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поурочный 9 класс тема "Transport in London"

Form: 9
Theme: Transport in London.
Aims of the lesson:
Educational: To enlarge pupil’s knowledge about types of transport, give information about London double - decker bus.
Development: To develop pupils critical thinking skills, perception, logic, creativeness.
Upbringing: To bring up pupils to work in group, respect each other.
Type of lesson: assimilation new material
The methods of teaching: brainstorming, pair work, ask - answer questions, true/false.
Active vocabulary: Double - decker bus, single - decker bus, upstairs, downstairs, Conductor, Conductress, inspector
Visual aids: pictures, cards
Stages of work
I. Organizational moment
II. Checking home task
a) Ex. 13
b) Revision of gerund
visit, clean, walk, wait, talk, dance
• I must finish my report. Please, stop ____.
• Have you finished ____the kitchen?
• I go to dance club twice a week. I enjoy ___.
• Do you like ____other countries.
• The weather was nice, so I suggested ___by the river.
• I’m not in a hurry. I don’t mind ____.
III) Brainstorming.
I like to ride in railway train
Through tunnels dark and wide.
Over the bridges crossing the river,
I feel so safe inside.
When water looks very smooth,
I like to sail by ships or boat.
A sea voyage is very good,
When you feel a sea breeze blows.
But airplane is the best of all,
It flies so very high
That people look like tiny dots,
And clouds go sailing by.
IV. Opener
In order to know our new lesson’s theme you’ll guess it using the multiplication table
Pupils, tell me please how many groups we can divide transport into?
What are they? Name them: transport in air, on water, on land and underground transport.
V. New theme
When somebody says “London” what do you think of?
Old buildings? Tower bridge? London eye? The River Thames? Big Ben? Red telephone boxes?
Today we are going to talk about transport in London. So open your copybooks, write down today’s date.
What means of transport do you know? What are the most popular means of transport in London?

VI. Active vocabulary. As you see new words given with pictures

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