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Разработка урока "Going to Astana"

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Учебник English, 5 класс, Т.Т. Аяпова

The plan of the English lesson. Form 5

Date: May,10

Theme : ’’Going to Astana.”


  1. To recycle and enrich pupil’s knowledge by this theme

  2. To develop pupils’ abilities in speech

  3. To educate the feelings of love towards our Motherland- Kazakhstan

Visual aids: slides, interactive board (presentation), cards.

  1. Organization moment.

-Good morning, children! Today we have an unusual lesson. It’s a lesson –journey. Today we are going to visit Astana – the capital of our country. But before going there we want to know what kind of weather there is.

II. Warm up.

- Let’s remember words which describe the weather.

-Sunny, cold, windy, cloudy, foggy, rainy, snowy.

-What is the weather like today?

-How many seasons are there in a year?

- What season is it now?

- What are spring months?

- Let’s sing a song! (A song “Spring is green”).

III. Writing.

T: -Look at the pictures.

1. Match the phrases with the pictures.

2. Make adjectives. ( pupils do the tasks on the board.)

IV. Reading and speaking.

  • We came to Astana. What can we see in Astana?

P: -The Akhorda, the monument of Baiterek, the Duman Centre.

Pupils read ex.3, p.155 ( P1P2-Cl). Then they retell the text. ( P1-CL).

  1. Relaxation.

-Let’s have a rest and sing the song “ Bingo”.

VI. Speaking.

  • It’s time to have lunch. Let’s go to the café. Ask each other what you like to eat and to drink.

P1: - I asked …she eats …

She doesn’t eat…

P2: - I asked …she drinks…

She doesn’t drink…

VII. Role playing.

At the café”.

VIII. Interview.

  • Astana is a beautiful city. There are many parks, trees and flowers. People must help the nature.

  • Do you help nature? Ask each other how you help nature. (Pupils work in groups of 3).

P1: -Do you pollute water?

P2: No, I don’t.

P1:- Do you plant flowers?

P3: -Yes, I do.

P1:- I interviewed … She doesn’t pollute water. She plants flowers.

We help the nature. We plant trees and flowers. We clean the rivers. We must keep the Earth clean and green.

IX. Summary.

  • Our journey is over. You worked in a good way.

X. Home assignment: to repeat words.

XI. Evaluation.

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