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Module4 Inside and outside

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Date: 09/01/16

Theme: Module 4. Inside and outside

Aims: To present and practice new vocabulary.

Describing recent events.

Writing an email giving recent news.

Organization moment: Teacher Hello my dear friends. How are you today? How are filling today? Who is on duty today? What date is it today? What days is it today?

Grammar: What is/are…. like?

Reading: P71 Ex2. Read through the introduction to the text and the five topics. Ask the question and then play the recording. With books closed, students listen for the answer to the question. Ask students to say any words or information they heard in relation to the four topics mentioned. Play the recording again while students listen and read. Pause to elicit or explain the meaning of new vocabulary. Read out the introduction to the dialogue and make sure that students understand the situation. Ask the question. Then play the recording while students listen and read. Play the recording again. Pause to help with new vocabulary. Ask some question to check comprehension. Choose two students to read out the example question and answer question. If necessary, go through the other questions with the class and elicit the answer. In pairs students take it in turns to read out a question and give the answer.

Listening: P71 Ex2. Introduce the word news. Explain that this word is an uncountable noun. Read out the list of topics and then set the time limit. Students read the sentences and match them with the topics. Play the recording. Students listen and check their answers. Play the recording again. Students listen and repeat the key vocabulary. Ask students to read the words and say them aloud quietly to themselves. Then play the recording while they listen and read. Play the recording again and ask students to repeat. If necessary, practice the/s/sound in isolation, and then in combination with the other consonants. Play the second part of the recording while students listen and read sentence. Look at the photos. Ask students to say what they can see and write notes on the board. You could ask them to guess what the news report will say about each of these photos. Tell students to write the numbers of the photos in the right order as they hear the stories in the news report. Play the recording, twice if necessary. Students listen and complete the task.

Speaking and writing: P70 Ex1. Read through the examples and ask students to complete the explanation. Emphasise the point that Danny is talking about the recent past. The events are close to the present and still seem very fresh. Look at the photo and read out the description underneath. Ask students to indentify other pieces of equipment in the photo and to guess what other things were used. Ask question. Discuss what happens to the machinery that we throw away and what else could be done with it. Ex3 . ask students to translate the examples and make sure they understand the meaning of yet and already. Draw attention to the use of the present perfect with these words.

Teacher. In MT ask the children the following questions.

  1. Did you like the lesson today?

  2. What did you know from the lesson?

Hometask: Work Book p.38 ex.1

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Theme: Module4. Inside and outside

Aims: To present and practice new vocabulary

Describing recent events

Writing an email giving recent news.

Organization moment: Good morning my dear friends. How are you today? How are filling today? Who is on duty today? What date is it today? what day of the week today?

Grammar: What is/are ...... like?

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