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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Online banking "


Зам.директор УР

Бисалиева Ж.Е


Lesson №31

Theme: Online banking


1. to study new words connected with Online banking and to practice for talking about Online banking.

2. to improve work the students with the text and improving speech and language skills, the ability to analyze and express their opinions, the ability to engage in dialogue, questioning, the ability to request additional information.

3. to bring up the interest to the new technology.

Visual aids: slides, cards.

Form of the lesson: combined

Teaching methods: interactive methods, question- answer, individual work

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment: Good morning? Glad to see you! How are you? What date is it today? Who is absent today? What problem has he (she)? Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s start!

II. Consolidation of the words

III. Home task: Text p.64 Ex.27.3 p65

IV. Demonstration of the new language:

1.Electronic banking - Электронды банк - Электронный банкинг -

2.online banking – онлайн банкинг -

3. Internet banking- Интернет-банкинг-

4.brick-and- mortar banks- кірпіш комбинаттарында миномет банктері - кирпич-и-ступки банков-

5.brick-and-click banks- кірпіш және түймешігімен нұқып банктері - кирпича и нажмите банков-

6.virtual or Internet banks- виртуалды немесе Интернет банктері - виртуальные или Интернет банков-

7.wireless banking- сымсыз банкинг - беспроводной банкинг-

8.pay bills- төлеуге- оплатить счета-

9.schedule the payments- төлемді жоспарлау- запланировать оплату

10.transfer the funds- аударуға- передать -

11.sends short message notifications- Қысқа хабарлама жібереді- отправляет короткое сообщение

12. stocks online- сауда қорлары онлайн- торговые запасы онлайн-

13.-factor authentication- екі факторлы authentication- двухфакторная authentication-

14.transaction authorization number- мәміле рұқсат number- номер- авторизации транзакции

15.Security tokens- Қауіпсіздік tokens- tokens- безопасности

16.biometric authentication- биометриялық authentication- биометрический authentication-

Online banking basics

Electronic banking is the general term given to the possibility of performing banking transactions through electronic communications, mainly the Internet. That’s why many people prefer to use the terms online banking or Internet banking.

Online services can be provided by traditional banks, brick-and- mortar banks, which through the use of these new technologies become brick-and-click banks. Banks that don’t have physical branches or ATMs are called virtual or Internet banks.

To use these services you need a computer with Internet access. Computers can also log in with a mobile phone or a PDA. The use of wireless networks to access financial instructions is known as wireless banking.

Online banking services

What do you use online banking for?

«I pay bills online. I’ve got a list in my computer with all my payment recipients’ names and account details. When I have to pay, I select the amount and the name of the payee. I can also schedule the payments or fix the date for payments. The bank will transfer the funds, or send the money, to the selected account».

« I check account balances; I can access and view my accounts any time, from any PC. Also, I don’t need to wait to wait for the post to get written statements from the bank. I can see and then save online statements on the bank’s website. It saves time and paper».

«I find online banking extremely convenient. I don’t need to remember when my credit card expires or the date of a payment. My Internet bank sends short message notifications, warnings or other information services to my email or mobile phone».

« I trade stocks online. I contact an online broker to invest my money, to buy and sell shares».

Online security

Most online banks have introduced the concept of two-factor authentication, the simultaneous use of at least two different devices or layers of security to prevent fraud.

When you open an Internet account, you are given a confidential PIN, personal identification number, and a password and username.

For some transactions, customers are required to use a TAN, transaction authorization number, from a list provided by the bank. It can only be used once, and it acts as a second password.

Security tokens are microchip-based devices that generate a number that has to be typed by the user or read like a credit card. They are becoming a common form of two-factor authentication.

One of the methods of identifying the user of a bank account is biometric authentication, the use of a physical trait, such as a fingerprint, to allow a person to log in. Some laptops have built-in fingerprint readers, which makes online banking easier and more secure.


Ex 28.1.

Ex 28.2.

VIII. Physical training. Здоровьесберегающая физкультминутка

IX. Fill in the correct word.

X. Reflexing (самоанализ)

Home task: Text p.66 Ex.28.3 p67

T: I’m quite satisfied with your work at the lesson today. I’m pleased with your answers and work. Thank you for your participation. Thank you for today’s lesson. 

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