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примерные тесты ЕНТ по английскому языку

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Вариант 1

1. Слово, в котором выделенное буквосочетание читается отлично от других слов:

A) Eight.

B) Cough.

C) Caught

D) Daughter.

E) Bright.

2. Гласная i читается отлично от других в слове:

A) while.

B) windy.

C) think.

D) wind.

E) visit.

3. Лишнее слово в данном тематическом ряду

A) to rest.

B) examination.

C) to teach.

D) to learn.

E) lecture.

4. Подходящая степень сравнения прилагательного

Your friend looked upset yesterday. I’m glad he looks … today.

A) more happy.

B) happier.

C) the happier.

D) the most happier.

E) happy as.

5. Правильный ответ:

It’s 10 o’clock so I … to bed now.

A) am going

B) have gone

C) is going

D) to go

E) will go

6. Предложение с герундием:

A) Students are collecting in the hall now.

B) I am fond of collecting coins.

C) The driver collected the suitcases from the station

D) Mr. Brown has been collecting stamps for 5 years already.

E) Harry has just collected the new information.

7. Дополните предложение:

My little sister ... of horse-riding.

A) am fond

B) to be fond

C) is fond

D) are fond

E) be fond

8. Закончите предложение:

A large bird which can not fly is a (an)…

A) swan.

B) ostrich.

C) parrot.

D) swallow.

E) eagle.

9. Подходяший предлог

What is the longest river ... the world?

A) off.

B) at.

C) on.

D) in.

E) with.

10. Прилагательное от глагола "differ":

A) Difference.

B) Different.

C) Differal.

D) Differ.

E) Differation.

11. Правильный вариант

John lives in flat ... .

A) the fortieth.

B) forth.

C) forty.

D) fortieth.

E) fourty.

12. Правильный вариант притяжательного местоимения.

She bought some toys for ... children.

A) hers.

B) them.

C) she.

D) her.

E) its.

13. Выберите правильный вариант, обращая внимание на число


This ... was the smallest among the ... living there.

A) mouse / mouses.

B) mice / mouse.

C) mouses / mouses.

D) mice / mice.

E) mouse / mice.

14. Дополните предложение по смыслу.

I ... be seventeen years old next week.

A) would.

B) should.

C) am to be.

D) shall.

E) am.

15. Общий вопрос к предложению:

They have been asked to protect the environment from pollution.

A) Have been they asked to protect the environment from pollution?

B) Did they have been asked to protect the environment from pollution?

C) Did they been asked to protect the environment from pollution?

D) Have been asked they to protect the environment from pollution?

E) Have they been asked to protect the environment from pollution?

16. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание.

An old lady was sitting next to an American soldier in the

station waiting-room. The soldier was chewing a piece of gum. The

old lady smiled at him and said: "It is very kind of you to talk

to me, young man, but I am stone deaf (don't hear anything).²

Завершите предложение согласно содержанию текста.

An old lady thought ... .

A) that the soldier was in danger.

B) it was warm in the waiting-room.

C) she should not be late for the train.

D) the soldier was telling her something.

E) the soldier was eating his bread.

17. Замените выделенную фразу эквивалентом:

I am well-qualified and have completed a course in computer design.

A) reasonable

B) compulsory

C) ignorant

D) helpless

E) experienced

18. Дополните предложение:

You … have an annual check-up.

A) can to

B) should

C) don’t need

D) can’t

E) must to

19. Дополните предложение:

I … my friend while I … in the park.

A) met / was walking

B) was meeting / was walking

C) met / walked

D) meet / was walking

E) was met / was walking

20. Закончите предложение:

Robert Burns is a famous ...

A) Canadian poet.

B) American poet.

C) Scottish poet.

D) Australian poet.

E) Irish poet.

Вариант 2

1. Чтение буквосочетания "ow," отличается от остальных в слове:

A) Thrown.

B) Down.

C) Grow.

D) Fellow.

E) Snow.

2. Составьте слово:

Y, i, d, a, r.

A) iadyr.

B) irday.

C) diary.

D) yiard.

E) dyria.

3. Подходящее по смыслу слово.

Lazer complexes ... the distance to the moon.

A) measure.

B) eat.

C) divide.

D) explain.

E) fire.

4. Правильная сравнительная степень прилагательного.

New York iscity of the USA.

A) most largest

B) the larger

C) large

D) larger

E) the largest

5. Закончите предложение:

a lot of fish in this lake.

A) There is

B) There were

C) There be

D) There won’t

E) There aren’t

6. Нужная форма неличного глагола:

Shall I help you(carry) that heavy suitcase?

A) carrying

B) to carry

C) carry

D) carries

E) carried

7. Синоним к слову “ to come together”:

A) to examine

B) to gather

C) to bring

D) to leave

E) to live

8. Дополните предложение:

He threw ... stone at ... dog which was passing me in the street.

A) - | a

B) - | the

C) the | -

D) a | a

E) a | the

9. Правильный вариант предлога:

I'll wait for you . . . the bus stop.

A) after

B) by

C) at

D) in

E) over

10. Прилагательное в данной группе слов:

A) Son.

B) Sunshine.

C) Sunny.

D) Sun.

E) Song.

11. Суффикс порядкового числительного:

A) – ful.

B) –th.

C) –ty.

