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Разработка к видео уроку по мультфильму "Король-Лев"

The Cartoon: “The Lion King.”

Aims: -to develop skills of speaking, listening, writing and watching;

-to learn the children to ask and answer the questions, work in pairs;

-to bring up the love to animals, to introduce the students to English culture and nature;

Used: Activboard.

Teacher: Today we’ll continue our lesson working on the cartoon. And we’re going to watch another cartoon which is called “The Lion King”.

Before start our lesson I want to ask some guestions:

  1. Do you like cartoons?

  2. What cartoons are you fond of?

  3. What is your favourite cartoon?

  4. What cartoons have you seen?

I.Match the words with their definitions:


A large area of flat land


A large African monkey with a face like a dog’s

To crack

To break something


А large fruit with a hard skin and a soft inside


A very young сhild

To trumpet

To make a loud noise like that of a trumpet


The hard part of the foot of animals

To attend

To be present

To claim

To declare that something is true


A young lion


The time of day when light first appears


The line dividing two areas

To chase

To run after somebody/something in order to catch


A place where somebody is buried

To feast

To have a meal

ІІ.Question to answer while watching the cartoon:

-Why did Mufasa show Simba their Kingdom?

III. True and False.

1. This story happened on the American plain.

2. King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi were Simba’s parents.

3. Zazu was Simba’s uncle.

4. Scar told Simba about the elephant graveyard.

5. Nala was Simba’s sister.

6. Queen Sarabi allowed them to see the elephant graveyard.

7. Scar saved Simba and his friends from hyenas.

8. Mufasa was very disappointed.

IV.Match the pictures with the sentences.

1. He carried the cub to the edge of the rock and him high, so all the animals could see their future king.

2. He found her with her mother, Sarafina, and his mother, Queen Sarabi.

3.Together, the animals of Mufasa’s kingdom knelt before Simba, their new prince.

4 . Then, suddenly,a giant paw struck Shenzi, sending her and the other hyenas crashing into a pile of old bones.

5.They were all journeying to Pride Rock to celebrate the birth of king Mufasa’s son.

6. Scar’s hunger for the power of the lion King was well known

  1. Watch the dialogue between Scar, Zazu and Mufasa and fill the missing verbs in the table .

Slipped, turn, think, dream, got, manage

  • Mufasa: Sarabi and I didn’t see you at the presentation of Simba.

  • Scar: That was today? Oh, I feel simply awful.Must have _______ my mind.

  • Zazu: Yes, well, as slippery as your mind is, as the king’s, brother, you should have been first in line.

  • Scar: Well I was first in line….until the little hairball was born.

  • Mufasa: That “hairball” is my son….and your future king.

  • Scar: Ohh, I shall practice my curtsy.

  • Mufasa: Don’t ______ your back on me, Scar.

  • Scar: Oh,no,Mufasa.Perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me.

  • Mufasa: Is that a challenge?

  • Scar: Temper,temper. I wouldn’t _______ of challenging you.

  • Zazu: Pity! Why not?

  • Scar: Well,as far as brains go, I ________ the lion’s share.But, when it comes to brute strength I am afraid I am at the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • Zazu: There is one in every family,sire.Two in mine,actually. And they always _______ to ruit special occasions.

  • Mufasa: What am I going to do with him?

  • Zazu: He’d make a very handsome throw rug.

  • Mufasa: Zazu!

  • Zazu: And just ______ ! Whenever he gets dirty, you could take him out and beat him.

VI. Work in pairs:

-Make up your own story


  1. Where did the action take place?

  2. Who was Mufasa?

  3. Who was Scar and how do you like him?

  4. Who were Simba’s friends?

  5. Why did Simba and his friends go to the elephant graveyard?

  6. Who helped Simba and his friends?

VII. Retell the cartoon according to th plan:

  1. The birth of Simba.

  2. Mufasa’s Kingdom.

  3. Uncle Scar and Simba’s meeting.

  4. Fighting in the elephant graveyard.

  • Иностранные языки

Данная разработка видеоурока разработана к мультфильму "Король-Лев".  На основе мультфильма дети познокомятся с новыми словами по теме и выполнят задание на соответствие слов и их значений и различные задания до просмотра фильма. Дальше дети посморят часть мультфильма и продолжат выполнение заданий по содержанию фильма. Дети смогут задать и ответить на вопросы про героев, сопоставить эпизоды по порядку, проверить достоверность информации о фильме. На основе фильма дети получат возможность для развития своих языковых навыков, таких как говорение, чтение и аудирование на иностранном языке.

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