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Разработка серии уроков по английскому языку

Разработка серии уроков по английскому языку в 9 классе

Учитель: Т.А.Золотарева

The Right to Life

Задачи урока:

Образовательные: углубить знания учащихся в области граждановедения, улучшить их компетенцию в иностранном языке, повысить мотивацию к овладению английским языком, выяснить причины возникновения экстремизма и терроризма раскрыть разновидности терроризма.

Развивающие: развивать умение понимать, анализировать публикации, умение формулировать, выражать и отстаивать свое мнение по данной тематике, вести дискуссию на английском языке, писать короткое эссе.

Воспитательные: осознание учащимися своих прав, развитие умения строить правовые отношения, разрешать конфликты и споры мирным путем.

Warm-up The Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child recognize that every person has the inherent right to life. But “more and more children are today born out of wedlock, abandoned, homeless, exploited, sexually and physically abused. The law protects them. But is it enough? Everything under the sun is changing and the old laws also demand review.” (Yanash Korchak “How to love a child”)

Работа со статьей

1. Read the article. What title would you propose?

The beginning of the 3rd millennium, the 21st century...(1) _______________________

And again, fate managed it so that we heard the horrible sounds of fire, people’s sobs, the mourning of victims (absolutely innocent ones,(2)____________)

Afghanistan, Palestine, Yugoslavia... the eternal fields of battle where no one has proved anything. How terrible and tragic it is to be born and bred in these bloody lands, and since early childhood adapt to exist so as not to be killed by a stray bullet from an antagonist’s camp.

You turn on your TV-set and have to hear:” America began bombing some settlements in Afghanistan, (3)____________”

And how awful it is when you just have to hear the latest news. You can do nothing but worry about what will happen next.

Religious wars. What’s the reason? Can’t any of the hostile nations understand that God is one, and that there is no use (4) _______________________. Let them agree to differ. But silly people find any cause to begin a war; so that one can even think that a warlike essence is in human nature itself, demanding more and more blood. Impossible? We just can’t let the matter rest.

Terrorism... (5)___________ it makes people tremble from fear. And we can’t do anything about the circumstances but live in fear. But such a situation needs an immediate solution and we can’t sit twiddling our thumbs (6) _______ We all clearly realize that if we don’t stop war and the bombing of innocent people (as well as, maybe, guilty ones) and root out terrorism in its basis our land, that in former times was peaceful, will soon sink in blood and people’s tears. Has God created this world and the people living in it so that one day it will shudder with honor (7)__________ ; when, at last, Heaven cries with bloody rain and the Earth falls asleep... for good?

If we don’t solve this greatest problem that has destroyed peace, which was created over years, (8) ___________________________.

So, I call for all the people in the world: enough sufferings, no more blood, no more tears. I understand I’m just a tiny grain of sand in the seething stream of our life, and, maybe, no one will hear me. But I guess everyone can answer this question: (9)_______. I think the answer can be guessed.

2. Where do the following sentences fit in the article?

Put a number 1—9 in the boxes:

a) soon it’s going to attack the enemy’s territory from ships [ ]

b) and bury itself in some absolute darkness. [ ]

c) but the time of wars and sufferings hasn’t released us yet. [ ]

d) does anyone of us want to live in eternal war without laws and rules.[ ]

e) what a frightening word. [ ]

f) guilty of only the fact that they settled in the troubled places. [ ]

g) when people all over the world are dying. [ ]

h) trying to prove that this or that religious conviction is right. [ ]

Ii) then we’ll be accused, but not by God’s Justice, but by History. [ ]

3. Write out the words, which describe WAR and everything connected with it.

Работа с текстом

1. Find the pairs of opposites in the list below then read the sentences with them.

Guilty, lose, life, lovely, horrible, possible, sobs, laughter, born, death, early, killed, created, innocent, war, late, destroyed, find, peace, incredible

When we live in peace, we do not often think about war and problems it causes. But TV news programmes remind us of them and we realize that there are so many wars in the world. Soldiers die and so do civilians, innocent children are accidentally killed. For many boys and girls war cancels childhood. 20 million living children around the world have been forced from their homes by war. 300,000 children worldwide are exploited as soldiers in around 30 armed conflicts, 10% of these children are as young as 7. Child soldiers are often used as spies and guards because children are often the most obedient and loyal soldiers.

2. Read the poem


Children are affected by war in their millions

Terrorists take out their anger, attacking


People lose their family in a 2. __________

As extremists and armies demand revenge for

the past

Playing, working or partying, loved ones are

blown up

Immediately news bulletins ask who will


A minute before, there was noise and rush

The day after, there’s just wreckage and


5. ____________their darling hadn’t gone to

the bar or work or school that day

No body found just yet, they can only pray

For some, life is cheap

But not for the families who 6.________

They’ say they want peace but their methods

are 7._____________

Bombs, gassing, assassination.


