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План урока на тему

Grade: 5’’A’’

Theme: Wildlife

Aims: 1) Revision of animal words

2) Revision of Present Continuous

3) The development of speaking and writing skills

Techniques : Illustrative-diductive materials, Interactive board

Slides, flipcharts , video , CDs, CD player

The Plan of the Lesson

I Organisation moment

Good morning ! How are you?!

Is everything OK at home and at school?

Who is on duty today?

What is the day today? What is the date today?

Is anybody absent? Are all present?

OK. Today we are going to revise animal words and Present

Continuous and you will practice doing some exercises.

II Warm up: a phonetic drill

One, two .What must I do ?

Three, four. Shut the door!

Five, six. Pick up sticks!

Seven , eight . Open a gate!

Nine, ten . A red hen!

III Revision

  1. You are going to watch a short extract from a video . Look and find animals you know, then name them.

Pupils watch video and name the animals they know.

2)Checking up the home task . Pupils prepare projects about different animals at home , and at this stage of the lesson they present it.

The checking up the home-task is done in the form of face-to-face activity: pupils stand in two lines facing each other. During 1 minute they report each other about their animal, and after the clap they step aside and change their partner.

Follow up: a teacher asks individual pupils what they’ve learnt about the animals.

D:\Documents\wild animals\13.jpegD:\Documents\wild animals\4.jpeg

D:\Documents\wild animals\9.jpegD:\Documents\wild animals\146.jpeg

3) After watching the film , the teacher shows pictures of animals with actions:

Look! What animal is it? ( a mouse) What is it doing? ( it’s dancing)

Dancing – is it a verb? Is dancing – What tense is it?

How do we form Present Continous?

4)The teacher and the pupils together discuss the formation of Present Continous using ready-made slides with tables.






5)A teacher and pupils do the tasks on the interactive board . Ask individuals to fill in the blanks.

6) The pupils are devided into three teams and choose names for their teams. A teacher shows pictures and the first team to make up a full and correct sentence gets a point.

5) Picasso’s dictation

Every team chooses a writer , the rest are runners . A teacher holds a poster without showing it to the pupils. The runners run one by one and make up a sentence about the people from the poster, then they go to the writer and whispers the sentence. Don’t forget to write the numbers of the sentences.

IV Evaluation and home -task

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Цель данного  урока повторение нового лексического материала"Wildlife" и на фоне повторения новых слов закрепить грамматическую тему на "Present Continuous" . Ученики повторят название диких животных, посмотрят отрывок из фильма о животных и узнают какой образ жизни ведут некоторые из них. На фоне текстов о животных ребята повторят образование временной формы настоящего длительного времени и выполнят несколько заданий на закрепление грамматического материала.Показаны разные виды заданий, которые способствуют развитию письменной и устной речи учащихся.

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