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Сценарий выпускного вечера в 4 классе на английском языке

Сценарий 4 класс

In Russia there is a town,

In this town there is a street, (карт. Школы)

In this street there is a school

So beautiful and clever pupils full.

(музыка и появляются дети)


I’m a little, little star

You can ask me ”What you are?”

Up above the world so high

I’m a diamond in the sky.

(Песня – Abba)

When you are in the dark I’ll give you a lot of light,

All your dreams will come true

And I’ll always be with you.

(тревожная музыка)

( Появляется злодей)

Voland de Mort

Voland de Mort is my name

Nobody tries to complain

When I take you away

You’ll never see the star again.

(хватает ЗВЕЗДУ, накрывает плащом, делает круг и уводит под музыку)

(Появляются 6 ведущих)

1 What has happened?

2 What is it?

3 Where is our star, I wonder?

4 I think I know this wizard.

5 His name is Voland de Mort.

6 He has stolen our star.

1 What should we do?

2 I know that we must find Voland de Mort.

3 Lets go.

(И решили ребята отправиться на поиски звезды.

Дорога их привела к мрачному замку.)

4 I saw it with my eyes and heard it with my ears,

But Voland de Mort lives just near here.

Voland de Mort

-What are you doing here,I wonder?

5 We are looking for the star,

We want you to give it back.

Voland de Mort

If you want to get it back

Go to the Neverland

Give me presents, you can find

And the star will always shine.

  1. Let’s go to the green wood.

  1. Animals are our friends. They will help us.


(Перемещаются под музыку «Ногу свело»)

Появляется кошечка

Why do you cry, Pussy?

Why do you cry?

Why, Pussy? Why, Pussy?

Why, Pussy? Why?

Whenever we met

You are always sad.


Because all the animals

Have me left. (ребята обнимают Pussy, жалеют)

(звук ветра – музыка и появляется ветер)


I am the wind,

And I come very fast,

Through meadows and woods

I blow a loud fast.

To know my strength

I played a game

And took your friends

To far away lands.

(Музыка - появляется голубь)

Dove принесла весть, ребенок с голубем.

2 The dove is here,

What have you in your beak?

3 Your wings are white,

Your feet are pink,

4 What have you,

Tell us quick.


I have a letter from your friends,

They are in distant lands

They send you a kiss and a letter here.

LETTER: Call us by our names to hear

And we’ll find the way from here

(Дети хором кричат названия животных)

Cats and dogs, foxes and hares, bees and bears

We are waiting you here

(выскакивают все звери)

(читают свои стихи)


1. Bear

I'm a bear

I walk here and there

I like to play

I eat honey every day

2. Lion

I'm a king I like to sing My name is Brian I'm a lion.

3 .Fox

I'm very smart I like Art. My name is Nox I'm a fox.

4 .Hare

I like to jump I like to run My name is Fair I'm a hare.

5. Dog

I'm a dog All tail and bark Snapping, yapping In the park.

6. Bee

I'm a little honeybee

Yellow and black,

See me gather pollen on my back

What the queen bee tells me

I must do

So I can make sweet honey for you.

  1. A Cat

I’m a cat

As thin as a wire

Creeping ,sleeping by the fire.

  1. Rabbit

I’m a rabbit

All fluff and ear,

Trapped in a cage

And twitching fear.

  1. Greezly bear

If you ever,ever,ever meet a greezly bear,

You must never,never,never ask him where

He is going or what he is doing,

For if you ever,ever,ever dare to stop a greezly bear,

You will never meet another greezly bear.


1 We went to you to ask for help

And give us something what you have.

  1. What is the most important thing for you?


Our forest!!!

We live in the forest

How happy we are!

You see all these green leaves that are symbols of our hearts.

You are welcome!

Look at our symbol!

Take this green leaf as a symbol of our friendship.

4. We hope it will help you to find our star.

(Перемещаются под музыку «Ногу свело»)

II. Crystalland

5. What a wonderful place!

6. Who are you?

(стихи представления месяцев)

The windows are blue at night.
But in the morning they are white.
And snowflakes are falling
Come out they are calling.