D) –teen.

E) –ist.

12. Правильный вариант притяжательного местоимения.

Those photos on the table are ... .

A) their.

B) my.

C) our.

D) the mine.

E) mine.

13. Притяжательная форма существительного в единственном числе

I stayed at …

A) the house of my sister

B) my sisters’ house

C) of my sister house

D) my sister house

E) my sister’s house

14. Глагол в Present Indefinite Active:

A) Teaching.

B) Taughted.

C) Have taught.

D) Taught.

E) Teaches.

15. Подходящий вариант:

My mother will cook supper as soon as she ... a cup of coffee.

A) will drink.

B) drinks.

C) have drank.

D) will be drinking.

E) is drinking.

16. Лишним является:

A) Plate.

B) Fork.

C) Carrot.

D) Spoon.

E) Knife.

17. Соотнесите данную идиому с ее значением:

Watch your mouth.

A) Don’t tolerate more.

B) Be careful about what you say.

C) Stop talking.

D) Win the prize.

E) Don’t turn the truth into a lie.

18. Правильный модальный глагол:

My dentist says I … eat so many sweets.

A) Ought to not

B) Hadn’t to

C) Haven’t

D) Mustn’t

E) Needn’t

19. Время глагола в предложении:

He has been writing his composition for three hours.

A) Present Perfect Continuous

B) Present Continuous

C) Past Perfect

D) Present Perfect

E) Past Continuous

20. Закончите предложение:

St. Paul Cathedral was built by the greatest architect ...

A) Christopher Wren.

B) Benjamin Britten.

C) Big Ben.

D) Columbus.

E) Din Reed.

Вариант 3

1. Составьте слово. t, l, h, a, e, i, c, s, t.

A) ethstaict.

B) heitlacts.

C) ceithalts.

D) litcasteh.

E) athletics.

2. Слово, противоположное по значению: “finish

A) open

B) eat

C) begin

D) drop

E) write

3. Правильный вариант числительного.

There are 351 books in Asan`s library.

A) three hundreds and fifty-one books.

B) three hundred and fifty-one books.

C) three hundred fifty one books.

D) three hundreds fifty-one books.

E) three hundreds fifty one of books.

4. Правильная сравнительная степень прилагательного.

This isbook I have ever read.

A) gooder

B) better

C) good

D) the best

E) worse

5. Подходящее по смыслу слово.

... is a good film on TV tonight.

A) There.

B) He.

C) Their.

D) She.

E) They're.

6. Предложение с герундием:

A) I prefer walking in the forest.

B) As a rule Michael walks after busy day.

C) I know that girl walking down the street.

D) We are walking along the streets now.

E) Ann likes to walk in the morning.

7. Выделенное буквосочетание читается отлично от других в слове:

A) Earth.

B) World.

C) Word.

D) Worse.

E) Europe

8. Выразите одним словом:

People go in for sports there.

A) forest

B) gymnasium

C) football

D) school

E) canteen

9. Закончите словосочетание: A jar of

A) sugar

B) soap

C) jam

D) sour

E) cake

10. Правильный вариант предлога:

After Harris had failed his exams three times, he gave … trying to enter the college.

A) for

B) up

C) at

D) of

E) on

11. Часть речи выделенного слова.

We missed our interesting lessons.

A) Наречие.

B) Причастие.

C) Глагол.

D) Местоимение.

E) Прилагательное.

12. Правильный вариант:

___ did you show the letter to?

A) whom

B) which

C) whose

D) what kind of

E) what

13. Неисчисляемoе существительнoе:

A) Cattle-farm.

B) Pear.

C) Wheat.

D) Plot.

E) Monument.

14. Глагол в форме Present Indefinite:

A) Driving.

B) Drive.

C) Drove.

D) Driven.

E) Drived.

15. Простое распространённое предложение:

A) She was very sad.

B) Take me to the zoo, please.

C) The red sun appeared from behind the clouds very unexpectedly.

D) He is late.

E) The city was overcrowded.

16. Прочитайте текст и выполните задание после текста:

It was summer, when a young girl in a pretty dress quickly entered a compartment of a train and sat down. At the same moment the train began to move. In the compartment there was only a young man, who was sitting on the other side opposite her.

The young man said: “Excuse me, miss ,but -”. If you speak to me again. I’ll give the alarm and stop the train”, the girl said quickly.

The young man did not say anything more. When the train was coming up to the station, he stood up and said: “I tried to tell you that you were sitting on my paper bag of strawberries. But you did not want to listen, so now your dress is ruined.”

Подходящий заголовок к тексту:

A) A young man

B) On the train

C) A young girl

D) Compartment

E) At the station

17. Дополните предложение:

What is the ... of these sweets?

A) store

B) try on

C) sell

D) cost

E) price

18. Правильный модальный глагол:

She said she … do the work.

A) Couldn’t

B) Needn’t

C) Hasn’t

D) Couldn’t to

E) Mustn’t to

19. Вспомогательные глаголы the Future Continuous Tense:

A) will have been

B) would be

C) would

D) will be

E) has

20. Выберите верное соответствие: Country – nationality – capital:

A) the USA – American – New-York

B) Canada – Canadian – Ottawa

C) China – Chin – Peking

D) Japan – Japan – Tokio

E) Australia – Australian – Wellington

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