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Разработка открытого урока на тему: "Comparing things"

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г. Кокшетау

Средняя школа №2

Разработка открытого урока:


6 класс

Учитель: Сейтказиева Баян Шамилевна

2016 год

Comparing things

Aims: PWBAT talk about school life, use degrees of comparison of the adjectives, bring up feelings of friendship, be attentive, kind and polite Aids: posters, pictures, handouts, stickers, a song " Jingle Bells " Development

  1. Warm up. (1 min ) Good morning, dear children! Vm glad to see you! Sit down, please. What day is it today? What date is it today? Who is absent today?

  2. Declaration. (3 min) Children, look at the board, please. You can see some pictures on it.

What is the topic of our lesson? The topic of our lesson is "Comparing things " What shall we do? What do you think about it? The aims are to speak about school life, revise the grammar material Degrees of comparison of the adjectives, you 7/ use all the words, concerning this theme.

  1. Presentation.

    1. (4 min) Newcomer. - Imagine you have a new pupil in your class. You know nothing about him (her). Here is a newcomer. Let's make acquaintance with him. Ask him questions to help him to feel at home in a new school.... I hope you will be our friend. You are welcome. Go to your place. We are glad to have a new friend.

    2. Brainstorming. (2-3 min)

- Do you like at school? - Do you like to read books? - Do you like to speak English? - What do you think about your school? -Where is your school located? (... is located at the centre) -What subjects do you like the best of all?

-A person who teachers the children? - A person who teachers the .. .teacher - Do you like studying English? (read books, speak during the lesson) - How many words do you know of the theme " School"? What subjects do you like?-1 like... On which days have we got our English lessons? - On Monday, Wednesday. What do you do during your English classes? What are your fav. subj. \ Are you good at English?- Yes, I do\ No, I don't. Do you have a personal motto that you try to live by? How do you relax?

    1. Grammar .(10 min)

-I want you to refresh your memory with Degrees of comparison of the adjectives There are 3 degrees: Positive, Comparative, Superlative. Look at the flower. Read, please.

Fine finer the finest

Good better the best

Beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful

We can see, that the Comparative degree is formed by ending -er, and Superlative degree is formed by the definite article and ending - est for short adjectives. The second type of forming comparisons for long adjectives. And we have some exceptions

    1. Now it's time to do some exercises. 1) Open your books at p. 74 ex.7, 8,9 Thahk you. Good answers! You are the best. 2) Checking up the home task. What was your homework for today? Our h\w was do ex.2 at p. 167

    2. Ph. Minutes (1 min)

    3. Let's work in groups. ( 5 min) The task is to make an ideal school day. Which group will be the best?

Amir' group: (is good) \ Albina's group (better) \ Azamat's gr. (the best)

Divide yourself into groups. Will make a project" ...".

Then the Gr.-s will choose the speakers and the speakers will tell us about your There are words which can help you to make your projects.

I will also give you some pictures and expressions. You may cut them out and stick them on the sheets of paper and present your projects.

    1. Presentation ( 7 min ) Surely you can add your own opinion and write them down. Limit the time.

Now if s time for choosing the speaker and present your projects

    1. Quick Quiz.

      1. Which is bigger, an Indian elephant, or an °African elephant?

      2. Which is taller, an elephant or a "giraffe?

      3. Which ocean is larger, The Pacific or the Atlantic?

      4. Which country is bigger, "Brazil or Australia?

      5. Which is higher, the Eiffel Tower or the "Empire State Building?

      6. Which is bigger, Concorde or a "Boeing 747?

      7. Which city has more people, "Tokyo or London?

      8. Which is colder, the North Pole or the "South Pole?

      9. Which is nearer the Earth, "Venus or Mars?

      10. Which is bigger, Britain or "France?

      11. What's the most popular book in the world?(Bible)

      12. What's the longest river in the world?(Nile)

      13. What's the highest mountain in the world?(Everest)

      14. What is the name of the biggest rain forest in the world?( Amazon)

      15. Which country has the biggest population?(China)

      16. Which is the hottest planet?(Venus)

      17. The eighth largest island in the world is ....? (Britain)

9. Polyglot. Give answers in 3 languages.

        1. Two heads are better than (one, )

        2. East or West is best. ( home, уй )

        3. Better late than ....(never, ешкашан)

        4. We know 3 Languages ( Russian, Kazakh, English)

        5. So many countries, so many ... (Traditions)

10. Reflection. ( 5 min) Now we can write the words in English. During today's lesson I have: - got acquainted with ...

-found out....

  • learnt....

  • remembered... I can do it: poor— very well— OK a little

    1. Production.

    2. Conclusion . Thank you for your excellent work. Everybody was very active, clever, talented. I wish you good luck in everything.

H\t (2 min): At home, open your diaries and put down your h\t : write at p. 167 ex.3 Revise adjectives at p. 166.

Marks. Excellent marks have got.... "4 "-... your answers were good but you've made some mistakes. Satisfactory marks ... your answers were not bad but you should learn words better.

Разработка открытого урока на тему: "Comparing things" Скачать материал
  • Иностранные языки


открытого урока английского языка в 6 классе

Тема: “Comparing things”

Тип урока: изучение нового материала


  • 1.Познакомить учащихся со степенями прилагательных
  • 2. Расширить словарный запас языка.
  • 3.Совершенствовать умение работать со словарём.
  • 4.Развивать умение создавать мини-проект.

Данный урок является комбинированным. В структуре урока наблюдается как изучение нового материала, так и закрепление ранее приобретенных знаний.

Применение технологии развития критического мышления осуществлялось путем проведения лексического квиза. Этот вид работы позволяет повторить знания о лексике слов.

Я использовала различные формы работы: индивидуальная, групповая, парная, совершенствовала навыки работы с текстом. После каждого этапа работы учащиеся самостоятельно делали выводы.

Благодаря делению детей на группы осуществляется дифференцированный и личностно – ориентированный подход на основе особенностей учащихся. В течение всего урока в классе сохраняется деловая атмосфера, учащиеся по мере выполнения заданий переходят от одного вида деятельности к другому.

Поставленные цели реализованы. Учащиеся показали достаточно высокий уровень знаний и умений в учебной деятельности.

По окончанию урока были подведены итоги. Рефлексия учащихся послужила осмыслением своих действий и самооценку этих действий.

Учитель английского языка СШ №2 Сейтказиева Б.Ш.

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