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  • Иностранные языки

1- Why can't you play jokes on snakes?

2- When is an actor happy to become a thief?

3- "My mother made a terrible mistake today.

She gave my father soap flakes instead of

cornflakes for breakfast." "Was he angry?"

4- Two flies flew onto a coffee cup and argued

about who arrived first and who should get to

drink the cold coffee. Which one got angry

and left?

5- Why is it impossible to play tennis quietly?

6- How could you help a starving cannibal?

7- When does a patient find an operation funny?

8- Why did the tired man put his bed in the fire-


9- When are mosquitoes annoying?

A- When he steals the show.

B- He wanted to sleep like a log.

C- Only foaming at the mouth.

D- Give him a hand.

E- Because you can never pull their legs.

F- The one that flew off the handle.

G- When it leaves him in stitches.

H- When they get under your skin.

I- Because you can't play it without raising

a racket.

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