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act up: misbehave (for people); not work

properly (for machines).

"The babysitter had a difficult time. The chil-

dren acted up all evening."

act like: behave in a way that's like.

"What's wrong with Bob? He's acting like an


add up: find the total.

"What's the total of those bills? Could you

add them up and see?"

back off: not follow a threat.

"Tom was ready to call the police when I told

him I'd wrecked his car, but he backed off

when I said I'd pay for the damages."

back up (1): move backward; move in


"The people waiting in line are too close to

the door. We won't be able to open it unless

they back up."

back up (2): confirm a story, facts, or infor-


"If you don't believe me, talk to Dave. He'll

back me up."

back up (3): make a "protection" copy to

use if there are problems with the original.

"When my computer crashed, I lost many of

my files. It's a good thing I backed them up."

blow up (1): explode; destroy by exploding.

A: "That old building really came down


B: "That's because the construction company

used dynamite to blow it up."

blow up (2): suddenly become very angry.

"When I told Jerry that I'd had an accident

with his car, he blew up."

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