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Lesson 3 Consolidation. Tooth care

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English teacher of school-gymnasium No45

Kussepova Gulzat Tungushbaevna



Kyzylorda region, Shiely district

Ak Orda” school-gymnasium No45

The theme: Lesson 3 Consolidation

(demonstration lesson)

Grade: 5 “Ә

Date: 28.11.2014


The theme

Lesson 3 Consolidation

The aims of the lesson:

  • To know how to care for their teeth;

  • Learn to use modal verb “should” and “shouldn’t” to give advice;

  • To write rules of caring for their teeth.


  1. Warm-up

  2. Team work “Look and say”

  3. Pair work “Ask and answer”

  4. Individual work “Work book exercises”

  5. Individual work “CD exercises”

  6. Expressions

5 min

10 min

10 min

10 min

5 min

5 min

The expected result

  • They will know how to care for their teeth;

  • They will learn to use modal verbs “should” and “shouldn’t” to give advice;

  • They will write rules of caring for their teeth.

The main idea

  • Create “Wordbank” on the topic “Smile club”: all learnt vocabulary words according to the teeth

  • Grammar drill: Should, shouldn’t.

  • Scanning the text: Read and find

  • Listening: Listen and read

  • Working out: understanding the implication of requesting and offering.


Assess with smilies

Traffic light cards

Assess with smilies



Work book exercises

Teachers reflection


  1. Organization moment

  1. Greeting

  2. Warm-up

*Solve the crossword


  • So, what is the main idea of today’s lesson?

  1. Divide the class into two groups

* Choose pictures of toothpaste and toothbrush.

First team will be students got picture of toothpaste.

Second team will be students got picture of toothbrush.


  1. Check their homework

Ask some of them to read their homework and assess with saying praises

  1. Main part

Step 1 Team work “Look and say”

*Read and look at the pictures.

*Make a poster. Write the rules for good teeth.

* Write unknown words and use the dictionary to look up them. Complete the following chart.


I know it

Have heard or seen it before



brush your teeth

good toothbrush


change your toothbrush

every three months

brush up and down

brush up on the bottom teeth

brush form side to side

Sweets and sugary snacks

eat fruit



twice a year

You should brush your teeth two or three times a day for five minutes. Here’s how.

Choose a good toothbrush. It shouldn’t be too hard. You should change your toothbrush every three months.

First, clean the insides of your teeth. You should move the brush up and down.

Next, clean the outside of your teeth. You should brush down on the top teeth. You should brush up on the bottom teeth. You shouldn’t brush form side to side.

Sweets and sugary snacks are very bad for your teeth. You should eat fruit. And remember! You should go to a dentist twice a year.

Assessment: Assess with smilies

Step 2 Team work “Complete the sentences”

*They should complete sentences with sticking appropriate picture and word, then read them. Sentences should be divided into two groups by 3 sentences for each team.

  1. You should drink lots of __________.

hello_html_m5432c939.jpg hello_html_m340e54a6.jpg

  1. We should __________ before dinner.

hello_html_4b86f806.jpg hello_html_5be57814.jpg

  1. They should visit ___________ twice a year.

hello_html_7a6076c2.jpg hello_html_m7f4c475b.jpg

  1. He should eat __________ every day.

hello_html_16b17d8.jpg hello_html_25445a61.jpg

  1. I should not play with ___________.

hello_html_m60ac7ab6.jpg hello_html_m1e7c6f6f.jpg

  1. You should _____________ before you go to bed.


Correct answers:

  1. Milk

  2. Wash our hands

  3. Dentist

  4. Fruits and vegetables

  5. Matches

  6. Brush your teeth

Assessment: Traffic light cards

Step 3 Individual work “Leveled task”

*Give them cards for each one. They should complete eat with writing advice how to care for their teeth.

A” level: They should complete themselves.


B” level: They should complete according to the pictures.


C” level: They should complete with modal verb “should” and “shouldn’t”


Assessment: Assess with smilies

Step 4 Individual work “Work book exercises”

*Do exercises.

Assessment: Praises

  1. Conclusion

Expression of students about the lesson

Positive expressions: ______________________________________________

Negative expressions:________________________________________________ hello_html_m4d466bb7.png


Short term planning for 5th grade // I quarter // 45 minutes //Subject:English

Lesson 3 Consolidation. Tooth care Скачать материал
  • Иностранные языки

Урок проводился на тему «Забота о зубах». В начале урока ученики должны разгадать слова посредством кроссворда. Опрос домашнего задания.

Урок является продолжением предыдущего урока. Ученики должны прочесть текст и заполнить словарную таблицу. 

Ученики будут работать в командах. Они должны заполнить предложение с соответствующим словом и подобрать подходящую картину.     


В заключение урока они будут работать индивидуально. Задания делятся по категориям: легкий, средний и сложный уровни.   

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