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Главная / Другое / План урока по английскому языку на тему:Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan. Plural form of nouns. The articles.

План урока по английскому языку на тему:Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan. Plural form of nouns. The articles.


Тема: Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan. Plural form of nouns. The articles.

The aims:

1.educational: To enrich pupil’s knowledge about the largest city of Kazakhstan is Almaty; to teach to work creatively; find information while reading the text; to able to speak more about Almaty.

2.developing: To develop the students’ abilities in oral speech and reading; to enlarge listening, understanding and writing skills; to develop the students’ imagination and interest in writing research works;

3.Up-bringing: To bring up patriots of their Motherland; to able to protect, and to be an individual citizen of our country; to teach to love our Motherland and respect all the nations.

Visual aids: different cards, presentation, the map of Kazakhstan, pictures and photos of sightseeing of Almaty.

The type of the lesson: combined lesson

Method of the lesson: Individual work, pair work, listening, level tasks, question-answer, work with the text, writing task with self-evaluation etc.

Connection of the subjects: Kazakh, Russian, Geography, History, Maths.

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment: Good morning? Glad to see you! How are you? What date is it? Who is absent today? What problem has he (she)? Are you ready for the lesson?

II. Brainstorming. The first task is trying to guess “What are we going to speak about at our lesson?”

Guess the words, use the alphabet. (цифры обозначают номера букв в алфавите)

1,12,13,1,20,25 - Almaty

-You are right, the theme of our lesson is: Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan.

Let’s start! Today we are going to speak about the largest city of Kazakhstan is Almaty.

Today we are going to speak about our city Almaty. During the lesson we'll speak about Almaty, its sights and make the excursion around the city. Your tasks for today are: reading, translating and listening to the text, answer the questions, speaking about.
III. Phonetic Drill. Let's begin our lesson with poem about Almaty (phonetic drill exercise)
You know I live in paradise! 
And I can give you one advice: 
Go to Almaty and stay 
You'll never want to go away! 
Silver mountains, icy lakes, 
Funny, fabulous snowflakes! 
You always will remember it, 
Almaty will make a hit. 
Spring in Almaty - it's good! 
Everything will raise your mood. 
Flowers growing from the grass 
Can happy everyone, I guess. 
You can bathe in limpid streams, 
Which you saw in your arms, 
It's wonderful that summer comes! 
You'll every day remember 
Fallen golden leaves, 
Autumn, bright September 
Fresh and tender breeze 
You'll nowhere find such beauty! 
To spare Almaty - my duty 
In Almaty you soar like dove 
And you'll love it like I love. 
IV. Checking up homework.

1.What is the capital of Kazakhstan? Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

Show me on the map

2.What is the name of its river? Astana is situated on the bank of the Ishim River.

3.How many people live there? The population of the city is over 800 thousand.

4.What sightseeing of Astana do you know?

5.When was Astana founded? Astana was founded in 1830.

6.When was Akmola region formed? Akmola region was formed in 1939.

7.When did the development of virgin and unused lands begin?

The development of virgin and unused lands began in 1954.

8.When was Akmola renamed in Tselinograd? Akmola was renamed in Tselinograd in 1961.

9.When was Tselinograd renamed in Akmola again? Tselinograd was renamed in Akmola again in 1994.

10.When did Akmola become the capital of Kazakhstan? Akmola became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997.

7.When was Akmola renamed in Astana? Akmola was renamed in Astana in 1998.

V. A)Demonstration of presentation of Almaty.

Have you ever been in Almaty?

B)Demonstration the new lexical material:

Read the text. Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan.

Almaty lies on the site of an ancient Silk Route settlement, which was sacked by the Mongols. The town Almaty was founded in 1854 as a military fortress and trading center and called Verny till 1929. Used as a place of exile by the Tsarist regime in the late 19th century, it was destroyed by earthquakes in 1887 and 1911, and was made the regional capital in 1928. The city underwent great expansion during World War II.Almaty is situated in the southern region of Kazakhstan. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until November 1997. Now it is a multicultural and the biggest city and the main educational, economic and tourism center of not just Kazakhstan but all of Central Asia. Almaty is still a capital in our hearts. Almaty meaning literally, ‘Father of Apples’. For over a century has the city claimed the honour of being the birthplace of this most nourishing fruit.

