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План урока по теме "London"

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The theme of the lesson: “London”

Aims of the lesson:

1) To enlarge the vocabulary

2) To develop speaking skills

3) To know the historic facts

Organization moment

T. Good morning, dear friends!

P. Good morning, our teacher!

T. I’m glad to meet you. How are you?

P. We are fine, thank you. And how are you?

T. I’m fine too, thanks.

Today we are having an unusual lesson: some guests are present at our lesson.

Greet them, please.

P. Good morning, dear guests! We are glad to meet you.

T. Sit down, please.

2. Фонетическая зарядка (Phonetic drill)

Now, first of all listen to the tape recorder. What about this text? What do you think about what will we speak at our lesson? Make the prediction.

3. Речевая зарядка. (Speech charging)

T: Did you guess the topic of our lesson? I think you did. Today we’ll speak about London, about its interesting places. But it is necessary for me to understand what do you thing about these.

You know a lot about London’s places of interest. What do you know, what do you want to know? Please work in groups. I name you by the name of the capitals: London, Astana, Washington. Please sit here London, there Astana and here Washington.

C:\Users\Сымбат\Desktop\Documents\ \Сымбат 44444\Фото0327.jpg




k- known w- wanted l- learned

You fill this chart. What do you know? And what do you want to know? The third you’ll write at the end of the lesson.

4. «Мозговой штурм» (Brain storm)

How do you think the following words are used in the history.

Double-decker Single-decker Bus Conductor

Ticket Long-distance Upstairs Downstairs

Inside Top Deck Queue

Double- decker- something, especially a bus, that has two floors or levels

Single- decker- something, that has a one floor or level.

Bus – transport

Conductor- a person who collects fares and sells tickets on a bus.

Ticket - a piece of paper or card that gives you the right to have a place in public transport or participate in an event

Long- distance- travelling or operating between distant places

Upstairs- situated on an upper floor

Downstairs- the ground floor or lower floors of a building

Inside - situated on or in the inside

Top – the highest in position, rank, or degree

Deck - a floor or platform resembling or compared to a ship’s deck

Queue- a line or sequence of people


Now open your book at page 82 ex 9

Now read the text and compare the facts with our prediction.

While reading the text don’t forget to mark the information you know (!), the new information (+), information which you don’t understand (-).

6. The presentation London.

You know that London has much sightseeings which have their history.

Look please at this presentation “London”

7. Creative work . Poster “London”

And now please come here. Make please the circle.

Tell me please: what season is it?

How many months are there in winter?

What are they? Now please remember your month. December, January, February. December sit here, there January and there February.

Three groups. Work in groups, please. Make your posters about London. You are guides and you invite us in London.

C:\Users\Сымбат\Desktop\Documents\ \Сымбат 44444\Фото0330.jpgC:\Users\Сымбат\Desktop\Documents\ \Сымбат 44444\Фото0332.jpg

C:\Users\Сымбат\Desktop\Documents\ \Сымбат 44444\Фото0333.jpg C:\Users\Сымбат\Desktop\Documents\ \Сымбат 44444\Фото0325.jpg

8. Sinkvein

State, private 
Learn, participate, attend
A place where children learn / Go to be educated
The process of learning / The time during your life when you go to school



Visit,see, like

This city that I like

The capital of England

9. And speak about that you have learned about London.

I have learned that Selfridge is the biggest shop in London. etc

10. Song “London Bridge”

London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair Lady!

Fix it up with bricks and stones,
Bricks and stones, bricks and stones.
Fix it up with bricks and stones,
My fair Lady!

11. Homework : ex 7

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The theme of the lesson: “London”

Aims of the lesson:

1) To enlarge the vocabulary

2) To develop speaking skills

3) To know the historic facts

 На уроке применены стратегии критического мышления, такие как INSERT, синквейн. Ученики составляли постеры в группе и защищали сво творческие работы. На уроке были использованы презентация, посвященная Лондону, его истории. Ученики в группах заполняли таблицу: что знали, что хотите знать и что узнали на уроке. В конце урока, во время рефлексии учащиеся высказывали свои мысли на стикерах, где они написали о том, что узнали на уроке. Урок закончился песней.



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