Get out of bed and take your sled
This cold and frosty day.
The sun is bright, the snow is right
For outdoor winter day.


March is an in between month,
When wintry winds are high.
But milder days remind us all,
Spring's coming by and by.


April is a rainbow month,
Of sudden springtime showers.
Bright with golden daffodils
and lots of pretty flowers.


May's a month of happy sounds,
The hum of buzzing bees,
The chirp of little baby birds
And the song of a gentle breeze.


Come, my children, come away,

For the sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me,

Birds and trees and flowers to see.


Get your hats and come away

For it is a pleasant day.


Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh, and dance, and sing.

Quickly, quickly, come away,

For it is a pleasant.


September is a time
Of beginning for all,
Beginning of school
Beginning of fall. 


October's the month
When the smallest breeze
Gives us a shower
Of autumn leaves.
Bonfires and pumpkins,
Leaves sailing down -
October is red
And golden and brown.


No sunshine, lots of rain,
No warm days, snow again!
No bugs or bees
No leaves on trees.
You must remember
This is November!


This is the season

When children ski,

And old Father Frost

Brings the New Year tree.

слова (повторы) ведущих:

1 We went to you to ask for help

And give us something what you have.

2 What is the most important thing for you?

месяц Take this snowflake. It is the symbol of beauty and sincerity.

месяц Take care of it. It is very fragile.

Ногу свело»)

III Numberland.

Песня “Penguins”


5 What nice, strong, healthy children!

6 What are you?

3 Who are you?

ХОРОМ We are Numbers!

Number Printing Poem

1.Number 1
is like a stick
A straight line down
that's very quick!

2.For number 2
go right around
Then make a line
across the ground!

3.Go right around
What will it be?
Go round again
to make a 3!

4.Down and over
and down some more
That's the way
to make a 4!

5.Go down and around
Then you stop
Finish the 5
with a line on top!

6.Make a curve
Then a loop
There are no tricks
to making a 6!

7.Across the sky
and down from heaven
That's the way
to make a 7!

8.Make a "S"
And then don't wait
Climb up again
to make an 8!

9.Make a loop
And then a line
That's the way
to make a 9!

10.Make a 1
and then an "o"
10 are all your fingers
you know!

слова (повторы) ведущих:

1 We went to you to ask for help

And give us something what you have.

  1. What is the most important thing for you?

ХОРОМ The clock!

- Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

4 We hope it will help you to find our star.

Ногу свело»)

IV. Masterland


  1. Oh, look at these people.

  2. Who are you?

Some of us are short and fat.

Others thin and tall.

Some of us have lots of hair.

Others none at all.

Some of us just love a mess.

Others are quite neat.

Some of us walk round the town.

Some use wheels not feet.

Some of us have black skin.

Some of us have white.

Some of us eat lots of meat.

Some don't think it right

Some of us live up on high.

Others on the ground.

Some of us make lots of noise.

Others not a sound.

Some of us go out in crowds.

Others are alone.

Some of us go out to work.

Others work at home.

Some of us will rush about.

Some of us are lazy.

Some of us are sensible.

Some of us are crazy.

1 We went to you to ask for help

And give us something what you have.

2 What is the most important thing for you?

Шкатулка с зернышком.

3 What is it?

4 -It is a seed.

  1. A seed?

Masters---- The seed. It’s the symbol of labour.

Plant it.

Take care of it.

-Water it.

- Only if you are working hard

You’ll have a good result.

4 We hope it will help us to find our star.

(“Shoes” песня)

V Flowerland

5 Look! What a beautiful garden! So nice and bright!

6 Red, yellow, purple, pink, blue and white.

1 Flowers here, flowers there,

2 Flowers growing everywhere.


1 . (a Daffodil)

A little yellow cup, A little yellow frill, A little yellow star, And that's a daffodil

  1. (a Buttercup) Buttercups, buttercups, Oh, the nicest flowers, Coming in the springtime To tell of sunny hours.

  2. ( a Snowdrop)

When trees are leafless, When the fields are bare, Snowdrops and violets Are here and there.

4 . I can grow in the garden,
I can grow in the field.

