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План-конспект урока по теме "Early and modern films" (10 класс)

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Название документа Разработка урока (2) по теме Early and modern films.docx

Date: 22.04.2014

Form: 10”G”.

Time: 13:20 – 14:05

Topic: Early and modern films

Aim: The present lesson is intended to improve students’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills, to get the new information about 2 major directs of the movie by reading the text and watching the video on this topic about two major differences between early and modern films.


  1. Develop students’ reading, speaking, listening and writing skills.

  2. Get acquainted with 2 major directs of the movie.

  3. Improve student’s memory and attention.

  4. Develop students’ group work.

Materials: Worksheets, work book, interactive blackboard, video abstract.







Greetings. Warm-up.

Continuation the topic “Art”;

Revising the knowledge of the grammar material “The Causative” by doing exercise (Open the brackets and complete the sentences)

5 min




Checking the home task. (W.b. p. 92 all the exercises)

Working on the text “Early and modern films”

Asking the question about student’s predictions about the content of the text;

Answering questions according to the content of the text.

Watching the video abstract about 2 major differences between early and modern films

Questions according to the content of the video:

  1. What are the main differences between early and modern films?

  2. How can you characterize the technology of early films?

  3. How can you characterize the technology of modern films?

  4. What are the specific features of culture in the early movies?

  5. What are the specific features of culture in the modern movies?


Work book, Worksheets, Interactive blackboard, video abstract



Summarizing the topic of the lesson by

filling in the diagram about the differences between early and modern movies. (Group work)




Home assessment

Writing an essay in teacher’s blog: "A lot of people say that modern movies are much better than the early ones. However, some people are sorry about the disappearance of the early films. Which point of view do you agree with?"





Summarizing the lesson


D:\Инст и агент\Инст\4 курс!\DIPLOMA\Безымянный6.bmp

Название документа Текст Early and modern films.docx

Early and modern films.

Movies are truly the art of our time. Nowadays there are quite a lot of interesting films among which we can find westerns, horror films, hits, comedies, science fiction films, thrillers, romance films and many others. But why do some people still admire the first black and white films?
Nowadays films are skillfully made and contain a lot of special effects. They attract people's attention with absorbing plots, stunning visual and sound effects, exciting scenes and complicated scripts. One of the latest inventions is 3-D films. It is amazing to look at objects which seem to have length, depth and height. Besides, modern movies have become easily accessible.
However, many people like early films that have picture but no sound. They say that modern movies have lost something. Silent films were understandable to everybody without any words. They were like a universal language and they united people of all nationalities. But now films have to be translated into different languages and dubbed. They make our imagination work no more and sometimes they don't help us relax and forget about our everyday problems as there is too much violence, filth and horror in them. What is more, some people say that a lot of modern films are stupid and uninteresting. But they are watched, discussed and admired.
To conclude, it is difficult to compare modern movies to silent films. They are absolutely different and have their own charm. Anyway, tastes differ and everybody can choose what to watch.


absorbing plots – увлекательные сюжеты

stunning – потрясающий, ошеломляющий

complicated scripts – сложные сценарии

accessible – доступный

filth – мерзость, грязь, непристойность

dubbed – дублированный


  1. What are the characteristics of nowadays films?

  2. What is the latest invention?

  3. How can you characterize early films?

  4. Why some people believe that early films were more understandable than modern ones’?

  5. What films do you like more: early or modern ones’? Why?

Название документа Упражнение на повторение к теме The Causative.docx

Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use the structure have something done.

1    We    are having the house painted    (the house / paint) at the moment.
2    I lost my key. I'll have to _________________________ (another key / make).
3    When was the last time you _________________________ (your hair / cut)?
4    _________________________ (you / a newspaper / deliver) to your house every day, or do you go out and buy one?
5    A: What are those workmen doing in your garden?
      B: Oh, we _________________________ (a garage / build).
6    A: Can I see the photographs you took when you were on holiday?
      B: I'm afraid I _________________________ (not / the film / develop) yet.
7    This coat is dirty. I must _________________________ (it/clean).
8    If you want to wear earrings, why don't you _________________________ (your ears / pierce)?
9    A: I heard your computer wasn't working.
      B: That's right, but it's OK now. I _________________________ (it / repair).

План-конспект урока по теме "Early and modern films" (10 класс)

Выберите специальность, которую Вы хотите получить:

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По итогам обучения слушателям выдаются печатные дипломы установленного образца.


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     Целью данного урока является то, чтобы повторить грамматический материал по теме: “TheCausative”, с помощью выполнения упражнения; познакомить учеников с такой разновидностью искусства, как кино, разобрав текст по теме: “Earlyandmodernfilms”; прослушать аудио-запись, чтобы выяснить, какие два отличия существуют между старыми и современными фильмами. Также дать домашнее задание в учительском блоге, где ученики должны написать эссе по следующей теме: "Alotofpeoplesaythatmodernmoviesaremuchbetterthantheearlyones. However, some people are sorry about the disappearance of the early films. Which point of view do you agree with?" Приэтомучащиесядолжныследоватьструктуренаписанияэссеииспользоватьсвязующиесловавсвоейработе.

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