth must think about the future of people if not a woman? Come to the tribune and answer the questions!

A Housewife: I understand that I’m awfully guilty. But what shall we do if there is no place in the yards for the home wastes. Cars come very seldom, the containers are very old, with big holes. I understand that this is not an excuse…

The Earth: But you never throw litter on the floor in your house! So, why do you pollute the streets, the yards? Your planet is also your house! Don’t you want your children, your grand-children to be healthy and happy?! To be alive, at least?!

A Housewife: I’m sorry! Excuse me the Earth!

The 3 judge: Take your seat!

(to the Senior judge) Your Lordship, we have listened to all defendants, it’s high time to give the word to the lawyer. (the Senior judge agrees) You are welcome! We perfectly understand that your mission is very difficult, especially after listening to the children. There are much evidence against your client…

The Lawyer: You are right, Your Lordship! The results of the mankind’s activities are horrible. It’s difficult to remain indifferent. But I want to hope, that looking at the eyes of these children, (looks at the children), people will understand that it’s necessary to defend the Earth for life and happiness! I want to ask the honorable Court to give the last chance for the people. The chance to reexamine their lives. I’ve finished. Thanks all of you.

The Senior judge: The Verdict is being announced!! Attention, please!!

  1. Mankind will be given an opportunity to revise their lives.

  2. Mankind must begin to work over the problems of their planet.

  3. Mankind must prove that the MAN sounds proudly.

People of the Earth, will you listen to the voice of the Intellect? Did you understand the Verdict? It’s your last chance!

Thanks to all participants of the Court. We, the guests of your planet and the witnesses of the situation, hope that you’ll save the Earth!!

Good Luck to you, People of the Earth!!

A Housewife: Your Lordship, may I tell some words to our guests?

The Senior judge: Of course, you may.

A Housewife:

Dear guests of our meeting. We hope, you liked the performance, and for not to forget the mankind’s promise to the Earth, I prepared for you a recipe of a wonderful salad, it will become our today’s talisman. Cook it for all your friends and simply for good people. Nobody will remain indifferent after tasting it!!!

(reads the recipe)

RECIPE Name: “A Promise” Ingredients: 1. LOVE (as much, as possible);

2. Surprise (only fresh and good);

3. Smile (only friendly);

4. Happiness (without borders);

5. Kindness (to all living – beings);

6. Responsibility (in everything you do);

7. Care (without limit).

The process of cooking: Take a pitch of kindness, add a handful of love. Mix these ingredients and put there a spoonful of smile and 2 spoonfuls of care and responsibility. Decorate the top of the salad with a happy surprise!

Good Appetite!!

(gives the envelopes with the recipe to all the guests)

All the pupils sing “May there always be sunshine…” in Kazakh, in Russian and in English.

Teacher: Dear guests, we hope that you will leave our school with good impressions. This is the end of our story, but not the end of the great problem. You see that our pupils did their best in playing their roles, they are not indifferent to the pain of our Planet. May be this generation will save the world!!


  • Иностранные языки

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку, приуроченное к празднику "День Земли", сценарий можно использовать как в старших классах, так и в среднем звене.

Целью данного мероприятия является формирование бережного отношения к природе, к своей земле. Активизация лексического материала по теме природа.

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