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Главная / Другое / План урока по английскому языку на тему "Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. Franctional and Decimal Numerals."

План урока по английскому языку на тему "Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. Franctional and Decimal Numerals."

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Lesson №

The theme of the lesson: Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. Franctional and Decimal Numerals.

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: To give more information about our capital, to revise grammar, to obtain knowledge through the documentaries;

Developing: To develop pupils’ thinking, speaking, reading, writing, listening comprehension abilities, memory;

Upbringing: To bring up love and interest in the subject, to encourage respect to their Motherland.

The type of the lesson: combined lesson

Methods of the lesson: showing, explaining, group work, individual work, question-answer.

The visual aids: lecture, cards, pictures, a computer, an interactive board, slides, video film, music.

Connection with other subjects: Kazakh, Geography, History, Kazakh literature.

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.
Good morning students! I am glad to see you. Sit down please.

  • How are you?

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent today?

  • What date is it today?

II.Brainstorming. Let’s play a game “Guess the word”. Please try to guess “What are we going to speak about at our lesson?”

Guess the words, use the alphabet. (цифры обозначают номера букв в алфавите)













T:Let’s start! Today we shall speak about our new capital, about Astana. We shall listen to the text about the history of our capital, and speak on this topic. We must ready to answer questions about our capital, about Astana. Let’s remember what we know about Astana.

III. Fill in a table ( Таблица « ЗХУ»)

This is a table before you. You should fill in it.( at the beginning of the lesson -2 columns, at the end- the 3rdcolumn.)

What do you know?

What do you want to know?

What did you know?










IV. Checking up homework .

-What was your home task?

V. Demonstration of the new language:


THE CAPITAL OF KAZAKHSTAN-1830, was founded, to be situated, population, total area

P1: Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1830 by Colonel Phyodor Kuzmich Shubin. Astana is situated on the bank of the Ishim River. Its total area is about 400 thousand square kilometers. The population of the city is over 800 thousand.

T: Good. Now about Astana as a political center.

POLITICAL CENTER-The seat of the Government, the Mazhilis, all the ministries, foreign embassies.

P2: Astana is the seat of the Government, the Mazhilis. The President of Kazakhstan lives and work there. There are all ministries, and foreign embassies in Astana. Many important political events are held in Astana.

T: Nice. Who wants to tell us about Astana as an industrial center?

INDUSTRIAL CENTER-Factories, plants, to produce, good.

P3: We can say that different branches of industry are developing in the new capital. Many plants and factories are building in Astana that will produce transformers, motors, agricultural machines and other goods.

T: Right you are. Now speak about Astana as cultural center.

CULTURAL CENTER- Museums, art galleries, theatres, libraries, parks.

P4: There are several museums in Astana. The largest ones are: Museum of History and Local Lore and Seiphullin Museum. Astana is famous for its theatres. The best known is the Opera and Ballet Theatre by named Kulyash Baiseitova. There are a lot of green parks and libraries in Astana.

T: Very good. Now, let’s speak about education in our capital.

EDUCATIONAL CENTER-Institutes, universities, technical colleges, young people, different regions, different countries.

P5: We can say that Astana is an educational center. There are many technical colleges, institutes and universities. The best known are: Euroasian University, Agrarian University, Nazarbayev University. Many young people from different regions of our country and from different countries come to Astana to get a brilliant education.

T: Good. The next topic is about Sport and Transport.

SPORT and TRANSPORT CENTER-Stadiums, swimming pools, all kinds of transport, metro

P6: There are a lot of sport facilities in Astana such as stadiums, swimming pools. And as you know Asiada Games 2011 were held in Astana. Transport in Astana is extensive. Here you can see all kinds of transport except metro. There are railway station and airport in Astana.

Sights of Astana.

T: And the next points is the sights of Astana. When we go to London we shall take some pictures of Astana, some photos or slides. Let’s suggest that our friends should walkalong the streets of our Astana.

P7: This is the monument to Tole-be, Kazybek-be, Aiteke-be which is situated by the building of Supreme Court of Justice. Many people come to this monument to show their love for the best Kazakh sons.

P8: Here you can see one of the famous places in Astana – Central Square. It is the main place for folk holidays, the favourite place for the rest of the town people.

P9: This Palace is called Congress Hall now. Many meetings and concerts take place there. In this building was crowned President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev. It is a very nice building now.

T: Thank you very much. I think that our guests have got a lot of information, but we haven’t told them about our history. Let’s listen to the text and follow the course in history. After listening to the text you will try to point our the main periods of the history of Astana and ask questions on this topic.


The history of Astana began in the year 1830. Astana was founded in 1830 on the bank of the Ishim River by Colonel Phyodor Kuzmich Shubin as a fortress.

In 1939 was formed Akmola region and Akmola became the center of this region.

