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Разработка по английскому языку на тему "Условные предложения"





I wish/ if only

Is used

-to give instructions

- for facts that do not change (eg. Water boils at 100* C)

-things that always happen (eg. in the rules of a game)

Is used

- for things that will probably happen

Is used

-to talk about imaginary or unreal situations (in the present or future)

NOTE: instead of would we can use might(for possibility) or could (for ability)

Is used

-for unreal situations in the past

NOTE: Instead of would have we can use might have or could have

Is used

-to talk about something that we regret

If ____ (V1)Vs _ _ , ___(V1)Vs _ _ _

If you need any food, help yourself.

(V1= verb -Infinitive)

If ___ (V1)Vs _ _ _ , ___will/won’t (V1) _ _ _

If it doesn’t stop raining, we will stay at home.

If ____ (V2) _ _ , ____ would (V1) _ _ _

If my brother were here, he would help us.

(V2=verb-Past Simple)

If _____ had (V3) _ _ , ____ would have (V3) _ _ _

If the fox hadn’t spoken to the crow, the crow wouldn’t have dropped the meat. (but the fox spoke to him)

(V3=verb-Past Participle)

I wish I (V2)_ _ _ ( to talk about smth in the present)

I wish I went to the party.

I wish I had (V3) _ _ _ (To talk about smth in the past. We cannot change what did or didn’t happen)

Complete the sentences with the words below:

Call/ come/give/need/reply/take

1. ___________now if you want to _________ advantage of this special offer.

2. If you _______ to London, ________ me a ring.

3. _______ me if you _________ any help.

Put the verbs in these sentences into the correct tense.

1.If the plane ______(arrive) on time, I _________ (get) home at about 8:15.

2.I _________ (not/buy) the book if it _____(cost) more than $4.

3.If you _____ (get) a new computer, you ________(have to) spend a few weeks learning how to use it.

4.If I _____(see) Peter tomorrow, I

_____(invite) him to the party.

5.My father __________ (buy) me a car if I _____ (pass) my driving test next week.

Complete the sentences using the verbs below (change the form of the verb)



1.I’m sorry I can’t help. If I _______ her number, I ______ it to you.

2.I ______ the laws about cruel sports if I _______ the prime minister.

3. You _________ a lot more money left if you _______ so much on clothes.

4. I _______for that job if I ________

speak Italian.

5. If I ______ an accident, I _____________

my best to help.

Complete the sentences

1.If the crow hadn’t been so silly, he _______________(not listen) to the fox.

2.If the fox _____________(not be) hungry, he wouldn’t have wanted the crow’s meat.

3. If the fox hadn’t been so clever, he ___________ (not trick) the crow.

4. If the crow _____________(not open) his beak, he wouldn’t have dropped the meat.

5. If the crow had been born with more brains, he _____________

(eat) the meat himself.

Think about the things you would like to have or the kind of person you would like to be.


If only I had more pocket money, I could buy some new clothes.

I wish I were a famous actress.

I wish I had passed my history exam.

CONDITIONAL SENTENCES TYPES 0, 1, 2 AND 3; I wish/ if only
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Материал на тему "Условные предложения" представлен в данной разработке в виде сводной таблицы.

Данная таблица поможет учащимся лучше разобраться какие условные предложения существуют (zero, first, second, third conditionals; I wish... / If only...), как они образуются (каждый вид представлен в виде простых схем), а так же примеры употребления  всех видов условных предложений в речи.

Кроме того, в разработке Вы найдете несколько тренировочных упражнений на отработку правил образования условных предложений, а так же задания на употребление предложений типа "I wish.../ If only..." 

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