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Обобщающее повторение 1 полугодие 10 класс.

Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку 2014-2015 год

1 вариант

1. Аудирование.

Прослушайте текст о традиционной Шотландской одежде. Подберите заголовки (A-F) к высказываниям (1-5). Один заголовок лишний. Вы услышите запись дважды.

A The right to wear tartan 1 Extract 1 ___

B The clan division 2 Extract 2 ___

C The making of tartan 3 Extract 3 ___

D The origin of the name 4 Extract 4 ___


E The selection of colours 5 Extract 5 ___

F Tartan in the contemporary world

2. Прочитайте предложения. Прослушайте запись. Выберите и запишите подходящий по смыслу ответ a, b или с.

1 The tartan design

a) never combines two colours.

b) is popular in Scottish skirt making.

c) originally came from France.

2 The Highlands is the region where

a) the clans live now.

b) early Scotsmen in the ancient Mediterranean lived.

c) Celts of Western Europe used to live in the Middle Ages.

3 Clans used

a) one colour to symbolise one family.

b) dyes from vegetables or trees.

c) only bright colours in their tartans.

4 The labels of numerous whisky bottles pictured

a) the Jacobite rebellion leaders.

b) chiefs of the chosen clans.

c) King George IV.

5 Queen Elizabeth II

a) likes Scottish dancing but not the Scottish dress.


b) wants new plaids to be given new names.

c) demands the Highland dress from the Scottish officials.

II. Чтение.

Прочитайте текст и подставьте предложения в пропуски. Одно предложение лишнее.

A That means that part of learning a language is learning the gestures, too.

B If a person does not look an American in the eye, he may not trust the person or feel uncomfortable during the conversation.

C The other person doesn’t know you are holding your thumbs.

D However, gestures can be misunderstood in cross-cultural situations.

E That can be impolite or mean ‘Go away’, in other countries.

F They shake their head from side to side which means ‘no’ in most other countries.

Body language

Actions speak louder than words’, we say in English. This is certainly true when judging someone’s character. Sometimes, instead of words, we use actions or gestures to say something. 1 _____ Americans, like other nationalities, have their own ‘body language’ which may not be so easy to learn.

Body language is part of ‘kinesics’ – the study of facial expressions, eye contact, gestures and even the way you stand or sit. Psychologists, linguists and communication experts say that body language sends a ‘silent’ message to others. For example, direct eye contact is very important for Americans. 2 _____ Of course, body language differs across cultures. In many cultures, especially in the Far East, looking down or lowering the eyes is a sign of respect. In these cultures, Americans might seem too bold or aggressive with their direct eye contact.

In some countries, like France, Holland and the United States, making a gesture with the palm of the hand facing up, bending the fingers back two or three times, means ‘Come here’. 3 _____ In Italy and Tunisia, for example, the same gesture must be made with the hand facing down to say ‘Come here’.

Gestures can cause serious misunderstandings. For example, Bulgarians are well-known for their ‘yes’ gesture. 4 _____ To show ‘no’, Bulgarians make a movement with the head which looks like ‘yes’ to people not from Bulgaria.

Some Polish gestures can be easily misunderstood in other cultures. In Poland, when you want to wish someone good luck, you hold your thumbs inside your hand, making a fist. 5 _____ He might think you are making a fist and it looks like you are an enemy.


III. Грамматика.

1) Прочитайте текст и поставьте глаголы Активного или Пассивного залога в правильную временную конструкцию.

When you visit Rhydyronnen in Wales, you will get a very friendly welcome from James and Tina Flanagan, who (1) ________________________ (operate) this unusual project for many years. It (2) ______________ (include) an inn, restaurant, shop and post office as well as three cottages. Several years ago the National Trust (3) _____________________ (restore) the property, which (4) _____________________ (be) unused for a number of years. Now it is once more an important part of village life. The self-catering cottages (5) _________________ (furnish) in nineteenth-century style, but with modern conveniences included. Rates (6) ___________________ (start) at £140 a week. More information and maps of Wales can (7) _____________________ (order) from James and Tina Flanagan, Rhydyronnen, Cwmdu, Llandeilo, Dyfed, Wales SA19 7DY.


2) Перепишите предложение используя предложенную конструкцию.

1 They need to hire a plumber to mend the burst pipe. (have)_________________________.

2 My boyfriend wants us to go to Brazil but we don’t have enough money. (if)___________.

3 The last time we argued was two months ago. (for) ______________________________ .

4 I’m sure Tom didn’t exceed the speed limit. (can’t) ______________________________ .

5 ‘Do you feel like going to the cinema tonight?’ (asked me) ________________________ .

6 It’s a pity you didn’t respond to her letter immediately. (should) ____________________ .


3) Внимательно прочитайте текст и выберите правильное по смыслу слово из предложенных вариантов.

I fell in love with Francisca two years ago on my business trip to Rome. I was just trying to put my hand luggage into an overhead (1) _____________ when a beautiful flight attendant offered to help me. I (2) _______________ for her the moment I set my eyes on her. Luckily, Francisca agreed (3) _______________ that evening in Rome. That’s how it all started. Since she was Italian we could see (4) ________________ only four, five times a year but we kept in touch by phone and email. Last year she came to Poland for two weeks. At first we had a wonderful time together, but then the things went wrong and we decided to (5) _____________ up. (6) ________________ this unhappy ending we have been good friends till today.

1 a) container b) drawer c) locker

2 a) fell b) turned c) took

3 a) that she met me b) to meet me c) meeting me

4 a) us b) ourselves c) each other

5 a) give b) break c) turn


6 a) Despite b) Although c) Unless

4) Заполните пропуски в предложении словом в правильной форме и запишите предложение на бланк ответа.

1 I’m sure scientists will soon ____________________ (success) in finding a cure for this illness.

2 I have never been on such a long and _______________ (exhaust) journey.

3 Ann is not a bad girl, she started stealing food out of ____________________ (desperate).

4 You were very rude yesterday. How could you say so many __________________ (kind) things to her?

5 Police were trying to contact the family of the __________________ (death) woman.


IV. Письмо.

Your classmates decided to organise a concert and you want to invite students from England who are just staying in your town for an exchange programme. Write a letter (100–150 words) to entertainment agency Manhattan which deals with organising concerts.

  • Explain why you are contacting them.

  • Ask about a possibility to organise a concert according to your class preferences (time, place, number of people).

  • Ask about the kind of music and activity.

  • 20

    Ask about ticket prices and security in the concert.

Total 60

  • Иностранные языки

 Данный раздел представляет собой наработку материала по представлению общих результатов подугодия. Проводится упор на развитие навыков аудирования, чтения и совершенствования лексических навыков постандарнтым темам соответствующего уровня.

Упор произведен на смысловое использование грамматических категорий времени страдательного и активного залога. Применение лексики способствует раширению знаний по темам: свободное время подростка, взаимоотношения в обществе, интересы и способы развлечения.

При работе с чтением предлагаются различные виды проверки на основе многообразия заданий.

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