In 1954 in Akmola region the development of virgin and unused lands began. In honour of this event the town of Akmola was renamed in Tselinograd in 1961.

In 1994 Tselinograd was renamed in Akmola again.

In 1997 by Decree of President of Kazakhstan Akmola became the capital of our country.

In 1998 Akmola was renamed an Astana.

(Before listening the teacher may practice some difficult words).

T: Now will work this way. You should match the dates and the corresponding events.


1830 – the foundation of Astana.

1939 – the formation of Akmola region

1954 – the beginning of the development of virgin and unused lands

1961 – Akmola was renamed in Tselinograd

1994 – Tselinograd was renamed in Akmola

1997 – the capital of Kazakhstan

1998 – Akmola was renamed in Astana

VI. Practice. Answer the following questions:

T: now answer my questions.

1.What is the capital of Kazakhstan? Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan.

2.What is the name of its river? Astana is situated on the bank of the Ishim River.

3.How many people live there? The population of the city is over 800 thousand.

4.What sightseeing of Astana do you know?

5.When was Astana founded? Astana was founded in 1830.

6.When was Akmola region formed? Akmola region was formed in 1939.

7.When did the development of virgin and unused lands begin?

The development of virgin and unused lands began in 1954.

8.When was Akmola renamed in Tselinograd? Akmola was renamed in Tselinograd in 1961.

9.When was Tselinograd renamed in Akmola again? Tselinograd was renamed in Akmola again in 1994.

10.When did Akmola become the capital of Kazakhstan? Akmola became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997.

7.When was Akmola renamed in Astana? Akmola was renamed in Astana in 1998.

True or false

  1. Astana is the capital of China. __________

  2. It’s in the central part of Kazakhstan. ________

  3. It’s situated on the river Esil. ________

  4. There are eight hundred thousand people in Astana. _______

  5. Astana is famous for it’s modern buildings. _________

  6. Astana has a problem with pollution. _________

VII. Reading. Чтение текста. (с.). Самостоятельное изучение материала.

Work in groups. (work with flipcharts, clusters)

a)Cluster: give your association with the city Astana.


b)    I give you some pictures of Astana sightseeings. You should write a title of the popular buildings under each picture.

One speaker from each group protects the presentation ( project)

I offer you to see the Presentation about Astana.

VIII.Grammar revision: Franctional and Decimal Numerals.

The words for common fractions are also composite. They are formed from cardinals denoting the numerator and substantivized ordinals denoting the denominator. If the numerator is a numeral higher than one, the ordinal in the denominator takes the plural form. The numerator and denominator may be joined by means of a hyphen or without it:

1/3 - one-third (one third), 2/7 - two-sevenths (two sevenths), etc.

In mixed numbers the numerals denoting fractions are joined to the numerals denoting integers (whole numbers) by means of the conjunction and:

3 1/5 - three and one-fifth, 20 3/8 - twenty and three-eighths.

In decimal fractions the numerals denoting fractions are joined to those denoting whole numbers by means of the words point or decimal:

0.5 - zero point (decimal) five,

2.3 - two point (decimal) three,

0,5 - zero decimal five,

0,005 - zero decimal zero zero five.

IX. Fastening. Закрепление.

Pupil 1: Astana is the capital of our country. 
Pupil 2: Astana is the most beautiful city in the world. 
Pupil 3: Astana is famous for the Baiterek Tower. 
Pupil 4: Astana was twelve years old in 2010. 
Pupil 5: Astana became the capital in 1998. 
Pupil 6: Astana is the place where our President lives. 
Pupil 7: Astana is the city where I would like to live. 


a) You can visit here a 3D cinema, a bowling, cafes, a theatre and an aqua park. There is a large aquarium with real sea sharks. It opened in 2006. ( Duman)
b) This tower is the main symbol of Astana and its visiting card. It is very popular with tourists. Here you can see our President’s handprint. This tower is 105 metres high. (Baiterek)

c) This Palace is the official residence of Nursultan Nazarbayev- the President of Kazakhstan. It is a very beautiful building with white columns. ( Ak-orda)
d) This Palace was built by British architect Lord Norman Foster. It looks like a very big pyramid. The pyramid is  62m high. ( The Pease Palace)

X. Fill in the last column of the table: What did you know about Astana?

Подведение итогов. Формативное и суммативное оценивание. Формативное оценивание в течении всего урока, по таблице ЗХУ. Суммативное оценивание, исходя из формативного, за тест.

Homework: your homework will be: find the information and tell us about Cultural Centre, Educational, Sport and Transport of Astana and so on.


Do you like our lesson today? Was it interesting for you?
– Was something new for you? What?
– How do you think was it useful for you? Why?

T: Thank you very much. You have worked well today.

Lesson is over! Good bye!

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