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План урока Jeopady game

Grade: 6

Theme: Revision_ Unit 7 (Open lesson)

Aims: 1. Educational: to check pupils' background knowledge in their oral speech.

2. Practical: Learners will show their usage of lexical material unit 7 doing the exercises.

3. Cultural: to assist to esthetic education and moral upbringing in the process of learning and speaking English.

Language material: revision of lexical material and grammar

Method: deductive, direct

Technique: verbal and visual

Form of the lesson: competition lesson.

Accessories: a blackboard, a presentation, certificates, cards (money).


  1. Warm-up. (2-3 min)

  2. Checking home task (5 min)

  3. Revision of lexical material and grammar (30-35 min)

  4. Giving the home task (2-3 min)

  5. Putting the marks (2-3 min)


1. Warm-up

a. There are pictures of Jeopardy game on the board. The teacher asks the following questions and the students must guess the theme of lesson:

T: Look at the blackboard an think

- What are we going to do today?

- What game are we going to play?

2. Checking their home task

The teacher checks the previous home task.

3. Revision of lexical material and grammar

a. The teacher explain the rules of the game.

T: Today we are going to play a game "Jeopardy". You must divide into two teams: Team 1 and Team 2. Choose the captain. Introduce your captain.

Let's choose the first team which will choose the question. (The students choose the turn).

T: Thank you. Team___ will be the first.

Today there are the following categories: Sport, Parts of Body, Present Perfect, Sky- diving, My Hero. You must choose one of the categories and the prize. If you answer the question you will get money. If you don't answer your opponents can answer and earn extra money.

Final Jeopardy costs 1000 $, but if you don't answer you will loose everything.

T: Let's start our game.

b. Tasks:

1. Sports


Give the definition:

Snow is necessary for it.

Answer: skiing


Give the definition:

It is played on ice

Answer: hockey


Answer the question:

What equipment do you need for cycling?

Answer: a bicycle, a helmet


Answer the question:

What equipment do you need to play tennis?

Answer: a racquet, a ball


Name 2 games played on a field.

Answer: (football/rugby/hockey/cricket)

2. Parts of body


Say and show: Which words are "hand and arm" words?

Answer: elbow, finger, shoulder, thumb, wrist


Say and show: Which words are "leg and foot" words?

Answer: ankle, knee, shin, thigh, toe.


Give the definition : to do something that forces a bone out of its normal position. Answer: to dislocate


Give the definition: to injure a part of your body with something sharp

Answer: to cut


Give the definition: A mark on the skin of a person where it has been hurt by a hit or a fall

Answer: a bruise

3. Present Perfect


Fill the gaps.

He ____ _____ his leg.

Answer: He has broken his leg.


Open the bracket.

The cat (drink) its milk.

Answer: The cat has drunk its milk.


Name irregular verbs.

See- ____- _____

Be- ____- ______


Give- _____- _____

Eat- _____- ______

Get- _____- ______

Buy- _____- _____










Make up general question.

John has given his bicycle to his brother.

Answer: Has John given his bicycle to his brother?


Make up special question to underline word.

George has never been to France.


Where has George never been?

4. Sky- diving


Answer the question: What animal was the first skydiver?

Answer: a dog.


Who was the first skydiver?

Answer: Andre- Jacques Garnerin


How many parachutes do parachutes wear?

Answer: Two.


What sport has Harry Salt tried?

Answer: Sky- diving.


When was the first World Parachuting Championship?

Answer: in 1951

5. My Hero


Answer the question:

Who is in the picture?


Answer: Zinedine Zidane.


Where was Zidane born?

Answer: La Castellane


Where is Zidane's father from?

Answer: His is from Algeria.


When did Zidane join Real Madrid?

Answer: in 2001


When did Zidane join Italian giants Juventus?

Answer: in 1996.

Final Jeopardy

How did Andre- Jacques Garnerin feel about doing his first jump?

Answer: He enjoyed it.

c. After the game, the students count their money. The team which earns much money will be the winner.

The teacher presents the certificates to both team.

4. Home task

5. Putting the marks

  • Иностранные языки

Разработка урока для 6 класса с углубленным изучением английского языка по учебнику Move Ahead part 1. Урок имеет нестандартную форму- урок соревнование. Класс делиться на две команды. Капитаны команд выбирают категорию в которой они будут играть и цену вопроса. Выигрывает команда, которая набрала наибольшее количество баллов.

Данная форма урока "Jeopady Game" позволяет повторить весь пройденный лексический и грамматический материал за изученный раздел. А также повысить интерес к изучаемому языку и развить мыслительную деятельность учащихся.

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