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Контрольная работа за 2 четверть по теме "The world`s best friend is you".

Контрольная работа за II четверть 8 класс

  1. вариант

I. Use the words from the box and complete the sentences.

Waste paper bins be recycled pollute them with chemical waste are buried is prohibited

  1. Millions of tons of rubbish … in Russia every year.

  2. A lot of new books, magazines and journals can be made from … … .

  3. It … to throw away litter in the streets.

  4. Many things which we throw away can … .

  5. Sometimes fish die out in rivers because plants and factories … … … … … .

  6. Everybody should put litter in … to keep the country tidy.

II. Fill in the articles if necessary.

Felix is a great traveller. He is only 14, and he lives in … USA. Felix has already been to many places

In his own country and has visited many other countries. He travels with his father, who is a famous scientist and ecologist. The father often gives lectures in different Universities to overseas students.

Felix has already been to … France, … Germany, … United Kingdom, and some other European countries.

He has seen … Asia- two years ago he was in … China and … Korea. He has skied in … Alps, climbed in … Caucasus and … Pamirs.

III. Give advice to your friend, using Conditional II or III.

  1. Our schoolyard looks very boring.(plant more flowers).

If I were you,__________________________________

  1. I`ve made a lot of mistakes in my vocabulary test. (spend more time on learning words)

  2. I`d like to go travelling. (go to Europe)

  3. I am always late in the morning.( not to watch TV until midnight).

  4. I`ve just seen an accident on the road. (call the police).

  5. I haven`t bought a birthday present for my mum. (buy her a new watch).

IV. Match the words with the opposite meanings.

  1. To throw away

  2. To prohibit

  3. To destroy

  4. To wrap

  5. To protect

  6. To encourage

  7. To litter

  1. To clean

  2. To create

  3. To recycle

  4. To pollute

  5. To discourage

  6. To unpack

  7. To allow

Контрольная работа за II четверть 8 класс

  1. четверть

  1. . Use the words from the box and complete the sentences.

Wastes, throws away, kilos of plastic, environment, paper, glass, recycled

  1. These days people have realized how important their … is.

  2. They read newspapers and find out that in one year a European family … a lot of … about 50 kilos of paper and about 60 … .

  3. Most kinds of … and …, metal, plastic can be … .

II. . Fill in the articles if necessary.

  1. I live in … Russian Federation.

  2. If possible I prefer travelling by … ship or on …foot.

  3. Last summer I was on journey around … world.

  4. I started on … Black Sea, then went round … Bulgaria, … Greece,… Italy, … France,… Spain, …Portugal and many other countries.

  5. I`ve been to … North and … South America, some parts of … Asia, most of … Europe and Africa.

  1. Continue the sentences, using Conditional II or III.

  1. If I were the Headmaster of our school

  1. Allow /not allow dogs at the school sports ground

  2. Prohibit/ not prohibit smoking in school and near it.

  1. If I were the Head of the town

  1. Fine/not fine people for dropping a package, a can, or a cigarette end in the streets.

  2. Arrange / not arrange special bins for glass, plastic, paper, metal and food wastes.

  3. Organize / not organize the ecological police.

  1. Match the words in the boxes and make up meaningful phrases.

1.a can of

2. a pack of

3. to destroy

4. to save

5. to protect

6. recycling

7. to throw

a) away

b) environment

c) animals

d) centre

e) drink

f) postcards

g) wild parks

Keys: 1вариант

  • Иностранные языки

Контрольная работа состоит из четырех заданий:

Первое задание для проверки лексики, второе- использование определенного артикля с географическими названиями, третье предназначено для проверки усвоения условных предложений второго и третьего типа,четвертое задание с выбором ответа.

Работа полностью соответствует программному материалу УМК М.З. Биболетовой. Предназначена для учащихся восьмого класса, за вторую четверть в двух вариантах  для общеобразовательных школ. Также эта работа может быть использована для контроля вначале третьей четверти, для повторения пройденного материала.

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