Enlisting a nine-year old 9. __________

‘They’ fill him with anger and teach him to


They tell him it’s good to get revenge but


Don’t let another child die in the fight.

3. Fill in the gaps in the poem with the following words.

a. own up ( =to admit)

b. weep ( =to cry)

c. civilians (= people, who aren’t soldiers)

d. two wrongs don’t make a right ( =getting revenge doesn’t always make the situation better)

e. sick ( =cruel, against humanity)

f. blast (= explosion)

g. recruit (= a person, employed to work for you)

h. if only (it means: “I wish I could change the past)

I. take your pick (= you can choose any of these)

j. hush (= silence)

4. What is the main idea of the poem?

Чтение с извлечением информации

1. Read the paragraphs. Put them in the logical order.



This time the harsh measures of the American government and its ally, Great Britain, can be justified. But still, everybody knows — there is no guarantee that innocent people will not be harmed during the acts of retaliation. And there is no pride in killing the innocent. The only person who should be punished is Osama bin Laden and a bunch of terrorists. Of course, the terrorists will never give up their leader, its part of their mentality. Ariel Sharon said the war was just, and that America will win the battle — not only because of its military advantages, but because of the spirit of the troops, their realization that they are bringing justice to the world by fighting evil.


But NO WAR IS JUST, even if seems inevitable.

The terrorists did what they did because of their belief that America has been oppressing their religion and their way of life. Yes, America’s policies have been rather aggressive; but this is not a reason for burying thousands of people in ruins.

The human race had never been tolerant — centuries passed under the motto: “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. The only person who was tolerant was crucified long ago. People have never loved their enemies; nor have they turned their other cheek to those who dared to strike them.

We should find a place in our heart for tolerance. Or else the human race will be extinguished.


We have no future. And no matter how pessimistic it may sound, it is so. We started the 21st century with a war — a war triggered by intolerance. And now there is hardly a country in the world left. That has never experienced what it’s like when innocent people die as a result of terrorist acts.

What happened on September II, 2001 had no precedent in the history of America. It is clear that the acts of the terrorists can’t be justified, and many countries now collaborate in order to fight terrorism. Nothing is forgotten — there are deadly weapons, and people willing to handle them. The only forgotten thing is tolerance.


What is tolerance? Tolerance, above all things, is readiness to allow others to believe or act as they judge best. It’s too late to talk about it now, when the war has started, and thousands of people are gone; but I believe all this could have been avoided. To face facts, America has been intolerant of some other countries’ regimes and beliefs, and not just recently, but in the past also. There was Hiroshima, Belgrade, Vietnam and Bosnia. And now there is Afghanistan.


harsh – жесткий, грубый

ally — coюзник

justify — onpaвдывать

retaliation — возмездие

punish — наказывать


evil— зло

inevitable — неизбежный

motto — девиз

crucify — pacпять

strike — yдapять

extinguish — вымирать

trigger — cnycковой крючок

precedent — случай

collaborate — сотрудничать


judge — судить

avoid — избегать

2. Answer the questions:

I. Do you agree that we have no future?

2. How do we call people who believe that everything will be bad?

3. What does the author say about the terrorists, innocent people and tolerance?

• Find the sentences in the article.

3. Read the letters in which children say what tolerance means to them.


1. Tolerance means to be able to put up with something you disagree with. It also means to not start an argument over something you disagree with and it means to keep things to yourself that might hurt other people’s feelings.

One example of tolerance is if you don’t like what someone is wearing or something like that, you should keep it to yourself so you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

We should practice tolerance for many reasons. One reason is so there will be less fighting. Tolerance also means to be fair, and not make Inn of people. It means to be kind, sharing, helpful, thoughtful and more.

If we don’t practice tolerance, we would start doing a lot of mean [lungs. We might even become prejudiced. That is why we all should practice tolerance.

  • Jenny


People who are prejudiced need to practice tolerance more. They don’t like people who don’t like the same things that they do. They also don’t like people who don’t look or act the same as they do. People who are tolerant aren’t as mean to the people they don’t like. You have probably heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. People who are tolerant try hard to do this and some people really are especially nice to the people that they don’t like, These people usually are popular, and people who aren’t very tolerant usually don’t have very many friends, This is because they are mean to people. So people don’t want to be around them. This is one of the many reasons that you should be tolerant.

— John


I suppose we all sometimes stop to think what is right and what is wrong, what we should be. And, so to say, tolerance is one of the main bricks in the building called Personality.

