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План-конспект урока "Welcome to Russia"

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Емцева Инна Эдуардовна

Бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение г. Омска

«Лицей № 145»

Name: Emtseva Inna Eduardovna

E-mail: Yemtseva62@mail.ru

Welcome to Russia

Educational institution: Budget Educational Institution of Omsk city: Secondary School 145

1. I am a teacher of English in primary and secondary school.

2. There are 15 students in my class.

3. I teach my students according to the ordinary school program.

Class: 7

Level: pre-intermediate

Description of the target group:

My target group consists of 15 students. They are 13– 14years old. They are the students of the 7th form. The students are motivated to learn English and to take part in different competitions in a foreign language in order to show their knowledge, to learn something new and to win. They are interested in culture and traditions of different countries, have pan pals in the Internet, attend English courses, read children`s magazines in English. They like English and always do their hometask.

Topic: “Welcome to Russia”

A Coursebook “New Millennium English” by N. Derevyanko

The main objective of the lesson is:

  1. By the end of the lesson students should be able to make up a story about Russia using the key words.

Aims: Students will be able to practise in:

  1. Revising the vocabulary of the unit

  2. Correcting grammar mistakes

  3. Asking-answering questions

  4. Making up sentences

  5. Speaking on the topic of the lesson

  6. Appreciating themselves

Materials: handouts with grammar tasks, pictures, evaluation cards, prizes, projector.

Challengers: short of time, some students may have difficulty with spelling of the words or they may have less confidence in doing these activities.





5 min.

  1. Introduction.

Hello! We are glad to greet you at our competition on the

Topic “ Welcome to Russia”.All students like to play.

That`s why I created such an interesting lesson for you.

Now I`d like to introduce you the members of our jury:

1.The teacher of English…

2.The teacher of German…

There are two teams in our classroom. The first team is


The Ussuri Tigers”. The captain is…

The second team is called… The captain is…

The motto is: We are clever

We are strong

We know what is right and wrong!

Greeting equals 1 score.

T - Cl




5 min

5 min

7 min

5 min

10 min

Practice (playing games, getting emotions.

No emotions no learning (competition in English)

Act1 Game “Relay”

Now, students, listen to the first task. You see two columns with the words in Russian. You should write them in English.

You may correct the mistakes of the members of your team. Who is the best? One, two, three!

Technique is word-translating. One score for the right answer.

1.Россия 1.Берёза

2.Культура 2.Армия

3Преобразовать 3.Основать

4.Берёза 4.Россия

5.Армия 5.Культура

6.Основать 6.Преобразовать

7.Известный … 7.Традиция

8.Традиция 8.Известный

Act.2 Grammar Game (Present Simple Passive)

Now, each group will get a card with sentences on the topic “Passive voice.” Find and correct the mistakes.

Technique is error-correction. One score for the right answer.

Note: Teenagers are as prone to grammar errors as adults and they need plenty of practice. Grammar can be made painless. Teenagers just don` t have the patience to wade through complicated lists of rules and exceptions.(Wayne Rimmer- the author of Cambridge Active Grammar for teenagers.)

Act.3 Hometask

Both teams prepared 5 questions on the topic “ Russia”for their rivals. Ask the questions in turn.

One right answer equals one score.

Technique=asking-answering questions

Note: Conversations usually take place during pair or group work. Questioning holds students attention and increases learner involvement in the class.

Instructions should be kept simple and clear. ( “Teacher Talking Time”by Steve Darn,Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.) ссылка:htt:www.teachinglish.org.uk/article/teacher-talking-time

Act.4 Guessing Game (technique)

Look at the screen. You will see 12 pictures of famous sights of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Omsk. Name them!

One score for the right answer


Act.5 Game” The best story”

Look at the screen. There are some pictures and key words there. Make up a story on the main topic of our lesson.

Technique-oral presentation

Key words:



3.Time zones
















with written words

Cards with questions



8 min


Our competition is over. Thank you for taking active part

in it. Soon the jury will announce the results.

But firstly get a card and try to evaluate yourselves.

Thank you for your attention!


Evaluation cards

Present Simple Passive- Task Act. 2(wrong variant)

1.Glass is maked from


1.My skirt made of leather.

2The tables is made of


2.Cheese are maked from milk.

3Tea cups are making

of porclain.

3. Vases are making of porceline.


1.Glass is made from sand.

1.My skirt is made of leather.

2.The tables are made of wood.

2.Cheese is made from milk.

3.Teacups are made of porcelain.

3.Vases are made of porcelain.

Self-evaluation card for students:

1.What did I do well?


3.What went wrong?


5What will I do differently next time?.

План-конспект урока "Welcome to Russia"
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Урок-КВН способствует повышению мотивации учащихся к изучению иностранного языка. Конспект урока включает в себя инструкции, задания, ключ к заданиям. Урок разбит на этапы, которые логически связаны между собой. Время для каждого этапа тщательно распределено.

Конспект урока составлен на английском языке только для учителей английского языка по требованиям современной методики Британского Совета.

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Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок", но в дипломе форма обучения не указывается.

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