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Праздник по английскому языку на тему : ABC HOLIDAY

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Праздник английского алфавита


1.Приветствие. Пинноккио. Кукольный театр.

Good afternoon dear boys and girls!

Good afternoon dear teachers!

Good afternoon dear parents!

Welcome to our holiday!


We’d like to show you how we know English letters and can rest and play

2. Now answer my question:

Stand up!

  • Can you run?

  • Can you jump?

  • Can you skip?

  • Can you swim?

  • Can you dance?

  • Can you sing?

Well done!

And now answer my question:

Do you like to sing songs?

3.Let’s sing a song!

What is your name,what is your name?

Can you tell me, what is your name?

My name is Alex,my name is Alex.

You won’t forget it, my dear friend.

4.Attention, please!

Are you good friends?


Do you know English letters?

Meet English alphabet!!!

The letter A, the letter B, the letter C

5. Дети рассказывают стихи 26 букв-26 стихотворений.

We are the 26. We are the alphabet:

Aa-Apples here,apples here

apples, apples everywhere

Bb-Bounce!Bounce! It’s my ball.

Cc- I am the cat

My name is hat.

I am not fat.

I like to chat.

Dd- I am the dog.

My name is Jack.

My coat is white.

My nose is black.

Ee- Little yellow bee,bee,bee

How many flowers can you see?

Ff- One, two, three, and four, and five!

I have got a fish alive.

Gg- I am a girl.

I have got a fish alive.

Hh –Little mouse, little mouse!

Where is your house?

I am a poor mouse,

I have no house.

Ii- Spring is coming! Warm and nice!

Ice is melting! Poor ice!

Jj- Merry Jimmy. Jim I jumping in his jeans.

Kk – The king is strong.

The King is brave.

What is his name?

He is Nick Grey.

Ll- Who lives in Africa?

He ,she, or me?

One lion, two lions, three…

Mm – Little mice, little mice!

Would you like a piece of ice?

We would like a piece of cheese.

Yes, please!

Nn – How much is one plus one?

Two big nuts for little son.

Oo – «Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock!

Play and walk,» says the clock

Pp –I’ve got a pet.

My pet is a pig.

His name is Pick.

He is not big.

Qq – Marry the Queen can dance and sing!

Rr –One , two, three! One , two, three!

Nice red roses you can see!

Ss- Oh, Marry! Come and see!

A big snake is in the tree.

Tt – Where is Tricky?

Where is he?

He is under the table.

Oh, I see.

Uu – I’ve got a flower above my hat.

Blue and yellow, green and red.

Vv– Can you dance?

Can you sing?

I can play the violin.

Ww – Tim is slim. Tim is tall.

He can sit on the wall.

Xx- I see two funny foxes.

With two small boxes.

Yy –Fly!Fly! In the sky funny kite!

Zz– We go, we go, we go to the zoo!

We can see a tiger and a zebra too.

6.Let’s sing a song the ABC.

7.Видеопроектор. Игры

Can you count?

8.Песня «Пять маленьких медвежат»

«Five little bears» (5 человек)

9. It’s time to have a rest.

Do you like to play?

Let’s play and sing a song

Clap, clap your hands.

Clap, your hands together.

Clap, clap your hands.

Clap, your hands together.

10.Dear guests!

Do you like fairy-tales?

Our theater studio introduce you the fairy tale «The Pretty little cottage».

11.Подведение итогов.Поздравления.Грамоты.

Конкурс проектов-книжки, закладки.


The more we are together

Together, together.

The more we are together

The happy we are.

13.Dear quests! Our holiday is over.

Thank you. Good-bye!

All the letters: We are 26. We are the alphabet.

Праздник по английскому языку на тему : ABC HOLIDAY Скачать материал
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Учащиеся 2 класса закончили изучать английский алфавит. Праздник проводится в конце 2 четверти. Учащиеся учат стихи и песенку английский алфавит. Каждый представляет изученную букву. На празднике присутствует кукольный театр. Буратино задаёт вопросы на английском языке, чему учащиеся научились на уроках. Были представлены проекты по теме: "Английский алфавит".

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