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План урока по английскому языку на тему " Intelligent homes. "


Зам.директор УР

Бисалиева Ж.Е


Lesson №34

Theme: Intelligent homes.


1. to study new words connected with E-commerce and to practice for talking about Intelligent homes.

2. to improve work the students with the text and improving speech and language skills, the ability to analyze and express their opinions, the ability to engage in dialogue, questioning, the ability to request additional information.

3. to bring up the interest to the new technology.

Visual aids: slides, cards.

Form of the lesson: combined

Teaching methods: interactive methods, question- answer, individual work

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment: Good morning? Glad to see you! How are you? What date is it today? Who is absent today? What problem has he (she)? Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s start!

II. Consolidation of the words

Найдите слово, перевод которого дан в левой колонке.


1. switch, 2. search, 3. size, 4. space, 5. erase

1. key, 2. keyboard, 3. font, 4. default, 5. failure

1. probable, 2. current, 3. bad, 4. insufficient, 5. non-removable

1. space, 2. current, 3. probable, 4. pipe, 5. search

1. size, 2. search, 3. space, 4. switch, 5. break

1. font, 2. default, 3. handle, 4. switch, 5. pipe

III. Home task: Text p.70 Ex.30.3p.71

IV. Demonstration of the new language:

1.Domotics- сигнализации

2. robotics- робототехники

3. automation- автоматтандыру/ автоматизация

4. intelligent devices- интеллектуалдық құрылғылар /интеллектуальные устройства

5. Intelligent homes- Зияткерлік үйлері /Интеллектуальные дома

6. interfaces- интерфейстер/ интерфейсов

7. command initiators- командалық бастамашылары/ инициаторами команды

8. command receivers- командалық алушылар /командные приемники

9. wired - проводными

10. wireless- беспроводными


12. PANs (personal area networks)- жеке желілер (персональных сетей)

V. Read the text: Intelligent homes

A. Domotics, from the Larne word domus plus robotics, also known as automation, involves the use of information technology applied to domestic appliances in order to creare intelligent systems inside the house.

Basic intelligent devices, traditional devices with an embedded processor, have been with us for a while, e.g. microwave ovens and washing machines with computerized controls.

Intelligent homes are a wider concept; all the systems and devices are connected in a LAN, local area network, where they communicate with each other and are controlled by a central computer sometimes installed in one of the machines.

B. Control devices and networking.

Intelligent homes are controlled with different types of interfaces, devices that facilitate communication between the user and the system: physical swishes, touch screens , or IR (infrared ) remote controls, computers either at home or at a distance, telephony.

The different elements perform one of these two functions: they are their command initiators, e.g. a brightness sensor that is programmed to send an instruction when it gets dark, or command receivers , e.g. a light that turns on when it receives an instruction sent by the sensor.

Household appliances, sound and video system, optical and thermal sensor, etc, can be linked with wired and wireless systems.Wired LANs use different types of cables and also electrical wiring.

WLANs, wireless networks, use radio-frequency systems: Bluetooth, a short-range radio system used to communicate between portable devices(laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, etc), is now frequently used to design PANs (personal area networks) inside the home.

C. Automatic operations

Intelligent systems are able to perform a series of activities to improve these areas.


Turn on and off alarm systems and phone emergency services if needed.

Open and close doors and gates, blinds or curtains.


Control heat and smoke sensors.

Comfort and economy

Control heating, air conditioning and electricity.

Detect motion and switch on and off lights accordingly.

Switch on and off hi-fi sets and home cinema; select music and programs. Have everything ready when you wake up: the bath running, the electric kettle on, the news headlines on your computer, etc.

Keep a list of the products in the fridge, make an order to a supermarket and suggest recipes

Provide intelligent garden watering, e.g. only when the soil is dry.

Assistive technology

Raise and lower motorized cupboards and sinks for people with mobility problems.

VII. Practice.

Ex 31.1. Solve the clues and complete the puzzle with words from A and C opposite.

VIII. Physical training. Здоровьесберегающая физкультминутка

IX. Reflexing (самоанализ)

X. Home task: Text p.72 Ex.31.2 p. 73

T: I’m quite satisfied with your work at the lesson today. I’m pleased with your answers and work. Thank you for your participation. Thank you for today’s lesson. 

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