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Главная / Иностранные языки / Методическая разработка урока "Social problems of students in our College"

Методическая разработка урока "Social problems of students in our College"

Social problems of students in our College.

There are a lot of problems, that can make being young a very difficult thing. Most of our students are so called teenagers. Teenagers are the children, who are between thirteen and nineteen years old. Their age contains “teen” at the end, that`s why they are called “teenagers”. It is very difficult to be a teenager, especially in our time, because there are many temptations now, such as: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes – and it is not easy to manage them, especially for teenagers, whose psychology is not stable enough.

There are a lot of different temptations around us. It`s very easy to become dependent on other people, money, to strong habits (especially bed ones). Psychologists say that almost every young person has an experience of conflicts during this period of his life, because teenagers are changing rapidly.

The problem № 1 of the young people is the problem of “fathers and sons”. Teenagers consider themselves independent or able to live in the adult world, they want to have their own private life. Mutual understanding between parents and children crushes the relations. Some families neglect this problem, so it becomes more and more difficult to find common language.

The problem № 2 is shortage of money. There are many families which have three, four or even five children. But their parents have not got enough money to feed their children. That is why you can see many teenagers, maybe from such families, working in shops, stands etc. They become adult very early and have no childhood.

Another acute problem is connected with the friends and persons of the opposite sex. Young people try to excite the curiosity of the opposite sex, become more nervous and naughty. Girls and boys feel anxious about their appearance, spend great amount of time before the mirror.

There are experienced teachers and skilled psychologist in our College. They try to help everybody who needs their help and support. The College can provide social support: maintenance allowance, packed meal for students from disadvantaged families. Besides every student can find friends in the College. Such team as our College can help to overcome all types of difficulties.


Young - молодой

so calledтак называемый


temptation – искушение, соблазн

drug – наркотик

to manage – управлять, руководить



experience - опыт

rapidly – быстро

adult world – взрослый мир

to dependent onзависеть от

strong - сильный

habit – привычка

private life – частная, личная жизнь

shortage – нехватка

enough - достаточно

mutual – взаимный, общий

to crush – разрушать, уничтожать

to neglect– пренебрегать, избегать, не заботиться

acute – острый

opposite sex – противоположный пол

to excite – вызывать

childhood - детство

curiosity – любопытство, интерес

anxious – тревожный, озабоченный

appearance – внешность

to spend – тратить


before the mirrorперед зеркалом

naughty – непослушный, капризный

to provide - обеспечить

support - поддержка, опора

maintenance allowanceстипендия

packed mealсухой паек

disadvantaged familiesмалообеспеченные семьи


to overcome - преодолеть

? Checking Comprehension

1. Answer your own questions in accordance with the text.

2. Find English equivalents in the text:

  • Много искушений;

  • управлять ими нелегко;

  • психология еще не достаточно стабильна;

  • считать себя независимыми;

  • взаимопонимание разрушается;

  • найти общий язык;

  • возможно из таких семей;

  • вызвать интерес у противоположного пола;

  • тратить большое количество времени;

  • обеспечивать социальную поддержку;

  • паек для студентов из малообеспеченных семей.

3. Put the words in the right order to make sentences.

  1. the is young of the problem of the problem people № 1 “fathers and sons”.

  2. adult childhood early and become they very have no.

  3. connected is acute with another problem friends the.

  4. money children have feed parents not got their enough to their.

  5. so are students of teenagers most our called.


  1. Say if you worry about College, your future, the next day, money, what you look like, what people think about you? What other aspects do teenagers worry about?

  2. One of the major problems for many teenagers is who they can ask for advice when they need it: relatives, friend, teachers or psychologist. What about you?

  3. What do you usually want from your relationship with your parents: money, support, friendship, emotional reactions or advice?

  • Иностранные языки

Методическая разработка урока предназначена для студентов СПО и НПО 1-х курсов всех специальностей. Разработка включает в себя текст о социальных проблемах студентов и подростков. После текста учащиеся могут найти словарик с активной лексикой. В данной методической разработке есть ряд заданий к тексту, в которых студенты должны составить вопросы к тексту, найти перевод словосочетаний, собрать предложения, а также обсудить рад проблемных вопросов.

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