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Главная / Другое / Презентация, план - конспект урока в 7 классе по теме «Новости» Module 4

Презентация, план - конспект урока в 7 классе по теме «Новости» Module 4

Название документа Презентация4a mass media.pptx

● News Stories: -Types of Media -Headlines
. What types of media do you know? mobile phone TV newspaper magazine comput...
Watch and answer: What’s your media diet?= What’s your favourite type of med...
7 8 9 10 11 g)TV guide h)weather reports i) Cartoon strips j) advertisements...
1)Nursery rhyme a)leave quickly 2)Porridge b)finally 3)Eventually c)a place t...
Thanks! What was our topic? Was it interesting? What was new?
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Описание презентации по отдельным слайдам:

№ слайда 1 ● News Stories: -Types of Media -Headlines
Описание слайда:

● News Stories: -Types of Media -Headlines

№ слайда 2 . What types of media do you know? mobile phone TV newspaper magazine comput
Описание слайда:

. What types of media do you know? mobile phone TV newspaper magazine computer radio

№ слайда 3 Watch and answer: What’s your media diet?= What’s your favourite type of med
Описание слайда:

Watch and answer: What’s your media diet?= What’s your favourite type of media? mass media

Описание слайда:

1 2 3 4 5 6 DO THESE WORDS REFER TO MASS MEDIA?MATCH THEM TO THE IMAGES a) music b)interviews c) horoscope d)Fashion and beauty advice e)Local/national/ international news f)documentaries

№ слайда 5 7 8 9 10 11 g)TV guide h)weather reports i) Cartoon strips j) advertisements
Описание слайда:

7 8 9 10 11 g)TV guide h)weather reports i) Cartoon strips j) advertisements k) Celerity gossip/ interesting articles l)Chat show 12

№ слайда 6 1)Nursery rhyme a)leave quickly 2)Porridge b)finally 3)Eventually c)a place t
Описание слайда:

1)Nursery rhyme a)leave quickly 2)Porridge b)finally 3)Eventually c)a place that is safe 4)Run off d)a wild animal 5)Bravely e)do something better than it was 6)Beast f)hot cereal 7)Safety g)child’s poem 8)Recover h)get better(recover, feel better) 9)Break a record i)without fear -Match the words to their synonyms

№ слайда 7 Thanks! What was our topic? Was it interesting? What was new?
Описание слайда:

Thanks! What was our topic? Was it interesting? What was new?

№ слайда 8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5EzoNe72Q4&feature=relmfu
Описание слайда:


Название документа план-конспект новости 7 класс.docx

hello_html_m15d4b6aa.gifhello_html_2034946a.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifhello_html_m2a7690f7.gifПлан-конспект урока английского языка

Учитель: Сафонова Ю.А.

Класс: 7

Тема урока: " My home, my castle "

Тип урока: Урок обобщения и систематизации знаний

Тема : Новостные истории и их заголовки. Типы СМИ. /

News Stories. Types of media. Headlines

Цели: Активизация лексики, развитие навыков просмотрового и поискового чтения, аудирования, говорения.

Задачи: Усвоение лексики по теме «Новостные истории и типы СМИ», активизация групповой работы и работы в паре

Материальное обеспечение урока: Учебник Spotlight 7 класс , рабочая тетрадь Spotlight 7 класс, Портфолио Spotlight 7класс(дневник личных достижений), аудио диск для работы в классе Spotlight 7 класс,презентация ppt,созданная самим преподавателем, интерактивная доска, видео материал, раздаточный материал

Ход урока

Этап урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность ученика

1. The beginning of the lesson

Create an enjoyable atmosphere of the foreign language speaking


Good morning boys and girls.

How are you?

I’m very well, thanks. I am glad to see you.

Sit down, please. There are some guests here. Good morning dear guests. Welcome to our lesson. I hope you’ll enjoy our work.

As usual we start our lesson with some questions.

What is the date today?

What day of the week is it today?


Good morning teacher.

Fine, thanks. And you?

