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открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Names of the months" (2 класс)

Aims: to learn the names of the months; to develop communicative skills

The Procedure of the Lesson:

I. Org.mom


Т: Good afternoon, children!

C: Good afternoon, teacher!

Т: I’m glad to see you!!

Т: Sit down, please.


At the lesson we are going to learn new material and revise everything we know about seasons.Children how do we translate the word “season ” – Yes, right you are.

What seasons do you know? We have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter


Let’s sing a song about seasons.

Spring is green,
Summer is bright,
Autumn is yellow, 
Winter is white.

We know the names of seasons and now we will learn the names of the months in English.

III. Listening and watching the video.

T: Listen and repeat the names of the months.

IV. Speaking.

Winter months are December, January, February.

Spring months are March, April, May.

Summer months are June, July, August.

Autumn months are September, October, November.

T: What are winter months?

P: Winter months are…

T: What are spring months?

P: Spring months are…

T: What are summer months?

P: Summer months are…

T: What are autumn months?

P: Autumn months are…

V. Open your books on p. 38 Ex 2. Let’s chant with King Cat.

VI. Task on the board.

And now pupils come up to the blackboard and stand in a row. Each of you, please, take the name of the months on your hands. Say it, please.

January, February….December.

Now, mingle…

The task is: you must stand in the right place again. Use the words before and after that.

Thank you, go to your places.

VII. Writing

The task is for groups.

Let’s complete the puzzle on your Activity book on p. 38


VIII. Developing speaking abilities.

T: When is your birthday?

P: My birthday is in…

T: What is your favourite season?

P: My favourite season is…

T: When are your school holidays?

P: My school holidays are in

T: What Is your favourite month?

P: My favourite month is…

1. I like http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image002.jpg


2. My favourite season – http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image004.jpg


3. Я like http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image006.jpg and http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image007.jpg in the summer.


4. Do you like http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image009.jpg and http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image011.jpg in the winter?



5. http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image013.gif months are- December, January and FEBRUARY.


6. Do you like http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image015.jpg ?



 7. June, July and August - http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image017.jpg months.


8. I like http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image019.jpg


9. I can  http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image021.jpg и http://festival.1september.ru/articles/609491/full_image023.gif in the summer.




T: Open your record books and write down home task. AB p. 38-39 Ex 1,3.


T: Today you have worked very well. Now your mark.

T: Children, stand up, please. Thank you! You are free. Good – Bye!

открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Names of the months" (2 класс)
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