I myself am a happy person, as I have learnt what tolerance is by a very vivid example. I happened to be in Great Britain, in Birmingham. And it was there that I first saw volunteers (in the full meaning of this word). They developed their time and energy to people who were physically or mentally deficient. That impressed me greatly. There was a whole organization called YDSMF (Youth Dances, Sings and Makes Future). The volunteers smiled all the time. Their helpfulness and tolerance echoed in their hearts with double force. By their example they showed how the word we live in should be: there are no “cripples”, no “deficient” people for them. There were (and there are) only personalities that make this world, its peculiarities and special aspects.

- Ann


I learned a lot about tolerance. I think that tolerance means that everyone should respect each other. God created us all equal so we should respect everyone in an equal way. You shouldn’t judge people by their looks, like their colour. When someone does something bad to someone else because of their culture they don’t realize that’s like doing something to their own family members.

I learned that a lot of people don’t treat others equally like they should. I think it’s good that teachers talk about this kind of things. It affected me because I realized how to treat others nicely and deal with

someone who is rude to others.



Tolerance is accepting all people no matter what their race, religion, disabilities and lots of other differences are. Some people do not believe in people who are different. That is called prejudice. Blacks were not accepted in white churches and women were not allowed to vote because of intolerance One example is laughing at mentalIy-retarded or handicapped people that make them feel bad about themselves and it can even make you look bad.

Another example of intolerance is making remarks against other people’s religions. And last but not least is fighting against people of another colour. A long time ago, black people were not allowed to do certain things or go certain places in America. Some of them were sitting in the back of the bus.

— Jessica


Tolerance is important for our little town like Mount Vernon and the whole world. Tolerance is important so that people can learn to appreciate others and let them live by their own beliefs. Tolerance is also important so that there aren’t as many fights in the world. At Mount Vernon Middle School, if we did not have tolerance, we would have lots more fights and lots more students arguing and lots more put-downs and ii lot ‘note teasing.

‘The dictionary says tolerance is willingness t let others have their own beliefs or ways even though these are not like one’s own. Now that we have some tolerance in the world, people are not fighting as much and people are helping and caring for others. Tolerance is important; we do not have enough tolerance in the world. We could use some more.

— Greg

4. What does tolerance mean to these children? Fill in the chart.


How I understand tolerane







5. The following words are the mottoes of some children. Can you add yours?

Tolerance end violence!

Tolerance begins at home!

Tolerance wins friends!

Выступление учителя

First we should understand what the word “tolerance” means. According to the definition given in the American Heritage Dictionary tolerance is “the capacity for respecting the beliefs or practices of others”; while A.S. Hornby’s Oxford Dictionary explains tolerance as “the quality of tolerating opinions, beliefs, customs, physical types and behavior different from one’s own”. So, I’m quite sure that tolerance is considered the sign of a high inner world and the intellectual development of an individual, a group or society as a whole.

I have every reason to assert that tolerance is very important nowadays in the world, because in the 20th century hundreds of millions people left their home places in order to avoid military collisions, hostilities, natural and ecological disasters, and to save their children and themselves from open and concealed genocide.

Since our ancestors were Christians, tolerance is deep in our souls, i.e. in the souls of Russian people. It’s proved by the following quotation:” Thou shalt loves thy neighbor as thyself’ (Bible, Matthew 22:39)

If we realize the importance of tolerance now, we’ll be able to live in a new society in future. It’s time for the human race to stop fighting and hating each other. Generally speaking everyone should adhere to Alexander Severov’s words: “Do not do onto others what you would not want them to do onto you”.

It’s safe to say that tolerance is especially important for Russia, because our country is a polytechnic one; there are many minor nationalities in it.

The reasons for this are in the religious and racial conflicts. Some religious fanatics, along with people who sometimes use their beliefs for their own profits, stop at nothing in pursuit of their aims.

Two of the main religions of the world — Christianity and Islam - have been existing side without any conflicts in our country for several centuries.

Домашнее задание

You should write what tolerance means to you. Use the prompts, if you need.

You may write it in a form of an essay or a letter to your opponent who doesn’t think that people should be tolerant.

Подведение итогов

  • Иностранные языки


Тема урока: "TheRighttoLife"

Задачи урока:


углубить знания учащихся в области граждановедения, улучшить их компетенцию в иностранном языке, повысить мотивацию к овладению английским языком, выяснить причины возникновения экстремизма и терроризма раскрыть разновидности терроризма.

развивать умение понимать, анализировать публикации, умение формулировать, выражать и отстаивать свое мнение по данной тематике, вести дискуссию на английском языке, писать короткое эссе.

осознание учащимися своих прав, развитие умения строить правовые отношения, разрешать конфликты и споры мирным путем.

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