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план урока по английскому языку на тему "Schools in our country" (8 класс)

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Grade: 8 « » Data:

Theme: Schools in our country.

Methods of teaching: explanation, presentation, demonstration.

Type of lesson: combined.


  1. Educational: possession of written and oral; determine the purpose of the work.

  2. Developing: mental activity and development of speech.

  3. Bringing – up: moral and aesthetic values, ways of seeing the world, to perform laws; needs of the individual, the motives of social behavior, activity, is valuable.

RESOURCES: interactive whiteboard

SWBAT: Read the text, ask and answer the questions about school.





I Org. moment

II Warm up

Phonetic drill

III Checking up h/t

Good afternoon, boys and girls! Glad to see you! How are you today?

What date is it today?

How did you spend your weekend?

«Secondary education». Ask a poem about school. What can you say about last lesson?

T – CL – P

IV Presentation

Answer the questions:

1. Is your school large or small? Where is your school located?

2. Is there sports ground near your school?

3. How many floors has your school got?

4. Are there class – room for the primary forms in your school?

5. Where are these class-rooms located?

6. Is there a cloak-room on the ground floor?

7. Your school has a library, hasn’t it?

8. Why do you go to the library?

9. What will you see if you look around the library hall?

10. Why do the pupils like to go the gymnasium?

11. Where are the class-room for secondary forms located?

12. Has your school got computer rooms?

13. Which floor is your class-room located on?

14. Why do you learn English?

15. What do you do during your English classes?


V Practice Training exercises

Exercise II. Complete the sentence.

1. Our school is ___ far from the centre of the town.

2. If you come to our school you will see a ___ school yard around it and a sports ___ behind it.

3. Our school has got three ___.

4.The primary classes are located ___.

5. Our home ___ in Maths and English were very difficult.

6. If you look around the library hall you will see many ___ of ___ writer and actors.

7. The pupils like to go ___ because they like sports games.

8. The class rooms for ___ forms and ___ - rooms for all pupils are located on ___ and ___ floors.

9. English is the most ___ in the world.

Exercise III. Suppose your friend is going to come to your school. Tell him what would happen if…

1. If you came to our school…

2. If you came to our library…

3. If you looked around the library hall…

4. If you went along the corridor…

5. If you wanted to find some interesting books…

6. If you went to the sports ground behind the school…

7. If you came to our computer rooms…

8. If there were a Physical Training lesson…

9. If it rained during the breaks…

10. If you looked into a classroom…

Exercise IV. Tell the class.

If you come across an Englishman/woman who is interested in your school what will tell him/her? Work in pairs. For the purpose of making the story you may use content of the text.


VI Production writing

In today's world, people are rapidly evolving and knowledge to succeed in any business you need to take a huge number of possible steps that will help bring it effectively and, ultimately, to achieve the desired learning.

VII Summary marks


What can you say about today’s lesson? Was it interesting? How many words have you learned?

Home work: p 147, ex X.

план урока по английскому языку на тему "Schools in our country" (8 класс) Скачать материал
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план урока по английскому языку на тему "Schools in our country" (8 класс). В разработке также даны задания для учеников. При проведение этого урока можно использовать интерактивную доску, также видео словарь. Способствует развитию социальной компетенции через воспитание толерантности и интереса к стране изучаемого языка, любви к школе, доброжелательного отношения к друзьям.

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