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план урока по английскому языку на тему "Sightseeings"

план урока по английскому языку на тему "Sightseeings"
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Class      6                                                             Date
Theme: Sightseeing

·         Educational: to introduce and to practice new words on the theme  To be в Present SimpleTense;

     Developing: to extend pupils’ speaking, thinking, writing skills through giving instructions to create an atmosphere of self and  mutual respect  and social interaction through group and pair works

        Up bringing:to bring up love and interest to the subject, respect to each other
Equipment:activeboard, presentation, sheets, markers, smiles

Type of the lessons: lesson travelling

The structure lessons

I. Organization moment. 
-Stand up, please. Good morning, boys and girls.

-I am glad to see you.

- Thank you, how are you?

-Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson. Who is on duty today?

- Answer my questions, please. What date is it today?

- What day of the week is it today?

- Who is absent today?

- Very well.

Слайд №1-2 (presentation theme and aims)

II. Warm-up

Teacher gives pupils pictures cut by some pieces , they are divided into 2 groups according to the gathered pictures. “London”, “Astana”.

Teacher  invites pupils to make a rule of the  group  which makes them to feel self organized and  attentive and says pupils  to write them on the blackboard. Today we are going to travel by Astana and London. For example: Be attentive! Be active!  Pupil’s let’s make the rule of the group. I’ll give you some words about rules. You must find the words. Let’s begin.

III. Homework

Station “Kostanay” (слайд №3-4)

Are these sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

a)      Dmitry went to Moscow. F Dmitry went to Irkutsk

b)      He got there by plane and by train. T

c)      He went there with his parents. F He went with his sister.

d)     He spent three weeks. T

e)      He had a bad holiday.  F  He had a great holiday

f)       The weather was awful. F  The weather was nice.

When we are going   to travel we are taking our luggage. 

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