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Презентация по английскому языку на тему Holidays and Travel

 Holidays and travel
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Holidays and travel

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Данная презентация посвящена теме Holidays – Праздники. В ней 14 слайдов. Всю презентацию можно условно поделить на несколько частей: вступление, праздники в США, праздники в Великобритании, праздники в России.

Holidays break up our everyday life in a pleasant way. People can stay with their families, meet friends, go somewhere to have a good time and to enjoy life. Without holidays our life would be probably boring and monotonous.
Different countries have different customs and traditions, but nearly any country celebrates the New Year, Easter, Christmas and many other special days of the year. I take holidays as the time, when I can really do something for myself or for somebody else. This is the time for hobbies, for self-development, when you don't have to get up early, go to school or university or work.
My favourite holiday is New Year. We usually celebrate it in our country house, where all our relatives come. The most pleasant thing for me about the New Year is buying presents. I like to give presents more than to get them. It's really a nice feeling to bring joy to my family members. It takes me usually a week to buy all the necessary things. I am not a great fan of shopping by the way. But before the New Year there are a lot of interesting things on sale. Sometimes I make something myself.

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