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Главная / Иностранные языки / Методическая разработка урока по теме "Computers ".

Методическая разработка урока по теме "Computers ".

Сабақтың жоспары

План урока
















The aims:

Білімділік Дидактическая to activate studied special terminological vocabulary, to teach students to own a computer terminology

Дамытушылық Развивающая to develop the communicative abilities of students based on the topic.

ТәрбиелікВоспитывающая to bring up interest in the study of English

Сабақтын типі (тұрпаты)

Тип урока

Combined lesson. Lesson of learning new material.

Сабақтын әдісі

Метод обучения

Practical method.




Сабақтын барысы

Ход урока

1. Бағдарлану – мотивациялық блок

Мотивационно – ориентировочный блок

Сабақтың тақырыбын шығу, жазу

Выход на тему, запись темы урока

Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you again. How are you? We’ll continue to prepare for the English exam. Today our lesson is devoted to the theme “Computers in our life”. Now we can’t live without computers. And nevertheless they have positive and negative sides.

Does a computer help you? (Yes, it does)

How does it help you? (I do my homework using a computer.

                                            It helps me to do projects on Geography.

                                            I find necessary information.

                                            I relax listening to music.

                                            I play computer games.)

Оқу мақсатын қою

Постановка цели, задач урок

to activate studied special terminological vocabulary,to teach students to own a computer terminology

Сабақтың барысымен танысу Знакомство с ходом урока

Білім жаңғыртуы

Актуализация знаний

- I see it helps you to learn and have a rest. But what is bad when we use a computer? ( I spend too much time using my computer.)

- How much time do you use your computer? (3-4 hours a day)

- Do you want to say that you are a computer addicted? (May be you are right.)

- Does it bother you in your life? (I don’t have enough time for my friends.

                                                       A computer damages my eyesight.)

- You are right. As we see using a computer has positive and negative sides.

Some words about Прямая со стрелкой 11

Прямая со стрелкой 10Прямая со стрелкой 9Computers

2. Жана материалды мазмұндау (баяндау)

Изложение нового материала

The next part of our lesson is reading. We’ll expand our knowledge about computers.

Прочитайте каждый заголовок, пытаясь максимально запомнить их.

Прочитайте микротексты, выделяя ключевые слова, выражающие основное содержание каждого микротекста. Не пытайтесь переводить текст дословно, сосредоточьте внимание на основном содержании текста. Свои ответы запишите в таблицу. Помните, что один заголовок лишний, и что каждую цифру вы можете использовать только один раз

- Read and translate the titles.

A. Unwanted mail

B. Needed protection

C. Fast and cheap

D. Clever criminal

E. Bosses are against

F. Stay connected

G. Isolated future

H. When I need to know

- Match the titles and the texts. Use 1 letter only one time.

Let’s do it together. Start.

(Ss read the texts. The teacher corrects the mistakes if they have them.)

1. I can’t imagine my life without a computer. I even do most of my grocery shopping on-line now. Price comparison websites show the best thing for me is you can get information on any subject in seconds. Now, when I am preparing for an essay or research for a project I don’t need to go to a library to get the information I need. I just click the right button to get it! (H)

2. I have filters, virus protection software and a fairly high tech system for storing unwelcome  addresses but I still can barely cope with the huge amount of spam I receive. What is slightly alarming is that so much of it seems to contain risky or dangerous material. Many of them concern drugs and a lot are trying to steal your money. (A)

3. Social networking sites are for communities of people who share common interests and like to “chat” about them on line. Sites  such as Facebook are very popular with teenagers and this site has 300 million users worldwide. Employers unhappyabout social networking sites and ban their use in the work place. To them they are simply a huge waste of time. (E)

4. I don’t understand the motivation of these people. May be it is some kind of revenge мщение on society. But the kids (and it is mostly young people) who create and send out viruses cause incalculable damage. So everybody needs anti-virus software now. With all the updates needed it is not cheap. But these days you cannot go on-line without defending your machine. (B)

5. It is amazing to think that even twenty years ago most people wrote letters with pen, paper, and ink. These were sent in envelopes on which were stuck postage stamps and the message sent would arrive in two or three days. Business letters are still sent but it is increasingly rare. You could send and receive 10 or 12 letters in a month at some cost. You can exchange 10 or 12 emails in two hours at virtually no cost. (C)

6. On-line  theft continues to grow year by year, in step with new technologies that continue to merge. Some of the computer criminals can hack through any firewall to penetrate a system and steal valuable data. Some have also created sensors for reading credit and debit card numbers whilst they are being used in cash machines. It is a good idea to change your passwords regularly but even this does not protected you completely. (D)

7. Company is stimulating and most of us prefer to travel to a place of work  where we can be amongst other people all day. Like wise the majority would prefer not to stay at home working and be alone all day. But the fact is that communications technology is now so good that efficient and secure home working is now possible. Probably in the future, most people will need to work from home part time. (G)








3. Рефлексия бақылау блогы

Рефлексивно – оценочный блок

Білімдерін бекіту Закрепление знаний

Test. True|False|Not stated

A1. The research has shown that most teenagers have some kind of addiction.

A2. The majority of computer addicts in Margaret’s study miss classes at school.

A3. All of the computer addicts in Margaret’s study are smart people.

A4. According to the survey girls are not as keen on using a computer as boys.

A5. The study has shown that most of the computer science teachers are males.

A6. Margaret believes a computer makes people less sociable and less selfassured.

A7. Margaret’ research indicated that computer addicts suffer from serious diseases.

- Match the titles and the texts. Use 1 letter only one time.

Закрепление знаний

Нәтижелерді жинақтап, қортындылау

Обобщение результатов, подведение итогов Conclusion of the lesson.

Рефлексия Collage.

Үй тапсырмасы Домашнее задание to retell the text

қолы ___________________

подпись ________________

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. I can’t imagine my life without a computer. I even do most of my grocery shopping on-line now. Price comparison websites show the best thing for me is you can get information on any subject in seconds. Now, when I am preparing for an essay or research for a project I don’t need to go to a library to get the information I need. I just click the right button to get it!

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