The city occupies an area of over 170 square kilometers. It stands in the valleys of the Big and Small Almaty rivers and their feeders running down from the Trans-Ili Alatau glaciers and ravines to the Ili Valley (Balkhash Lake Basin). Mountain, rivers and lakes are the main source of the city’s water supply. The population of the city is over

1600000 people. More than 100 nationalities live and work in this wonderful city.

Life in Almaty
Situated in the foothills of the Tien Shan, Almaty is now a city of modern architecture, orderly streets lined with trees and adorned with flowers. It has attention-grabbing fountains, interesting parks and spectacular mountain views. It is also possible to witness the legacy of Soviet times by walking the many streets which encapsulate the spirit of days gone by.
The city brings together people of different cultures and faiths
.Its traditions are as varied as its people, with Eastern and European traditions closely interwoven here leading to an openness and tolerance felt by locals and visitors alike.The city has managed to create a well-developed infrastructure which has led to high standards of living, this in part to thank for the political and social stability the people are so proud of. Almaty is without doubt the scientific, financial, and commercial and tourist center of Kazakhstan.

City Attractions
Attractions include
Panfilov Park, a popular destination for families and couples. This surrounds the stunning Zenkov Cathedral which is an entirely wooden structure, famous for being erected at the beginning of the 20th century without the use of a single nail. A few short paces away, the Green Bazaar, a huge market in Almaty.

Dostyk Avenue is a fine street which saw much history over the centuries. For generations Dostyk Avenue is the heart of Almaty. It is actually quite long and a lot of sights were situated on it. People visited theatres, a circus, and many shops. City library attended by students and pupils to work there. Years ago this avenue has another name. Other sights include New Square, which is the venue of choice for many national ceremonies and festivals, these being very important features on the Kazakh calendar.
No city break would be complete without taking in a bit of culture and heritage, and coming to Almaty affords the tourist numerous possibilities of doing this. Within easy reach of each other are,
art-galleries, theatres, including the State Museum of Kazakh National Instruments, the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, the State Book Museum, Geology Museum of the Academy of Science and State Art Museum which has amongst its exhibits traditional Kazakh rugs, jewellery and clothing. The Arasan Baths, right next to Panfilov Park, have Turkish, Finnish and Russian saunas, popular all year round.

Almaty is known as the City of Apples but to many who live here it is a city of fun, home to countless modern entertainment facilities and places to simply chill out and let your worries fade away. In abundance are Western-style coffee lounges crowded with both locals and expatriates, fine
restaurants serving top quality and diverse cuisine, lavish bars, luxurious nightclubs not to mention well-stocked supermarkets and glamorous international shops, like Saks Fifth Avenue – the only store of its kind at the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Mountains and Outdoor Activities
Towering over the southern reaches of the city are some of the highest and most amazing mountains in the Central Asian region. Yet the
Ile Alatau Mountains just outside Almaty are not just a view, however stunning. Instead, they offer numerous opportunities all year round for sports and recreation at world-class ski resorts with state-of-the-art facilities. There is also the famous Medeo ice skating rink, not only one of the world’s biggest but also its highest, the proud host of many world and national speed-skating records, for most of the year given to recreation and visited by thousands. There are large areas of unspoilt nature among the vast stretches of mountains which attract many tourists both in summer and in winter, not only the intrepid mountain walkers but also families with children.
Medeo itself, and its twin ski resort
Shymbulak are known as popular winter attractions not only in Kazakhstan, but also probably in the entire former Soviet Union. The rink, located at 1700m and about 15km from central Almaty, and Shymbulak at 2300m, were the main venues for the 2011 Asian Winter Games.
A short hop from the city is an amazing deep gorge on
the Charyn River, the Charyn Canyon, one of the natural wonders of Central Asia. It stretches further than the eye can see and despite the amazement it holds for those who see it, few chance to walk its entire distance.The Kolsai lakes, great for fishing and the Ili River and its valley, equally good for rafting, trekking, hunting, or simply spending time surrounded by unspoilt nature.
Another picturesque destination is
the Almarasan Gorge, which has become a place of choice for residents of Almaty during the warmer months. Here, visitors can find the Pearl of the City, the Big Almaty Lake whose beauty is enough in itself to attract many guests. Once here, at a height of 1750m, locals spend their weekends eating in one of the many dining places offering Uighur, Dungan, Caucasian, Uzbek and European cuisine.

