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Some steps to better teaching

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Today all of us, teachers, are confused by a multitude of recommended approaches to language teaching, each carrying its battery of classroom techniques.

Being equipped with various teaching techniques and full of great expectations we try to find out our own ways or steps to better teaching.

Recommendations suggested by specialists in foreign language teaching may be divided into two: group – general and specific. Among the general ways of improving teaching are:

1)      Improving methodology; studying, practicing, keeping up with the literature on the subject,

2)      efficiency as the core principle of any methodology – that is, the attainment of the maximum profit (in terms of achieved learner proficiency) for the minimum coast (in term of the teacher’s and learners’ time and effort)  


The presentation is for those who search for ways to help students learn more effectively and increase motivation. It is focused on the problem of adapting students to language studies. Handouts will include texts and exercises featuring moral issues of high interest to teenagers.

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