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Главная / Другое / План урока по английскому языку на тему "History of Kazakhstan. Confused words. Abbreviations."

План урока по английскому языку на тему "History of Kazakhstan. Confused words. Abbreviations."


Тема: History of Kazakhstan. Confused words. Abbreviations.

The aims:

1. The bringing up aims: to discuss Kazakhstan geography, to enrich pupil’s knowledge about History of Kazakhstan.

2.The developing aims: to develop communicative competence: speaking, reading and listening comprehension, translating and to check their understanding; To maintain skills of critical thinking; To widen the scope; 

3. The training aim: To bring up patriots of our Motherland.

Visual aids: the interactive board, slides, pictures, cards, the map of the republic of Kazakhstan, diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters

Methods of the lesson: group work, pair work, individual work, question-answer.

Connection of the subjects: Kazakh, Geography, History.

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment: Good morning? Glad to see you! How are you? What date is it? Who is absent today? What problem has he (she)? Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s start! The theme of our lesson is: “History of Kazakhstan”.Today we are going to speak about our Motherland-Kazakhstan. Your tasks for today are: reading ,translating and listening to the text, answer the questions, speaking about our country. Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich history, traditions and a country of Kazakhstan has always been a country of rich history, traditions and a country of free people.

II. Phonetic Drill

Kazakhstan is my motherland

I love it very much

Its lovely fields with green on it

And mountains with snow on top

I love its lakes with rare birds

And rustling leaves on trees

My motherland, my Kazakhstan

Do live and shine forever!

III. Checking up homework
ІV. Discussion. Speaking about Kazakhstan.

I am sure,  you know some more facts about Kazakhstan. Let’s answer the questions

1.Where do you live?- We live in Kazakhstan.

2.When was Kazakhstan established? (K. was established as the Republic of K-n in December 1991)

3.What its territory? What is the size of KZ.?  (The territory of Kazakhstan is 27 million 249 thousand square kilometres)

4.Which is the country rich? (The country is rich with mineral resources such as cooper, gold, iron, lead, nickel, silver, tin, uranium and zink with deposits of oil and natural gas.)

5.What is the largest city of K-n and where it lies? (The largest city of K-n is Almaty and lies to the south-east of the country near the border with Kirgyztan and China.)

6.What is the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

7.When was it renamed? (In May 1998 Akmola was renamed Astana )

8.What countries does it border on? (The Republic of Kazakhstan borders Russia to the North, China to the East, Kurgystan and Turkmenistan to the South and the Caspian Sea to the West.)

9.What is the highest mountains? (Tarbagatai, Tyan-shan, Alatau, Altai)

10.What is the main rivers? (Irtysh, Ishim, Ural)

11.What is the beautiful lakes? (Balhash, Zaisan, Aral)

12.How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (There are 14 regions)

13. What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know? What are they? (Akmola, Aktobe, Almaty, Atyray, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanai, Kyzylorda, Mangistau,Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, South Kaz-n)

14.What is the population of Kazakhstan? 
Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?

V. Demonstration of the new language:

Learn vocabulary notes:

To emerge from - возникать, брать начало от

Tribe -племя

Stock -род

Slating -раскосый

Cheekbones -скулы

Stature -фигура,стан

Nomadic - кочевой

Imprint - отпечаток

Household –домашнее хозяйство

Liver -печенка

Lung -легкое

Delicious -приятный


The Kazakh people have emerged from the Turkic tribes of the Southern Siberian Mongoloid Stock. The Mongoloid features in the Kazakh’s appearance are straight black hair, black somewhat slanting eyes, a small nose, rather high cheekbones, a short and stocky stature.

The ancient and original culture of the Kazakhs was formed in the conditions of nomadic life, which left a deep imprint on the psychology, art and life of the present-day Kazakhstan.

In the inside of Kazakh home you’ll find carpets ,applique designed mats (corpe)on the floor and walls, colored blankets and pillows and portable round tables ( at which one has meals cross-legged on a carpet or a mat.)

Every household has a samovar, a kazan, leather bags for koumiss, pialas and kesses. Ayran, koumiss,shubat and strong tea with milk or cream are almost every family drinks. The most popular meat dish is beshbarmak and sorpa is often served with it.Besides

beshbarmak,Kazakhs cook kuyrdak (roast liver,lung and meat with potatoes).Horseflesh is used to prepare kazy and shuzhuk (delicious raw-smoking sausages).

The Kazakh language belongs to the Turkic family languages. It is rich in aphorisms, expressive proverbs and sayings.

Kazakh people are very fond of songs, music and dancing. The folk songs reflect the centuries of people’s history, its struggle against conquerors and local basis, the labor and customs and the beautiful natural surroundings of the native land.

Lifestyle it’s very interesting! Kazakh people are modest too. They don’t express their emotions on public. Since ancient times our people are notable for their hospitality. Being nomads in past time they lived in movable dwelling (yurta). At that time it was ordinarily for Kazakh family to have many children (5-9). Several yurtas were jointed in a small village (aul), where everybody knows each other. A village was as one big family. That’s why privacy is alien to Kazakh people. But now we live in other time. Many things are changed.
Traveling on spacious Kazakh lands your can see many ancient monuments of culture: different ruins, remains, stone sculptured figures, mausoleums etc. One of the most popular architectural monuments preserved to our time is mausoleum of Akhmed Yassayi in Turkestan. Many found precious finds and things of life are an evidence of the culture, way of life of the ancient people who lived on the Kazakh lands. One of the famous precious finds of ancient times Gold Man was found in Kazakh town Esik in South-Kazakhstan oblast. 
As you know Kazakh in the past times leaded nomadic life. That’s why all spheres of their life were concerned with nature, environment. For example, national ornament of Kazakh people resembles a horn of lamb. Now Kazakhstan represents combination of the west (modern) and east (national) cultures.

VII. Practice. Answer the following questions:

1. What do you know about the origin of the Kazakh people?

2. To what group of languages does the Kazakh language belong?

3. What are the main characteristic features of the Kazakh language?

4. What left a deep imprint on art and life of the present-day Kazakhstan?

5. What things and dishes are unique and typically Kazakh ones?

6. Does your family try to preserve centuries-old customs and traditions?

VIII. Grammar Revision :

IX. Very good. You have understood this text perfectly well. Now we shall play a little. You will give you a sheet of paper with a map of Kazakhstan.  You must write the words associated with the word “Kazakhstan”.

Reflation., are you proud of our Motherland?

-Yes, we are proud of our Motherland. I am proud of our Motherland too.

Our president N.Nazarbayev says to everybody to learn three languages Kazakh, Russian and English, to respect customs and traditions of each nation and to take care of our common home-the planet Earth.

X. Conclusion. Подведение итогов Home task: Text p 390-392 By Meiramova

Т.: I'm very pleased with your results. You show good knowledge of History of Kazakhstan.I’ll put you excellent marks. Thank you for this lesson.

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