We are glad to see you too.

Today is the 9th of December.

It is Friday today.




In the lesson today we’re going to speak about news, about different types of media where we can find news, about emotions that we feel reading newspaper headlines. You will learn how to tell and react to news. So the theme of our lesson is “In the news” (slide1)



Phonetic drill


There are a lot of English proverbs about news. Look at the cards and read out the proverbs.

Pay attention to the fact that “news” is singular.

Which of these proverbs have the same meaning?

Read them out and give the Russian equivalent for them.


Ill news goes fast”

No news is good news”

Bad news travels quickly”

Bad news has wings”

Ill news goes fast”

Bad news travels quickly”

Bad news has wings

«Плохие вести не сидят на месте»



Introduce problem questions.

Revise the vocabulary


So news means new information and reports of recent events. Where can we find news?

What types of media are there?

Yes, we can find news

in newspaper

on television (these words are on the radio on the card)

on the Internet

Mind prepositions! Read these words out altogether.


We can find it in the media.

Television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the Internet.

in newspaper

on television on the radio

on the Internet



Improve grammar skills in oral speech

(Past Continuous)

5. (slide2)

Let’s continue our lesson. Please, attention on the board. You can see some photos here. These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon at 6 o’clock. All these people were using different types of media.

What types of media was each person using?

Mind your grammar. Use Past Continuous in your answers.

Now answer my next question.

What was each person doing yesterday afternoon at 6 o’clock?

Use these phrases to answer the question.


  • read a text message all these

  • watch TV phrases are

  • read a newspaper /a magazine on the

  • send emails board

Don’t forget about Past Continuous!

So the next task for you.

Use the ideas to ask and answer questions about the people in the pictures. Work in pairs. Before you start let’s read the example.

(slide 4)

- John/read magazine/6 o’clock?

- Sue/send text messages on her mobile/6 o’clock?

- Tony/send emails/6 o’clock?

- Mary/watch TV/6 o’clock?


Sue was using TV at 6 o’clock yesterday.

John was using a mobile at …

Tony was using a newspaper at…

Mary was using a magazine at…

Laura was using the Internet at…

John was reading a text message on his mobile at 6 o’clock yesterday.

Sue was watching TV at 6 …

Tony was reading a newspaper …

Mary was reading a magazine …

Laura was sending emails


Laura / read the newspaper / 6 o’clock?

A: Was Laura reading the newspaper at 6 o’clock?

B: No, she wasn’t. She was sending emails.

(work in pairs)





Types of media


Boys and girls, what type of media do you prefer?

Do you prefer watching TV? Maybe you like listening to the radio or surfing the Net?

Yes, tastes differ!

What does each type of media provide us with?

Before you answer look at the cards. You can see some words here. Read them out. (one by one)

Use these words to answer the question. -

What does each type of media provide us with?”

(slide 5)

TV provides us with …

Radio provides us with …

Newspapers and magazines provide us with…

Which of these do you like most of all?

As for me I like fashion and beauty advice in magazines. And what about you?


(possible answers)

As for me, I like watching TV.

I prefer reading magazines. …

-local/national/international news,

- daily horoscopes, - interviews, - weather reports, - interesting articles, - music, - TV guide, - cartoon strips, - chat shows, - advertisements, - celebrity gossip, - fashion and beauty advice, - documentaries

TV provides us with news, interviews, weather reports, documentaries, music, chat shows and advertisements.

Radio provides us with news, weather reports, interviews and music.

Newspapers and magazines provide us with interesting articles, TV guides, cartoon strips, horoscopes, fashion and beauty advice, celebrity gossip.

(possible answers)

I like daily horoscopes on the radio.

I like chat shows on TV.

I like cartoon stripes in magazines.




Reading Feelings and emotions


Relaxation pause





Telling & Reacting to news”


Reading for the specific information


Acting out a dialogue



for the specific information




The end of the lesson


Let’s move on to the next stage.

So news and media on the whole play an important role in our life because they make us experience different feelings and emotions.