VII. Questions:

1.Where is Almaty situated? 
2.When was Almaty founded? 
3. Is Almaty the largest cities in Kazakhstan? 

4.What was the first name of Almaty?
5. What is the population of Almaty? 
6. What parks of Almaty do you know?

7. Why do we call Almaty the city of apples and unusual city?

8. Can you name the sights of Almaty? 
9. Are there any museums in Almaty?

10.What lakes of Kazakhstan do you know?

VIII.Game: "Who knows the sights well?" (Кто лучше знает достопримечательности?) Each pupil is show the postcards of places of interest of Almaty (выигрывает тот ученик, который назовет быстро 10 достопримечательностей). 
c) according to the description define the sights of Almaty: 
1. picturesque valley 15 km above Almaty. At 2.200m. on top of it lies the fancy ski resort with various lifts. There are various hikes into the surrounding mountains with fantastic views and good climbs (Medeo. Chimbulak). 
2. This museum provides an introduction to Kazakhstan's history and includes country's chief archeological treasures. (Central State Museum). 
3. This Cathedial is surrounded by Panfilov Park, is one of the few tsarist-era building to survive the 1911 earthquake (Zenkov Cathedral). 
4. One of the largest city's square accommodates an ensemble of modern building (New Square). 
5. On the theatre's repertoire are classical and modem productions in the Kazakh language. In front of it stands a monument to M.Auezov, a great Kazakh writer (1897 -1961). 
6. A landmark seen throughout the city, the TV transmitter complex is located on the slopes of Kok tyube mount. 
The description of the sights of Almaty . (на доске весит маршрутная карта Алматы и отмечены достопримечательности). Учащиеся называют достопримечательности.
Kazakhstan Hotel—►Monument to Abai—► Big Kazakh Circus —► 
—►Abai Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre —► 
—► Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan —► 
—► Central Mosque —►Medeo Mountain Skating Rink—► 
—►Old and New Squares—► Central Gorky Park—► 
—► The Monument of 28 heroes - panfilovtshev. 
Additional material. Solve the crossword.

1.The large city in the south of the country.

2.The city near Taraz.

3.The city where many mausoleums are situated.

4.This city has oil.

5.The biggest political party of the country.

6.The city on the Caspian Sea shore.







IX. Revision of grammar material. Plural form of nouns. The articles.

Practice 1. Translate into Russian

The town was founded in 1854 as a military fortress and trading centre.

Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan untill November 1997.

The town was founded in 1854 as a military fortress.

More than 100 nationalities live and work in this wonderful city

The Zailijskiy Alatau Mountains rise like a wall along Almaty’s southern fringe.

Practice 2. Fill in the right prepositions.

Almaty was destroyed - earthquakes - 1887 and 1911, and was made the regional capital - 1928.

Almaty is one - the most beautiful city - Kazakhstan.

There are a lot --- big trees --- the road.

People --- Almaty are hospitable.

City is expanding --- year --- year.

X. Relaxing

Do you like our lesson today? Was it interesting for you?
– Was something new for you? What?
– How do you think was it useful for you? Why?

X. Home task: Read the text Text p100 by T. Ayapova

The teacher: Thank you, I hope you will be able to use this knowledge also at the lessons of Geography and History. A want you to listen to the best translation of the poem "Almaty

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