When you look at pretty bluebell

Joy and happiness you feel. ( a Bluebell)

5. Sunflower, sunflower standing straight and tall
Sunflower, sunflower, you are the tallest of all.
Sunflower, sunflower, you stand on the ground,

But your face is moving after the sun all around. ( a Sunflower)

6. ( a Forget-me-not)

Forget-me-not is very pretty. But I haven't grown up yet. My blue dress is nice and neatly: Look at me and don't forget!

7. (a Rose)

I am a little rose, I'm not big at all. But when I stand on toes I'll grow nice and tall.

8.( a Gardener)

You have got a garden:

I agree it's fine.

You love your garden

And I love mine.

Take this red rose as a symbol of our love!

  1. We hope it will help us to find our star.

VI. Fairytale.

Ведущие 1 - Where are we?

2 - I can’t believe my eyes.

3- Is it a fairytale?

4 -Where shall we go?

Появляется белый кролик.

Rabbit : Oh, dear, oh dear. I’ll be too late.

Ведущ. : 5 What ? A rabbit with a pocket and a watch in it?

6 Of course, We are in a tale.

1 Who’s ever seen a rabbit with a watch? And with a violin?

Rabbit : Oh, dear. I must hurry up. Her majesty is waiting for me.

2 Her majesty?

Let’s follow the Rabbit and he’ll take us to the right place.

Дети поют песню “Fairytale

(В конце песни выходит «Сказка»)- в центре сказка и персонажи.


Good evening, Good evening, Good evening to you.

Good evening, Good evening I’m glad to see you.

The sun is bright, the sky is blue-

If I give you light,

Your dreams come true.

I’m a fairytale

And these are my friends.

We are happy to see you

In our Fairyland.

(слова сказочных персонажей)


I’m Jack Hall,

I’m is so small,

A mouse could eat me,

Hat and all.


I’m George Porgie, pudding and pie,

I kissed the girls and made them cry;

Then the boys came out to play,

I always liked to run away.


I’m Jonathan Beam

I like ice-cream,

And I am in bed today

I don’t eat,

I don’t sleep,

I don’t want to play.


I’m Little Jane Horner

I sat in the corner,

Eating my Christmas pie,

I put in my thumb,

And pulled out a plum,

And said “What a good boy am I!”


I’m Tom, Tom, the piper’s son,

Stole a pig, and away I run,

The pig was eat,

And I was beat,

And I ran crying down the street.


My name is Elsie Marley

I’m grown so fine,

I won’t get up to feed the swine,

But lie in bed till eight or fine

I’m lazy Elsie Marley.


I’m little Betty Blue

I’ve lost my holiday shoe,

What can I, poor thing, do?

Give me another

And then I may walk out in two.

1 We went to you to ask for help

And give us something what you have.

2 What is the most important thing for you?


Your dreams and wishes.

  • Do you have a dream?

  • Do you believe in angels?


I’ll give you my helper –

This golden fish.

It can do everything

You only wish.

But all your dreams

Must be light -

To help your friends

Be always bright.

(Протягивает рыбку)

4We hope it will help us to find our star.

3 We have brought all things to you

4 Which are nice, important, true.

5 Give us back the twinkle star

6 Let her shine our way so far.

Volan de Mort

-I’m powerful, strong but cruel.

You are children, so foolish,

I can leave your star with me?

But what’s happening to me?

-I’m vanishing, I’m losing my body and voice.

- Farewell, I have no choice.


1 Volan de Mort has disappeared.

But our star is so real.


Thank you, children, for your help.

I’ll lead you into fairyland.

You are clever, curious and smart.

And you have kind great hearts.

Why, children, why

You are so bright.

Rabbit : I have a brilliant idea.

Good teachers helped you be sincere.

Who taught us carefully every day

And showed us often how to play?

Our teachers. (ХОРОМ)

Who ran to help us when we fell

And who could funny stories tell?

Our teachers! (ХОРОМ)

Who is so nice, who is so kind,

Another so dear you’ll never find?

Our teachers! (ХОРОМ)

You are always in our minds

You are always in our hearts

If you stand beside us

We’ll see a million burning stars.

Песня “Always”

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