What emotions can people feel?

Look at these pictures and say what emotions these people feel.

(emotions people experience)

excited, surprised, worried, interested, curious, shocked, sad, happy.

What do you think of this boy?

What does the girl feel?

Now look at the board. (slide 5)

What can you see here?

Let’s read these headlines and translate them into Russian.

Pay attention to Present Simple in the headlines!

How do these headlines make you feel?

Before you start answering, look at these cards.


I’m shocked that…

I feel excited that…

I’m interested in headline about…

I’m happy to know that…

The headline about … made me sad.

I’m worried about …

I’m surprised that …

I’m curious to find out that …

I’d like you to begin your answer with the phrase on the card.

Mind the tenses! Change Present Simple into Past Simple if you need!


I think it’s time to have a rest. Stand up.

I see your eyes are tired. Let’s do exercise for your eyes.

Look left, look right

Look left, look right

Move your eyes round clockwise

And in the opposite direction

Once again – clockwise,

- in the opposite direction.

That’s enough. Sit down please.


Are you ready to continue our lesson?

Please attention on the board.


You can see the language box here.

Telling & Reacting to news”

It’s divided into two parts.

The first one is ‘Telling the news’. The second one is ‘Reacting to news’

Read out these phrases.

Did you hear about …? Wow! Really?

Listen to this … What a story!

You won’t believe this. That’s amazing!

I’ve got some good news Oh dear! That’s terrible

to tell you. /scary! How awful! etc

Use the language box to discuss the headlines.

Work in pairs.


Let’s continue our lesson.

Look at the board. (slide8)

You can see the first exchange of the dialogue.

Read it out please.

What do you think it is?

What do think the interview about?


Boys and girls, some of your classmates had a special task for the lesson. They had to learn the dialogue by heart. Now they would like to act it out for you. Students, you are welcome.

Thank you very much. Good job. We really enjoyed your acting.


There are some cards on your desks. They are reporter’s notes. They are the same as on the board.

(образец карточки на доске) (slide 9)

When? At 1)__________

Who? 2)______________

What? Turtle 3) __________ onto a car.

How? Turtle was 4)________ when it 5)________.

Results? Car 6) __________but the turtle was OK.

Mr Shiao feels 7)__________________.

Look at the board and read the question words out.

Listen to the dialogue once again and complete the reporter’s notes with necessary information.

( listening to the recording)

Let’s check your answers.


The next task is to use the notes to tell your classmates what happened to Mr Shiao.

Do it briefly.


Our lesson is coming to the end. Your hometask for the next lesson is to write a news story about Mr Shiao and what happened to him. For the task you should read the dialogue on page 38.

Thank you for the lesson. You have worked very well. I’m pleased with your work. All of you get excellent marks. Keep it up!


(possible answers)

He is shocked /sad …

She feels happy/ worried…

We can see newspaper headlines.

Brother rescues sister from fire”

Flying turtle “stops” taxi”

Younger generation takes better care of the environment”

Hollywood actress visits kids in hospital”

Teenagers conquer Everest”

School on Saturdays, says Minister”

Two puppies need a home!”

130 injured in train crash”

(possible answers)

I’m shocked that teenagers conquered Everest.

The headline aboutn130 injured in train crash made me sad.




(possible answers)

A: Did you hear that a boy rescued his sister from a fire?

B: That’s amazing. etc


Reporter: Good evening, Mr Shiao. I’m from the Hong Kong Herald. Can you tell me what happened to you in your taxi today?

Mr Shiao: Well… it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I was driving home…

It’s an interview.

It’s about a taxi driver who was driving home when something happened to him.


Dialogue on page38


Учащиеся заполняют пропуски в карточках.

Gap1: 4 o’clock

Gap2: Mr Shiao

Gap3: fell

Gap4: crawling on the balcony

Gap5: fell

Gap6: was damaged

Gap7: shocked


(possible answer)

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon a taxi driver was driving home when a huge turtle off a balcony and landed on his car. The turtle was fine, but it damaged the car.


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